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    Hall of Fame Q4.

    beaten the current Bayern base XP Bayern - 1650 base XP
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    Suggested Gameplay Options for Future Mechanics

    Yes I know, but at the very least let it be DoT cuz it's like having a bubble hit another bubble. This still doesn't mean all guns would fire since they have limited angle and area covered. This is to improve the default aura for secondaries. I know it's old. been there since Beta Weekend. This only means that DDs will need a change in play style. Giving a limited view for the secondaries will help eliminate it being "easy" against DDs and CVs. i read and know it's ineffective in actual performance in real situations but since this is a game where historical accuracy can be thrown out the window, why not? CVs will have no problem with this if we go for the multi altitude option. Well it is but it's a suggestion that can go with prem rounds if it ever exists in the future.
  3. Note: It's been a while since I've been active in the forums so correct me for any mistakes or other things I've missed. I'm also pretty sure whatever I'm gonna say is already said or heard of before but was probably shelved. I heard the devs are taking suggestions so I though of giving it a shot (again) Update 9/20/2016: Forgot to add stuff about crew and their skills. Firstly I'd like to thank that we get our first branching though I was expecting CA - CL or BB - FBB branching but this is fine too. Oh and the early testing of subs. Thanks WG Ramming Mechanics Ships don't blow up on slight impact. Implement ramming mechanics similar to WoT. Damage over Time style. Speed, weight, size, and position of the ship will determine the type of dot for the one ramming and the one being rammed. Plane damage to a ship - you know you want to see a randomly shot down plane hit a ship and damage it at a certain level. Automated Secondaries Each gun/s will have their own radius and will have varied performance depending on the direction of the target/s. Manual Control of Secondaries and AA Guns I'm pretty sure everyone recommended to the devs the option to manually control the secondaries on ships especially the larger ships that has dual-purpose types. Aiming will be centralized as usual though. With the new classes of IJN DDs incoming, this should be more relevant because DDs like Akizuki and several other higher tier DDs are equipped with high angle dual purpose guns. These guns were meant to handle AA support near the end of the war. This goes the same way with the US doctrine. The sad thing is in their upcoming release, from what we can already tell, these guns can't perform their second purpose (AA fire) since only your secondaries can do that so Akizuki's 10cm HA dual purpose guns would be a waste. This would make CV players cry if implemented but CV game play is already broken especially with that abomination *coughsaipancough* roaming the higher tiers. I'm not implying we break CV game play more than what it is now but present more complex game play features since subs might be coming in for one. Will bring in the topic for subs in a bit. CV Game play and it's current Mechanics I think it's safe to say that current CV game play is as worse compared to how it started in CBT. I've voiced out several times for aircraft mechanics and other features but they all went under as I don't have the ability to provide the numbers but only suggestions. So here's a rough idea of what I've mentioned before: -Squad based but individual plane performance (presents better physics mechanics) -Proper aircraft mechanics per nation's aircraft. IJN planes weren't known to be fast at cruising and combat speed but fast in reaching a certain altitude, high maneuverability, fast deployment, long travel time, powerful guns, better torpedo armaments and stealthy strikes. USN planes later implemented faster planes with better armor than what the IJN had. Faster cruising speed, faster climb rate, better bombs and better gun performance. -Formation based squadrons. Selecting squadrons and giving them selective formations like in the RTS game Total War will allow better coordinated strikes on a ship or overall target area. Will also allow better fighter support for other formations. -Weather effects Adding cloud cover will help aircraft in traveling against enemy aircraft and AA fire. Clouds should be randomly generated though. Altitude selections will provide more optional playing fields for CV players like: -high altitude: Pros- faster travel time, better fighter coordination, better bomber evasion, cannot be targeted by AA fire. Cons- cannot target surface ships, less spotting ability but can be easily spotted in return by high altitdue enemy aircraft. -mid-altitude: Pros- well rounded for overall abilities like spotting, air support, bomb strikes and combat formations. Cons- vulnerable to AA fire, easily breakable formations -low altitude: Pros- better strafing run on ship and torpedo drop performance, less AA fire. Cons- high chance to be spotted, slow travel speed so vulnerable to enemy aircraft. Types of Ammunition While there are several types of torpedo load outs save for planes, why not provide the same option for shells and bombs? -Type 3 Shells for IJN. AA salvo. can be shot for mid altitude to low altitude. Can be used against other ships for a limited range. -AP Bombs/ HE bombs. Self explained or already have been :p Implementation of Subs Say what you will but it's a ship class that can broaden game play. With subs in the game, DDs can opt for ASW and use depth charges. The same goes with light cruisers since they will be branched out soon. Heavy cruisers and bigger ships doesn't have this option. Light Carriers usually have this job as well so that means we can limit certain carriers from ASW operations save for spotting unless we also get branching for Light carriers and carriers. You can already mark them as the tank Destroyers in WoT Now for the Subs, They have very slow travel speed especially under water. Only the higher tier subs can travel as fast as 20-30 km/h while submerged as half that speed. now with subs as part of the game, they can have the same mechanics as the planes: -surface- travel speed similar to a BB, can fire cannons (if any) and limited AA. Torpedo can be spotted easily, virtually no armor, and slow turn speed -periscope depth - undetectable torpedo salvo, limited spotting save for scout planes or by reflection or flash from the periscope. Can be hit by large caliber guns from water surface. can be torpedoed by enemy sub -full submerged - hard to spot. need aerial spotting to see the oil trail. cannot be hit by bombs but can be hit by depth charges and anti-sub bombs. speed and turn rate same as periscope depth. cannot fire torpedoes to surface ships but can fire to other subs. Now for subs like i400 and her sisters, they have a unique case for carrying upto 3 Seirans, a catapult launched seaplane fighter bomber. They were meant for a counter offensive on new york but was cancelled due to the war's progress. Now if they are implemented in game, we can have these as one of the two options. Controllable like selecting between torpedo and cannons, in this case, like a CV or they can act as AI controlled scout fighters or scout bombers to intercept and attack nearby enemy ships or subs. Whichever sounds fine to me. Selective Firing between Armaments This was suggested before, like how torpedoes can be concentrated or widened, cannons should have the ability to shoot one cannon per click (ie semi-auto mode) and switch bac to burst mode. You could say the same for torpedo tubes. Firing one torpedo compared to per salvo. The cons would be if you select to switch mode or reload to a different ammo, then the whole set reloads. Crews and Officers This was a feature that was probably forgotten. Like in WoT, a tank has a commander, gunner, driver, loader, radioman etc. Each member has their own skills compared to the Captain's centralized tree. In WoWS, we can have: -Captain - We already have this duh. XO is optional since they mostly relay important info to the captain -Helmsman - The one steering the ship -Chief Engineer - for performance and repairs on the ship -Gunnery Officer - for over all performance on main weapons and their reload -Communications Officer - for detection and range of communications -Deck Officer - for secondaries and other on-deck weapons -Aviation Officer - for squadron performance on carriers This is as far as I can type for now. I'll add, update and correct for any changes that needs to be pointed out.
  4. k2m2_01

