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  1. This is my problem.. When i downloaded this game.. It just pointed me to the WOWS NA website.. unlike WoT it asked me if im from NA/SEA, but it didnt do it for this one.. so i thought maybe they didnt have a SEA site/client yet and all WOWS game was in the WOWS NA server.... so i downloaded the client, log-in my WoT SEA account and chose WOWS NA(because that's the only one available in the drop down menu) got in the game.. all is fair in love and war, until i asked some of my WoT SEA friends if they where playing WOWS. they said, they are and would like to add me to their division... But when we try'd to do it.. they couldnt find me in the contacts list( we didnt know at the time that we where playing on a different server ), then i checked one of their screenshots and discovered there is a WOWS SEA server... Now my question is... Is there anyway i could just add/change a file or a line in some text file in the game directory to point the game to the WOWS SEA server instead of re-downloading the whole client? Our internet speed sucks here and downloading a full client could take hours... Q.Q Plz send helps.