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  1. _PanzerKeil_

    WG Labs?

    Okay so I'm curious, what's up with the different company name for Master of Orion on Steam, being WG Labs instead of Wargaming or Wargaming.net?? and what has happened to Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games (WG Seattle according to Wiki???) ??
  2. _PanzerKeil_

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel?

    So let me get this straight, Blue Steel Arse Nova is about ai girls of ships. So these girls are like UNSC's (Halo Universe) shipboard A.I.s except they appear colorful right and sexier. Didn't watch the anime but I bet it's better than that cringe fest anime KanColle. After seeing the WoWS x Blue Steel PV, was surprised to hear Nishizumi Miho's voice. Iona = Miho's voice actress??
  3. One could even wonder why does this line of ships even exists in game. One fatal flaw of the US DDs compared to the IJN DDs is not the spotting range or short torps, but the gun itself. You see when on Japanese DDs, the shells tend to travel faster with a lower trajectory, while on the US... well faq that, near or far, the shells would always travel on a high arc and be travelling really slow. Good luck freaking hitting anything than a slow BB or CV with those kind of US guns.
  4. _PanzerKeil_

    Premium cruiser Diana

    GTX 950? who would buy a 950 when you can get a better counterpart on the "Red Side" or just grab an equally cheap GTX 960.
  5. _PanzerKeil_

    A way to make Historical Battles "work"

    HB won't work for the following reasons: 1.) Majority of the playerbase are playing IJN ships. 2.) A very tiny minority of the playerbase is only playing other nations's ships. 3.) Specifically on the Asia server where weeaboo-ism is prominent, doubt anyone would even want to play as the US or Allies side. 4.) It didn't work on WoT, why would it even work on WoWS. 5.) Air Supremacy and Technological Superiority (radar and such) doesn't reflect well on the USN ships in game, both of which were paramount to the success of their real life counterparts.
  6. _PanzerKeil_

    Battleships: Possible buffs

    I can't see the issue with BBs and torps. It seems that every time I play a game, there would always be someone on my team driving that incredibly slow Fuso and be dodging torps like a destroyer.
  7. _PanzerKeil_

    How to play US DD ?

    Simple. You don't play US DDs, at ALL. You play those Imperialist DDs, but not the USN. US DDs are serious business, so you don't play them. However you only go through them when: 1.) You want to get a specific ship (in my case Fletcher) 2.) You're ready to go through pain and suffering. The US DDs is like the Tiger I line on WoT, it's flawed and nerfed on every respect. Right now can't say US DD skippers are better than their Imperialist counterpart. Imperialist DD skippers are crafty and stealthy, they would never engage on a gunfight because they know they'll immediately lose to a US DD. They also stay away from a US DD, for the fear of joining their comrades on the iron bottom sound. Well at least your mere presence can stave off those Imperialist torpedo boats. Also with the so called "buffs" to US DDs, you'll be able to help your team more, giving a US DD more use. Lastly, this might help: Fleet first, frags later. By keeping your capital ships and cruisers alive, they'll take care of the bigger ships for you. Total contrast to IJN DDs' frags first, self second, fleet never.
  8. _PanzerKeil_

    DD buffs in 0.4.1

    How to piss off those Imperial DDs some more, by giving high tier US DDs Hydroacoustic Search But really, US DDs seems to be lackluster now than they did on CBT. Back on CBT, US DDs are excellent counter to DDs, to the point that a lowly Sims can even take on Smkz and win. Now, kaput, nada. And with the weird things they're doing with US DDs... it's kinda reminiscent of Ktkm where it got a Smokescreen(iirc?) then went nada.
  9. _PanzerKeil_

    Losing motivation to keep grinding credits...

    The life of an MMO gamer is a long no-life mode. No success if you don't no-life. Or just go with low tiers where you can pedobear, presumably, newbies.
  10. _PanzerKeil_

    Premium Ship choices.

    No. Yes. Yes. Atlanta may seem to have good DPS, but man does it lose turrets so fast. Short range. Lobs shots instead of shooting which requires incredible lead time. Atago, well compared to Atlanta, it's better. You get a proper cruiser, guns that don't easily break, it shoots shells and not lob. Besides it's [content removed] JP, you're at least safe that no nerf would hit those [content removed] JP ships lest WG angers its Asian fanboys/weeaboos[content removed] Really liked the Omaha, and even tho Murmansk loses some guns, I would still get it. Great dynamics, guns all over, good speed, and just flushes out its tier V [content removed] JP competition. Derogatory Comments. Post Edited. User Sanctioned ~dead_man_walking Players are reminded of the ruling on abbreviating Japan/Japanese: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8251-notice-on-the-abbreviation-of-japanjapanese/
  11. _PanzerKeil_

    So let me get this straight

    From my previous question, Basic and Advanced Fire Training works not just on secondary, but on main guns that fits the criteria too. Now it's about equipment, specifically Main Battery Mod 2. So this thing actually makes your gun load slower based on its description "+10% Main Battery Loading Time", does it not?
  12. _PanzerKeil_

    Should i go US cruisers?

    If you like taking penitence, suffering, and self sacrifice, then by all means go US Cruiser line. If you want to have fun and play the game, stay with the Jap cruisers.
  13. _PanzerKeil_

    Question about Skills

    Specifically about Basic and Advanced Firing Traning These skills would only work on secondary armament and not on main guns, even if you have main guns that fits the criteria? Meaning it won't increase the effectiveness of Cleveland or Mogami's 150+ mm gun?
  14. _PanzerKeil_

    Atlanta ship

    You should have gotten Sims instead, it was on sale on CBT and boy it's awesome.
  15. _PanzerKeil_

    What's with the price disparity?

    Hey what's up with the price disparity of the Atlanta on EU and Asia server? I know it's small and very few would care for 2 bucks,heck, there might even be no difference on SGD and AUD pricing, but a difference is still a difference. P.S. I hope Atlanta gets + Premium Time package.