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  1. kazutokirito

    Conditions on Matchmaker

    I like to suggest that add condition on the matchmaker on Random Battles such as 'There shouldn't have match with less than 5 players on each them'.
  2. kazutokirito

    IJN Aircraft Carrier, what is this? 40 mm AA?

    They have captured 40 mm Bofor and create prototype as 4 cm/60 Type 5 but never deploy[1].
  3. kazutokirito

    IJN Aircraft Carrier, what is this? 40 mm AA?

    That new to me, because most IJN AA without Gun Shield. Thanks
  4. I see this video in Youtube that look like 40 mm AA on Shokaku-class aircraft carrier (probably). Did IJN mount those 40 mm Bofors on their aircraft carrier? If yes, when? To me, it look like 40 mm Bofors in IJN aircraft carrier.
  5. kazutokirito

    Zao can change torpedo type

    Hi, Devs! I like the Zao that has an option to change the torpedo (like in Shimakaze) to Type 93 mod.2 (10 km range at 67 knots) from Ibuki or Type 93 mod.3 (12 km range at 67 knots) from Shimakaze.
  6. kazutokirito

    Land of Fire map crash fixing solution

    I don't understand, should 22_tierra_del_feugo rename to 22_land_of_fire or 22_Land_of_Fire or Land of Fire?
  7. kazutokirito

    Land of Fire Crash

    The game client will stop working. I even try to reconnect to the game but still same.
  8. kazutokirito

    Land of Fire Crash

    Every time I press BATTLE and the map is Land of Fire the game client would crash, I think it happen after 5.2 patch. My setting is Medium and High to Very High but it still keep crashing and I lost a lot of credit because of that. I don't have any mods. Computer spec: GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 CPU: Intel i3-4160 RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit DirectX version: 12
  9. kazutokirito

    Anti-torpedo secondary armament (gun)?

    The torpedo can be destroy/shot down by using the main armament with HE loaded. I read the story about this warship (I forgot, maybe it was Battleship Yamato) used her main armament to shot down the torpedo.
  10. kazutokirito

    Japanese Cruisers [RU blog post]

    You forget Tone-class heavy cruiser - the all forward gun cruiser (4x2). With the same gun layout, Ōyodo-class light cruiser. There might be a mix branch (cruisers -> battleships) that lead to Design A-150 or other call her as Super Yamato.
  11. I also disagree, because Battlecruisers have a gun of the Battleships and the speed of the cruisers. It will be too OP, if Torpedo + Battleships' Gun + Cruiser's speed = OP.
  12. kazutokirito

    Map Boundary Alert

    I want to suggest to have a map boundary alert like in collision alert so that player can avoid the map boundary while engaging enemy ships because it will be hard for beginners to watch out for torpedo, collision (other players and islands), and map boundary.