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  1. Shelts916

    HMAS Sydney (D48)

    Good Job on the report here, Being Australian and having served in the navy its a story very familiar to me. But further to it, when they found the sunken remains of Sydney it started off a whole new adventure with the story. This is unconfirmed, but apparently one of the surviving members of the Kormoran was re-questioned decades later about the incident, and it came to light that possibly the Kormoran was firing whilst a white flag (Truce/Surrender and for the pirates "Parley") was flying high, Hence the reasoning of why the Sydney was lured in so close without firing. Now unfortunately, we cant confirm this as there we no survivors from the crew of Sydney, and from the survivors of kormoran, due to impact this memory has had on his life, only the one came forward decades later to admit it, but the others still deny it. Food for thought!
  2. Wargamming Wows, take note and take care, this is just a heads up from a long time wargamming playing member. Wargamming in world of tanks went down this very path in regards to how they treated their players. Now look at it, its a dying game. All palyers that i know who played (and thats a considerable amount) now dont give a toss about it and have only bad remarks about, this inturn has also driven away new potential players. I know this for a fact because i am one of those players, and i will not return to tanks. All I am saying is your starting to act the same way as the crew from tanks. Please give thought to this as i would hate to see the same happen here in ships that has happened in tanks.
  3. Shelts916

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    Sign me up, I will give it a go!
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    Warship Choice in Division

    LoL, Look at all the salty seadogs coming out of the woodwork!
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    Welcome to the General Discussion

    Quite happy with this one.