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  1. yanyatcheng

    cannot uninstall

    the window just stays there just normal, but no reaction while clicking it, I opened the control penal and it saids no response
  2. yanyatcheng

    Too many noobs above Tier 5. What went wrong ?

    so frustrating about this super unrealistic game, getting put on a WW2 fight with a ship that built way before WW1, too much dumb-ass and noobs in this game, (Edited) only talk with their language. and premium are just pay to win effort. no real ranking system I am done with this game, *proceed to play more ArmA3 with my trusted teammate and wing man* Allusions of Racial Superiority, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  3. yanyatcheng

    cannot uninstall

    crash every time after I did the survey, no response instantly
  4. you notice US's (allies) offensive system are actually worse (actually useless) than russia/China's right? those missile can outmatch tomahawk and harpoon any day any time, in terms of range, speed
  5. yanyatcheng

    USS Zumwalt DD-1000

    give me a 054D and I will rekt them any day
  6. yanyatcheng

    IJN Gunboats...

    well, IJN really did that tactics with this 2-1-2 setup. *refer to battle of solomon: yuudachi's death, and kills
  7. yanyatcheng

    Most satsifying / enjoyable kill

    when enemy cleveland be like: you can't kill me! I am here to rekt your team with HE than he sail right towards my Fuso showing his broadside at 10 km. full health you know what will happens next or playing ranked, Fuso vs Fuso, 1v1, and than he tried to ram me, unaware I got a ramming flag with nearly full health, well, I turned into him and killed him instead
  8. yanyatcheng

    World War I ship battling with World War II ship?

    I know tier 5+ KM ships are good, got rekt by them b4, but it's just so paintful watching myself getting rekt and being a sitting duck nearly every match I've played Cleveland for a long time and the firing arc isn't my problem, also as hitting targets, but the damage is just.......OMG. if my shots are valid in a match, I won't complain, but no, I am like a big-ass target that can't fire back
  9. yanyatcheng

    Can we have any way to make Warships custom movies?

    waiting for TTKs making kancolle replica in WOWS
  10. yanyatcheng

    Can we have any way to make Warships custom movies?

    can you sail all ships in the training room? or still the one you've unlocked
  11. yanyatcheng

    World War I ship battling with World War II ship?

    Thats why I said tier 5+ BB, like Kongo, Myogi, the first hull should be classified as a WW1 ship ans will not battle with something like a Nagato and Fuso. And I got a high accuracy in all of my low tier game, but even I got 100% accuracy, the damage is so low, or even no damage.
  12. yanyatcheng

    AniManga Chat :E

    well, anime isn't gay. tell your cousin to watch anime (of course find a good one, not kancolle, maybe love li....nvm), and I am sure he will change
  13. yanyatcheng

    World War I ship battling with World War II ship?

    HE, nearly no damage to enemy target (CL) with all boardside guns fired (10/10 times 0-200 damage), and I am using the tier 3 one
  14. grinding German cruiser, and than the game force me to battle with Kongo, Omaha, Furutaka. I have the shortest range in game, my shells are in-effective, my armour is completely outmatch by enemy cruiser. why Wargame even make this super un-realistic move to let a WW1 ship fight with WW2 ship? money? brain-less? there should, i mean must have a limit added to match making: ship that served/built in/for world war one should not be with world war 2 ship (except tier 5+ battleship). it's like you are taking a Yamato and make her go against a Aegis guided missile destroyer, that's two damn era! I don't want to see "Zipang" happening in this game
  15. yanyatcheng

    Music Thread (Warning: Video Massed) - OBT Edition

    I will just leave this here (just listen to the music, no need to watch them crying)......wait.....damn feels....