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  1. Hi, i wanna report that there's a weird condition stats on IJN DD tech trees. i observe from Mutsuki's final gun has dual-purpose main gun, up to Fubuki and Kagerou has no such stat list on AA power. the main gun (12.7cm twin gun type C/D) is not counted into AA, only 25mm autocannons are counted based to all hull & upgrades. sorry for my Asian Grammar XD Regard Ed,~
  2. madAnger69

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    D: i don't get what is piastas & "15 bucks" someone help describe it to me pls. don't let me confuse~ a "random" typical US hater? um, do you have any tier II US ships at least? if yes, then you're the same like me; but i'm about to do it to the USSR ships the person that he answer also said "hatred" is that counted as soft insinuation that break the rule? O.o what "PT server"? O.o that cost a lot! 6 digits! ohh myyy, how about Iwaki Alpha's price to sell? *i'm just curious* but i'm not that so dare to sell it
  3. madAnger69

    Significant Control Delay

    lel he got you XD
  4. madAnger69

    How to Not Suck (In WoWs) by Jingles

    I'm jealous how to become a SuperTester too? i find some player that only contribute on forum less than 50 and already SupersTester w/ Taihou+Hakuryu (before the patch maintenance at 19th June).
  5. maybe his/her friend are busy till now and can only have "time" for playing n enjoying the game, not to ask a certain question like this. so he ask his/her friend to ask the "friend"s question here as non Alpha Tester.
  6. how dare selling it for a science? aayyy XD to be honest this post makes me laugh so hard ohh myyyy
  7. madAnger69


    you might facing the opponent call WG. . . "Haji Lulung" )
  8. madAnger69

    Modding the game

    please give me the Aiming prediction mod D:
  9. madAnger69

    Access FAQ

    Is the Server are closed today at 31th March? O.o by the way, how to stamp my Alpha Tester just like your gif. format )