    Current and Upcoming MM Mechanics

    Yeah, I wished I was able to save the screenshot but wasn't able to. Net cafe (no ability to save in drive at that time)
  5. k2m2_01

    Current and Upcoming MM Mechanics

    Ah the SS simply shows the whole example of a same tier MM. We tried 3 Furutakas in a div and we ended up in a tier 8 match. :/ As for the Saipan problem, anything below tier 8 has no match against it unless the Saipan player is a potato. I played with my Zuihou in a tier 5 div and we ended up against a Saipan and Hiryuu. This didn't happen once. Wish I had screen capped them. My point is, Saipan uses tier 9 planes and pawns tier V to tier VII. I successfully strafed 2 squads and none were shot down from my Zuihou's fighters. They applied the CV MM mechanics to same tier mirror matching but I don't see it happening especially when on a division.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to report/rant/mention this but as tradition of all WarGaming games, the MM is a messed up piece of..... *ahem* I'm no expert and I've been out of the loop for a while but since coming back, the MM was worse than before. We finally get the +1 -1 MM to some ships. Sure. Next update will also force players to play within the same tier in a division. riiiight........ I don't know what to feel about this Well it will still be broken no matter what WG will do unless they fix the messed up insta-grab queuing. The quick selection of players in a match already breaks or overrides the new mechanics added as the quick-grabbing comes first. There's also the issue with Saipan. Please make Saipan have mirror match making. It seriously sucks using a Zuihou or even tier VIII CVs against a damned Saipan. This post might be buried or will fall into deaf ears but I seriously hope WG devs will do something about MM's "fun and engaging mechanics".
  7. k2m2_01

    Loading....until tomorrow

    The one I'm playing at has GTX 970 with 8GB ram and i3 procs. Speed is great. Played since they put in WoWs and this only happens for a short time whenever a major patch is released. This time, 5 min loading like the rest and after for 2 hours of gaming, it'll become worse by loading 10 min after the battle.
  8. k2m2_01

    After 055 stuck loading screen for 10mins

    Glad I'm not the only one. I thought this was an issue with diskless or similar systems. looks like I was wrong. Also I thought it was strange that only so few have reported such a bug after the patch. Extremely slow loading. takes 5-7 min to get in a game even with powerful specs and stable net. I'l like to supply a bug report too but what I'm using is a diskless system with locked credentials so I can't access the log files.
  9. k2m2_01

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Aww too bad. Should've chosen the generic Kancolle Teitoku then...
  10. k2m2_01

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    I do hope "Kuso Teitoku" will be passed. While it is an insult from Akebono, people who knows the reference won't see it that way. :3
  11. #whereismyzuihou

  12. k2m2_01

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Is it possible for "Kuso Teitoku" as a title? If not then, "Akebono's Kuso Teitoku" The reason: Who doesn't love a tsundere destroyer? Here's the link on her. http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Akebono#
  13. k2m2_01

    Blue line cheats

    It's not CVs that you have to worry about the line crawling, it's every other ship especially destroyers. Most people are correct about how it should be implemented. -Make it work as an invisible wall with an island collision effect when hitting the border itself -Make the ship slower as if it's on shallow water when near the blue line -Allow damage from shots beyond the blue line -Prevent half of the ship's model going beyond that wall -Do not add collision damage to the walls as people will suicide their ships like how arties does in WoT
  14. Dude where's my ship?

  15. k2m2_01

    AniManga Chat :E

    Man, Unlimited Budget Works likes to keep us thrilled. Next episode would definitely be epic.