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  1. ChristmasFerret

    You guys budget warriors?

    Me me! I'm a budget warrior! No no...no premiums or anything special unless it's free. I even have a fleet of minimum 2 ships from every type above tier IV to complete missions for freebies. I use Zuiho to fund everything. But only ships I have that are above tier VII are just IJN CVs and they don't lose creds unless you get dmg or don't do enough dmg.
  2. ChristmasFerret

    Does strafing ruining CV game play?

    We actually like strafing. Can't see any downside to it.
  3. ChristmasFerret

    Tier VIII Cruisers

    Don't our BB stats looks similar? 1. That only applies if it's NC-Montanna...and if the CV is tier VII or VIII, the other BBs are pretty easy targets for CVs. And no in the higher tier, CVs usually go after capping DDs first before BBs. 2. This one is actually true, but cruisers usually maneuvre out to throw off the aim if they notice the shells coming. If not...then yeah you'd probably get DS out of it. 3. I usually see high tier BBs getting hit by salvo of torps from DDs invisifiring them on the higher tiers. 4. I can't argue with this one...I find it true. 5. They need friendly cruisers to move forward first so they can closely follow behind. If not they are vulnerable. They do, but BBs are expected to take in dmg and the repair costs can easily exceed the credit revenue. But thanks for reminding me how effective BBs are if things go right though. I think I'll settle for NO, I take that AA as a plus(I hate them when I'm in a CV). And I like the forward gun arrangement on NO. I want to keep the ship so...I got forever to learn how to use it. Though a little afraid my grinding over the holidays might go to waste. If not...I can just try Mogami, Already unlocked Aoba.
  4. ChristmasFerret

    best T10 ships to bring to a 3 man div

    I was thinking 1BB/2CAs...
  5. ChristmasFerret

    Tier VIII Cruisers

    I see the BBs in the upper tiers as having the most skill to use(next to DD). They seem like they need cruisers more than cruisers need them. Everything out there likes to nibble at them. Cruisers spamming HE, DD launching torps(if I'm not wrong, even 1 DD torp is devastating enough...especially the DoT from flooding) and then sometimes you have those CVs taking a huge chunk out of their hp. You can aim for other cruisers, but you have to be really good at aiming with those long reload times and the cruiser you are aiming at has to be an idiot in order to not turn his rudder and try to throw off a good aim from a BB. Also, BBs don't stand as much of a chance as a cruiser if they are placed in the lowest tier. You can aim at other BBs, but with everything else aiming at them too(and enemy aiming at you), it's difficult to do dmg out of them. In the end, you won't earn enough credits to cover the cost. One more thing, how much credits can I lose in a tier VIII battle anyway? I only played Shokaku during the pre-buffed AA days and she makes quite a lot...except, it's easier to profit from CV than anything else.
  6. ChristmasFerret

    Tier VIII Cruisers

    With my Furutaka, I actually mostly evaluate those battles where I'm the lowest tier. I want to stop at tier VIII so I am expecting the part where I have to face-off with tier X. Any ship can do well if they are the highest tier in a battle. Right now I'm really looking at NO and Mogami because most of their main guns are placed at the front. I don't use that third turret in my Furutaka when facing off higher tier cruisers, because I like to angle my armour and don't want to risk that broadside just for two extra guns but no I don't 1v1 them unless it's a tier VI then maybe I'd consider. I run when there's a BB(unless I got my other teammates to back me up).
  7. ChristmasFerret

    Tier VIII Cruisers

    I want a high tier cruiser. BBs are food for everything there and I suck bad at DDs. No New Orleans, with so little CVs around I don't think their main selling point is worth much. I only got Furutaka now as a testbed for cruiser gameplay(it's the only low tier CA).
  8. Actually...I think WG should just forget about making the USN and IJN CV have their own point and make them both more in line with each other and both to be just as versatile as the other. I also believe people don't pick which side of CVs they play in based on what load outs they have and what side does better in but simply because of...the nation. Both AS and strike load outs just as good as the other on both IJN and US line. Just a suggestion, I think this would improve the user experience for all who play the CV line. One thing I noticed WG did to try and balance them out is giving more exp points for shooting down planes though. I get more exp now for shooting down planes even though I didn't do as much damage as I do on those battles as compared to before. But of course there's not as much fun in shooting down planes as there is in seeing those blue ribbons and ships burning.
  9. She also got weak torp protection...very...very weak torp protection. I got 7 aerial torps on it and...3/4 of it's hp is gone
  10. ChristmasFerret

    AA is useless in the upper tiers!

    Shokaku and Taiho user here. I noticed that the AA defences of ships in the upper tiers are ineffective. I often lose up to around nine to twelve planes when attacking a lone BB with a total of 6 squadrons including 2 fighter squadrons(I just bring them along to absorb the extra AA and take some damage away from the bombers) even with minimal time exposure to enemy AA. On some cases such as a US BB, it is often only the fighter pilots who manage to come home. This is unacceptable as up to 5 torpedoes usually get released and up to three torpedoes usually find their mark before the bombers are shot down and up to 6 dive bombers usually land 4 bomb hits causing minimal damage, all the planes should be destroyed before they can even release their ordnance on their target! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE! Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that WG should add Surface-to-Air(SAM) missiles with a minimum range of 36km to destroyers and cruisers. Apart from that, BBs should also be equipped with radar that can detect an oncoming squadron of carrier planes from 40km away. A single SAM missile must be able to destroy any aircraft within a 500m radius to ensure total destruction of an entire air group. These new anti-aircraft defence systems should be integrated together to ensure a 100% fail-proof and 360 degree defence against enemy aircraft. Should the new SAM missiles fail, a new type of cruiser MUST be developed with an auxiliary role as a part-time aircraft carrier capable of operating more modern aircraft with Short-Take-Off and Vertical-Landing(STOVL) ability such as the F-35 currently still under development. These new F-35 jets will be deployed to replace the ugly old and obsolete float plane fighters currently in use. Unlike the ugly old and obsolete float planes, the new F-35 must be able to remain in operation throughout the whole battle and have an unlimited operational distance to ensure maximum effectiveness against the slow propeller planes with WWII standards and now no more jets carrier-borne aircraft. A single strategic aerial defence aircraft carrying cruiser would be able to simultaneously operate up to 10 pairs F-35s in a single battle and their stealth capabilities would grant them immunity from the radar guided SAM missiles. I hope to see my recommendations for these new anti-aircraft defence systems implemented soon. Thank you for reading my well established report. Red Text/Hard-to-read post , Post Edited, User Warned ~TheAzure
  11. ChristmasFerret

    Different research price for Taiho?

    Oh thanks for the explanation. I am now at peace.
  12. I see two different research price for Taiho. The stated research price of Taiho on the tech tree is 174 000 but from my Shokaku it says Taiho's research price is 214 000. I don't know how long this has been going around though and if anyone else noticed it.
  13. ChristmasFerret

    CV roles

    Anyway...now I think they're not really that great anymore. The CVs are kind of useless now when there's too many cruisers around. The cruisers in the upper tiers are more annoying than enemy fighters.
  14. ChristmasFerret

    CV roles

    If the Japanese carriers are to "bomb everything" and the US carriers are to defend the fleet. I wonder what WG will introduce when...or if they ever start a new CV line of another nation.