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  1. クラン正式名:Hong Kong Golden Grey Ghostクランタグ:HKGGG連絡先IGN:Oskar_v_Reuenthal, AKit
  2. AKit

    Finest Matchmaking

    They said 3 total tier difference is "FINE" and "ACCEPTABLE" "Good luck and fair sea". See the irony of it?
  3. AKit

    Well Played MM

    Is my stat relevant to my argument? Or it would be more convincing that if instead I lost all 14 battles? So I hope you are joking here. Also I am not discussing about individual ship or ship composition anymore because I think it is too much for those MM developers to comprehend. As said I am talking about the pure tier only. And I am glad that my stat is purple or someone will then say I am so salty and know nothing about this game. "Git gud and learn how to play blahblahblah" (Removed) Now I look liked a (Edited) ​Derogatory Pic/Comment, Post Edited, User Sanctioned. ~lengxv6
  4. AKit

    Well Played MM

    This topic can end when you say this difference is "well" within the "reasonable" boundary. 3 tiers difference between team is reasonable. Maybe then 5 tier difference or even 10 is also fine when you "think" it is reasonable enough. And ppl focused on criticizing the fail division. See that quoted screen shot? 3 tiers difference even the division is perfectly fine. What is the excuse this time? Deal with it? Also currently I dont see the MM is looking into the ship nation. I dont know why someone will say it is "already good" that my division was against 2 IJN dds. Here I am just trying to look at the pure tiers difference only. So what if my division is 3 IJN dds? will the MM change? Or I can only whine about it when I am in IJN dd matching against US/USSR dds? What I want is simple: Total tier difference between both team is +/- 1. So in my case, it is acceptable to be +/- 2 because that T6 dd is considered as T7 in calculation. That's it. But now it looks like WG did everything fine. And the MM is perfect. The problem is the one who raised the question. Guess I dont have to point out other WoWs problems like something wrong in the Takao mission. Or someone may say I am nitpicking or becoming the dead sea.
  5. AKit

    Well Played MM

    The problem is not getting into T9 match. The problem is the total tier difference. Seems not many get the point. Let say if my division are all 3 T7 ships, it is still 3 T7 dds vs 3 T8 dds. Fair enough?
  6. AKit

    Well Played MM

    Oh right, because your division has 1 -1 tier ship, let's make the teams with 4 tier difference. Best logic.
  7. I only played Benson this rank and once I saw a Trashcan in Alpha league battle (Only 1 dd each side) and I was lmao. I knew my team would win (like 8:2) if my team mate did not suck hard enough to throw out the game. And my team did win the game without much difficulty. Not trying to explain why Trashcan is the worst dd in RB as it is too trivial. In general, if 1 team has a Benson rather than a Fubuki, 6 out of 10 games go to the Benson team. Fubuki torps are great and have longer range but that's all. It only has 0.2km concealment better than the Benson (5.6 vs 5.8) so basically you can treat the concealment is identical. But lack of health and gun fire is what makes Benson is much powerful. And remember that Benson is faster than Fubuki (35kt vs 38kt) which if you get caught by a Benson, you cannot run away. Unlike BB/CA, as dd cannot heal, it is so important to trade DDs health. and if you know that their dd is low health than you (esp 3000+, one full salvo from Benson did about 2000-3000), you should actively spot and kill the dd which can be the game changer. So if your team have a dd that cannot trade health effectively, you will lose control of the map and easily get out-capped. If doing the supporting role, Benson's smoke is longer than Fubuki also it is faster which can get back to help quicker. Also as currently the CV population is extremely low which almost all CA use sonar and the Bismarck has sonar as well, torps are much less effective. All in all, I don't see any good reason that Fubuki is good for RB comparing to Benson. Only Loyang is another reasonable choice but I don't have it (because i ain't wallet warrior). I am not saying it is a guarantee loss if the team has a Fubuki instead of a Benson. But it is less likely to win.
  8. Now we become the tinfoil hat
  9. Seems you missed the sarcasm here. Plus I am talking about my yesterday performance which I played 28 games and only 50% WR. Still I got 1800 WTR (Just just right on the super unicum level hooray) If this randomness is such huge, how do you ask people to improve their game? Simply just saying "It is just a game. Why you heff to be mad?", "It's all random. Better luck next time" This is what the problem is. To me, 1 total ship tier difference between team is acceptable. But for 2+, the MM should be able to re-balance it. Otherwise, what ship tier is used for? Let alone the ship composition especially nowadays gunboat are way more useful and powerful and influential in the battle field. How long does it take to realize it? Sir You Da Real MVP So you are saying this is fair because this unfairness happens to everyone? Looks like this is going to be an interesting topic here. I know that feel bro. And you need 10 matches to figured it out, which was about 3-4 hours later already. Game is meant to be fun right? I guess someone would have lots of fun on it
  10. AKit

