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  1. v.7.9.0 #07 (25-09-2018): - added steam support to: Side Panels AutoSpy, Roslich, Hakabase, Improved Chat v3 - tomorrow the other 3 mods will receive steam support which is: Advanced HP bar, Compact Quick Commands, Movable ship parameters panel
  2. On which map? The fact is this mod is not updated for quite some time now, might got outdated.
  3. v.7.9.0 #06 (24-09-2018): - added Blueman's Detection Mod - added Six sense, custom damage indicator & torpedo markers - added Trap Sense & torpedo markers - updated clan icons
  4. v.7.9.0 #05 (22-09-2018): - added shells & tracers by BlackSkull (TheBigLanowski) - added Chilled Special Camos - updated clan icons - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - updated Crooks Full Nation Skins and UI package - updated Improved chat v1 and v2 (by Hakabase) - updated mxstat
  5. v.7.9.0 #04 (21-09-2018): - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated contour icons: Aslain [fixed Cossack tier] - updated Movable ship parameters panel - removed outdated mods: Battle GUI customization, Blueman's Detection Mod All removed mods will return when their authors update them.
  6. v.7.9.0 #03 (21-09-2018): - added english version of HelpMe - added full packages: Pravda Team, Arpeggio of Blue Steel by Hakabase and SEA Group - added Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements - added contour icons: Decase, Panzerschiffer (both without 2 latest ships) - updated contour icons: MajorRenegade, Aslain (critical!) - updated Chat remover - updated ports: Submarine hub, Deep Space [critical!] - removed unwanted files when instaling side panels Hakabase v3 (this fixed various problems) [critical!]
  7. v.7.9.0 #02 (20-09-2018): - added Dog Tags Remover - added Side Panels by Roslich - fixed groups in ship skins section - removed No rust skins
  8. v.7.9.0 #01 (20-09-2018): - added side panels: Hakabase - added flag mods by MajorRenegade - added contour icons: MajorRenegade, Aslain - corrected Team HP bars - updated Mermaid's Wrath - Female Crew Voice [EN] - removed outdated mods: shells & tracers by Zakuul and BlackSkull, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Skins, Chilled Special Camos, PravdaTeam skins, Space skins
  9. Don't install blackskull and Zakull tracers, they are crashing on login screen.
  10. v.7.9.0 #00 (20-09-2018): - initial compatibility with WoWs - forced custom fonts installation - updated clan icons - updated port: Hamburg advanced lighting - temporary removed: Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter', few contour icon mods, side panels roslich and hakabase, Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements, Dog Tags Remover, flags by MajorRenegade, Gun calibers in inches, More visible trained commander perks, most of full packages, Class Panel with hp bars v1, Improved Chat v1-2
  11. v.7.8.0 #10 (15-09-2018): - added mod: Return commander to his ship [at port mods section] - added port: Hamburg advanced lighting (by Hateshinaku) - updated clan icons
  12. v.7.8.0 #09 (13-09-2018): - updated clan icons - updated Matchmaking Monitor - updated mxstat - added UnReal ports by MatterCore: Riposte, Murmansk, Deep space & Orbital station, Moon Landing
  13. v.7.8.0 #08 (03-09-2018): - updated clan icons - updated mxstat - INFO: The Installer is supporting windows desktop scaling now!
  14. v.7.8.0 #07 (30-08-2018): - added Detailed Damage Meter