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  1. Neo4

    Turned into a game of chance

    Skills are acquired over time. Watch videos to improve your skills, try different things and you will become better. It adds to the fun of trying something different else you will soon get bored of the same play-style. Focus on learning more and having fun, forget stats and forget that you are new. Post queries and players will give tips which will help and make it more positive for you.
  2. Neo4

    How does one take random battles seriously?

    There is too much passive play now and I see lemmings all in the wrong direction. MM is giving enemy team a DD and we have none. Half my team is dead in 5 mins and we have zero kills. What has changed? Is it the removal of stealth firing, too many ships with smoke, radar, people trying to play light armoured cruisers like BB's? After multiple losses it's no longer fun so the best is stop taking it seriously and focus on completing missions. Play like a zombie and eat the mouse when you're frustrated.
  3. Neo4

    which country should I start with?

    Start with the Japanese line.
  4. Language is the problem in most cases. Would be good to integrate a translator in the chat and as per the players primary language choice, anything typed gets translated into his language, it might not be 100% accurate but will get the message through. Considering on the Asia server we have so many players from different countries.
  5. Neo4

    Is German line cruiser really worth to play?

    It's a line that doesn't excel at anything but is balanced all round. If you're done with IJN line then this line is not so bad to go through.
  6. Agreed, CV's should start at tier 6 where there is suitable AA or CV's upto tier 6 should have only bombs and more fighters.
  7. Neo4

    You will be missed, Zuiho

    Relief for new players from seal-clubbers who were using the Zuiho with high skill captains.
  8. Neo4

    Updating seems to be Slow as Always

    I have seen this for a few months now. The download starts at 5-6 mbps for me and then gradually slows down to 200-300 kbps. I have to watch for this and just stop the download, then wait a few seconds and resume it. It then resumes at the high speed again and slows down. The stop/start process continues to get the download to finish quickly or else it will take ages. Any by the way I have high ping in the game from Feb 2017 last week for which I was asked to contact my ISP, but I tested this with various ISP's and the lag is the same. Tracerts from all different ISP's show a bottleneck at one device which is out of ISP support. Stuck with this now......
  9. Neo4

    Service Levels for Support

    It's very encouraging to see a WG staff post such comments on the service of their own product. Well represented!!
  10. I agree with this, don't play too many high tier games. You need to mix the tiers and ship types. You won't earn credits as well at high tiers. Don't stick to one tier and ship if you get a loosing streak, change the ship and tier for variety as well. Play your favorite ship in which you do reasonably well to avoid frustration.
  11. Neo4

    Nurnberg unknown gun

    Looks like Thor's hammer in rusted state.
  12. Neo4

    About AP shell's color.

    You must always be aware of your positioning and where you can get shot from, who is targetting you, look through the scope to see who is pointing their guns at you. If you can't see them then they are quite far away and incoming fire alert will give you enough time to dodge the shells.
  13. Neo4

    How to Ognevoi?

    AFT all the way. You need to keep yourself 10-14 kms from the enemy and keep harassing them. You can block a flank that way giving your team a chance to target the enemy while they are focused on you. That is RU DD gameplay. Torps are now better but it is definitely not a torpedo boat and stay away from US DD's as they can't hit you easily due to the firing arc. You can hurt them more. Keep the speed up, dodging, firing and firing torps at the enemy even if just to deter them.
  14. Neo4


    Watch this video on Inertia Fuse High Explosive skills. With this skill you can get citadels on most cruisers using HE.
  15. Neo4

    British cruisers are garbage

    RN cruiser line is situational, map dependent to hide and nothing but an annoyance with the smoke. It has completely changed the way ranked play was and now is. Smoke is the new meta of the game and RN cruisers are the icing on the cake to the progression towards hiding in smoke. Whoever has more "smokers" in their team has a bigger chance to win.