    Remove it Already

    These 2 pictures were captured from the same match. Detonation is rare they say. It will be fun they say.
  11. After today grind on my Gneisenau, I now realized that no matter how good and how hard you are trying to play on this game, the game can still screw your day if they want to. Having 16 games on this T7 German BB and only with 50% WR, and about 91k avg dmg done. Those 8 games loss was all in the top exp. Maybe this result only rewarded you with half of the win which is very inspiring and encouraging. Maybe I sucked at it which only did 91k dmg only per game. Maybe the average damage on the Gneisenau is more than 100k dmg. That's why I cannot with more than half of the match. Prior to this grind, having in a Yorck which killed 8 enemies and still lost the game. Why? Probably because I sucked at playing this game. Now I just had a game where my team was 3 tier lower than the enemy team. Work as intended MM right? It is fair and will not predetermined the match based on the team composition right? Guess which team win at the end. Before the MM changed, I have already sent a ticket to ask for such unfair MM in April. And the reply of course is just as bureaucratic as expected: ( I dont know why I would the ticket to it. Maybe still fantasize that they will somehow care players complaint and they never disappoint me) For your inquiry, the match making system is using a basic rule to setup match, but still all random and will based on players in queue, setting more rules might be able to achieve "relatively fair" match but will still have differences, let alone there are player divisions which will also mix up the matching. We are always looking to refine the match system step by step, and trying to keep the match more dynamic instead of trying to make a mirror match, which will destroy the game from a long term point of view. Now even with the improved MM, this kind of match still exists. This 3 tiers difference (And all are DD difference) must be very dynamic, fun to play and will not destroy the game from a long term point of view. It gives you a wonderful and exciting 20 minutes game to play with. Oh wait. It only lasts for 15 min only. What a shame. You like to be an underdog? Then I hope there is an option which allows player to check for like "challenging" MM which always gives you bottom tier and such "work as intended" match. I am just a small potato and what I want is very simple: a fair match which you cant tell the outcome when you look at both team composition. 0 dd vs 1 dd or 1 dd vs 2 dds in a domination mode will be fair right? I am not talking about what nations those dds are. Just simply composition. If the dd number is odd, just make it into a normal mode then it can already solve the problem. But hey, it will definitely make the game less dynamic and destroy the game in the long term point of view. Isnt it? Another memorable thing will be a post which official said the number of bots banned decreased which means the number of bots decreased. This is the best logic I heard ever learnt. It was similar to my government that it claimed that Hong Kong (Yes, I am from HK) has become less corrupted because the number of cases dropped recently. Then I think the country which does not have police must definitely be the safest country because there will be "no recorded" crime there. So whenever you see those CV players have all its plane patrolling on its head until some enemies spotted and get into certain range, dont accuse them for being bots because now WOWS has no bots. They must be having some connection problem or dont know what to do with their planes in their T7/8 CVs. Dont ever send the ticket with replay because you may falsely accused some "players" being bots which is very bad and unmoral. Oh right, it is 1st anniversary of WOWS. Thanks to your great effort that you "made" players day by giving these "Work as intended" MM. I think you should run a government because that's how the government talks to its citizens like this "Free to win" propaganda and "Fair Gameplay Environment" which is work as intended. You will be very successful on playing this role. Lesson learnt? First will be to tell all my friends how great WG is and how fast they respond and improve. Also it teaches me how to control my emotion to spend my money on the right things. At last, definitely the way WG talks. And guess what. Today I can have 50% WR. Hooray! Thanks for MM allowing me to win half of the match and not losing all of them. I should devote my soul and all my properties for such generosity. PS. What is WTR? A Super Unicum rating means 50% WR. You need to be Super Super ... (n times) Unicum in order to have 50%+ WR. So Good luck and "Fair" Sea! IN WG WE "TRUST"
  12. AKit

