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  1. HMNZS_Warspite

    USS Saipan Overpowered

    My MO has a full AA build. Saipan is ether OP or not OP it cant be half way.
  2. HMNZS_Warspite

    USS Saipan Overpowered

    When you see a Saipan on the opposite team you know its an instant loss, because no tier 7 ship can protect itself, come to think of it even the Mighty Mo has a hard time against it. No tier 7 CV stands a chance, why put such an over powered CV into the game. Having played since Closed Beta I find this ship an complete insult. USS Enterprise at tier 8 if placed up against the Saipan at tier 7, the Enterprise will get ripped to a new one every time.
  3. HMNZS_Warspite

    Scharnhorst release date for Asia server

    Does Gneisenau come with her real life triple gun turrets or the double you see in the port if you are looking ahead at her?
  4. HMNZS_Warspite

    ARP Commander use empty commander reserve slot

    Yeah they changed it after the event started and by the sounds of it most players have completed the Commander mission so may have more than one 'Iona' Sigh as nice as it is having 'Kirishima' commanding her own hull but as a teddy bear is just weird.
  5. HMNZS_Warspite

    ARP Commander use empty commander reserve slot

    The Stage one for the Kirishima commander missions, Stage Rewards: Commander "Kirishima" Mission Unlock: "Kirishima Commander Challenge (Stage 2)" did anyone receive this commander? I know they were having problems with this part in general
  6. HMNZS_Warspite

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Regarding the ARP ships, so far Kongo and Myoko have their own characters as captains, why is Kirishima different? her character in the anime is one of the more lively characters, it doesn't feel right having I-401 (Iona) as the captain of a Kongo.
  7. HMNZS_Warspite

    Make Battleships more competative

    About the Premium Battleship HMS Warspite, her low range is making her and easy target for the bigger tier 8's which she is now facing more and more, if she is going to face the larger Amagi, North Carolina and Tirpitz, I think her range needs to be enlarged out to 18km standard and 20km with spotter, so a 2km buff. When she's facing her own tiers and below she's fine but as soon as you get a big battle this Grand old lady is as good as sunk. but that's my opinion as I've used Warspite since she first appeared in Closed Beta. She needs a little help.