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    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    I guess the curse is starting. ahaha!!

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    after reading some of your comments. probably most of you is not right after all... but it requires a lot of attention specially if your enemy is one tier higher than you and also plays AS and also I need to take care of my TB since it cant go deep into enemy AA bubble if the target is tier 6-7 btw my escort is a Ranger with 2/1/2 I guess, I didnt pay attention to him properly

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    I find it opposite, since having more TB's and DB's means if you cant sink a ship with a one or two squadrons, make your all squadrons sink one ship. while dueling out in the sky is the most challenging, playing mind games with enemy AS players specially people using US AS CV's and at the same time while keeping them busy playing dogfight I could harass and sink a ship with one TB/DB

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    actually im doing that stuff youre talking about in almost 2 years in my Zuiho 1/2/1, im doing a 3/1/1 approach in the Ryujo to get a different taste about it but for me, having a single TB and a single DB is quite more challenging than doing a 1/2/2 overkill
  5. its my first time stepping in the Ryujo with this setup (I got enough free exp to get the setup) and my first two games is very very good. so I would like to gather some bitter comments so I could assess what I can do in the future just in case. if youre gonna ask what my two games consists, my first game is against a Saipan and a Ryujo with 1/2/2 loadout, struggled in Saipan fighters but bait-strafe and swarm tactics works out my second game is against Independence. GG ez against him
  6. im in Gnevny now. and its kinda rewarding to see my gameplay radically increased from being a up-gunned destroyer to a legit cruiser, just two guns is enough to burn a battleship and kill a competitor destroyer (somehow I could also out-damage a Nicholas DD) so yeah. thanks for the tips guys!
  7. hmmmm nice tips---does anyone could lay here whats the good skills a soviet commander had? like Adv. and Basic firing?

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    well at least its better than in World of Tanks where almost everyone camps?
  9. uhm another thing, does taking Adv. and Basic Firing Training applies to the soviet main guns?
  10. tried this branch because its so great, it feels very very different right after I paused playing the Japanese DD Minekaze. but somehow my gameplay seems too suck in the soviet DD line because of these reasons: -low damage for cannons -terribly short range for torpedoes so I tried the first approach, which is to go inside and duel out against enemy destroyers, but it doesnt fit very well to me since if I managed to kill one sometimes, I also ending up getting killed too, just in the early phase of the game, specially when im against enemy US DD's and also Soviet DD's with my modules always getting damaged. so I tried the second approach which is I use until today, which is playing it like a cruiser, providing fire support to others infront with my guns, its very good against enemy DD's but my low dps seems too inadequate against cruisers and worst, battleships. and in order to deal good damage I need to get close, which in turn killing me with a proper hit. is this soviet DD tree is really destined to die early-mid game? or is there other proper ways to play it? thanks in advance =)
  11. by the way, historically, USA increased its AA capacity because of kamikaze planes right?
  12. apparently. the balance they made to reduce the battleship rant is kinda reduce its shell spread... since for me. the only rant I see about battleships on why the hell they cant protect themselves to planes while battleships had more AA batteries compare to cruisers. but cruisers can protect themselves with such a limited AA count.
  13. I mean, in World War II, pretty sure battleships had a "air warning" to prepare all AA crews against aircraft, so pretty sure battleships could do the "defensive AA fire" intensity with lots of AA guns it had. so... why WG decided not to include it to baltteships? pretty curious....

    is there any way to download the Manual Patch?

    so. technically I need to hope for the "server restart" to make them implement it?? ow... kinda sad :/
  15. well. I dont have a personal computer, and since I only play to most computer shops here in the Philippines I need to patch the game over and over again in almost 1-2 hours in its latest 1.5gb patch. can someone help me =( btw. I can play World of Tanks with the Manual patch in my USB and I could play it almost everywhere. its really a huge help.