    CV Bots

    So it means that the in-game report system is trash because now we need to submit the replay to verify, right? nvm, just leave this alone as no one puts hope on this in-game report system. What I want to point out is that NO players are responsible to send you all these replays so dont take it for granted. Now i really feel that WG side does not show respect to players (or only me) and i am now really feel hostile against you guys. Simply to say, when you ask us to submit replay, have you ever tried to make us submit the replays more easily? We even have to search for how to enable the replay system by manual modifying some files or use mods to enable it. How hard is it to make it enable in the in-game setting? This is not the first game WG made. I dont see any technical difficulty to add this function in game. You just demand us to help you solve the problem but what's in return?. Banning those bots, team killers is WG's job to provide a good gameplay environment to players. I wont call this as a return and WG should really thank to those enthusiastic players who actively report bots. But seems I dont see any recognition to those players and WG takes all as its credits. At first I was thinking trying to help or otherwise I wont surf on this forum and I guess everyone who will watch the official forum are all caring about this game. But now what's more frustrated is that you all think you have done all your "best" and nothing more to be done. just simply give WG more time and more time and demand players to help you. Again, this issue is not started by this week (look at those 2000+ games played bots) but really got so much worse this week and so WG finally started pay attention to it. still think it is fast response? Maybe I am just so dumb trying to arguing with you because you wont agree anyway. Or i should just silently walk away like those quited players so you wont see any complaints anymore
  13. AKit

    CV Bots

    I don't know how other ppl still think WG acts "fast"/"well" on this issue. Why suddenly there are thousands of players coming out? that's because those bot creators found that there are few or even no punishment/actions to ban these bots players. So they just keep creating these bots and sell to other ppl who doesnt want to grind and want to play higher tiers only. Now this crap gets real and WG "starts" to react. And those supporters say they need time to fix it. By how long? and during this period, do we just stop playing it until it is fixed? is there a timetable or promise how to fix it? On one hand, they say they need players help to report those bots. On the other hand, they keep ignoring players' comments/complaints and create such crap report system and limit to 7 a day. Many times I was thinking to purchase doubloon to add more ship ports in my account. But then remembering this company cares so less about the fairness and attitude dealing with this kind of issues. I told myself not to spend a dollar anymore until I really see they really have the ambition/effort to fix the issues. Like the MM, it was introduced since WOT and has been more than 5 years. Still this crap system provides such unfairness to either team and you have to hope you get some mercy to be put into a fair match/team. And most of the players know that division will make the mm screwed. And guess have they fixed it yet? I can still occasionally encounter some matches that their total tier difference is 4/5 or more. the result is almost predetermined unless that team sucks so hard. Ppl told me to not take it so serious about this game and now I do. Just love to see this PR disaster how WG will try to defend itself. it reminds me not to be a hole like them.
  14. AKit

    CV Bots

    yeah. so now there will be no more bots and problem solved. Now I know why WOT player base drops. Keep up this work and then there will be +3/-3 match because there are less players and in order minimize waiting there will be +3/-3 and more in the future