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  1. 27000ants

    ST: Submarines + New Submarine mode [UPDATED]

    So, on top of dodging planes, dodging radar, and dodging each other, DDs also have to dodge sonar and try to follow tiny dots on the map where they will have a limited amount of single attempts to kill a completely new enemy that runs on multiple layers of completely new mechanics that can do their job of scouting and hunting capital ships and other DDs but better? Yep sounds completely fair and balanz Meanwhile F4Us with tiny tims go nyooommm
  2. 27000ants

    how to Bussian Rias

    My damage ratio on my Molotov is better than that of my Gneisenau...
  3. 27000ants

    Should I change my name to VeryTechnology ?

    It's expensive, but why not... if it floats your boat Ba dum tss
  4. 27000ants

    Tier 4 skill for scharhost?

    AFT+Manual Secondaries+Full secondary build=Eurobeat levels of lol
  5. 27000ants

    Ibuki is a bad bad ship

    Same goes for Roon, except it is an AP spammer. The trick to being a good HE spammer is to know when to HE spam which ship. Just adding one extra fire to an already burning ship can force him to use the damage control, which means he will flood/burn on the next hit. If you know that DamCon is con cool down, make that sucker burn, and that wins games. I will go down to the grave defending the art of HE spam...
  6. Shimakaze - Living the 15 torp dream
  7. 27000ants

    So uhhh any trick to the Myoko?

    About that- you can actually fire the torps at the limit of your detection range (13ish km) at a target that is sailing straight towards you. Because of how relative speed works, the torps will normally intercept the target 9km from where they were fired. At the worst they miss and act as area denial, at best you get to invisi-torp a battleship.
  8. 27000ants

    Thank you Eurobeat

    Insert X Files theme song here
  9. 27000ants

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    It's funny how the official description of RPF says that it will not work on carriers, so if the IJN DD is able to run the gauntlet of Russian radar cruisers, Fletchers, and now practically anyone who has that skill, they will be rewarded...sometimes... (At least that is how I understand it)
  10. 27000ants

    Sink the Alabama ST!

    Alabama is tier 8, and I just got a Shimakaze... Do the math...
  11. 27000ants

    why some people hate shiratsuyu Players ?

    They can't handle firePOIer of that magnitude Poi is love Poi is life 5/7 will buy premium POIship
  12. 27000ants

    Radio communications effect?

    Funnily enough, the effect causes sound quality to deprove
  13. 27000ants

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Welp, I got all of the achievements that I actually need to work for (the torpedo one). Looks like what is left is the opening crates one, which I can either pay to win by becoming santa, or get 2 crates per day... PM me in game if you want to division up with a carrier for co-op, so that you can torpedo one. I'm willing to help if I am online
  14. 27000ants

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    WoWs pay2win confirmed lol