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  1. michaellouielim

    This is Captain Lim, Requesting help

    I have already played this few days ago. only now its saying things like this. i wonder why. THanks ill try to read and see if it works over
  2. Why can i access my account in the game? pls help over Screenshot removed. To keep your account secure, please avoid posting your personal detail such as your email address on the forums. ~amade ok, thanks amade
  3. michaellouielim

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    wheres the server located?
  4. michaellouielim

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    i wonder why
  5. Philippine Marines Do you Experience lag like about 300++?
  6. michaellouielim

    Finally ,thank you

    where can i get one
  7. michaellouielim

    Finally ,thank you

    how do you guys have signitures?
  8. michaellouielim

    Finally ,thank you

    good thing i bought the ship. lel i did not even know theres a event like this until now hahahaha
  9. michaellouielim

    Finally ,thank you

    Finally i got in yeah for me
  10. michaellouielim

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #1

  11. michaellouielim

    Can anyone give me an invite code

    Can anyone give me an invite code pls? if not then thanks for having time to reading this