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  1. kibazaa

    WoWs X Arpeggio of blue steel Discussion

    we can't do some damage them. klain field is so OP. LOL
  2. 榛名は大丈夫ですー.

  3. kibazaa

    Gearing torpedo.

    Soviet DD is OP. She can do Citadel by shoot BB. T_T //me is fuso sunk by Ognevoi. T_T
  4. kibazaa

    Gearing torpedo.

    sorry for unclear word. it's stop any movement.
  5. kibazaa

    Gearing torpedo.

    i think range of gearing torpedo is far , more trop and quickly reload. US DD's smoke is so OP. they activate smoke and hull down in smoke. CA can't see them. they shoot gun and drop trop spaming in smoke. <---------------- this picture. 2 gearing shoot me.
  6. よこそ僕のプロファイルへ

  7. Example download ----------------------- 16 - 18 I'm staff WG in TGS(Thailand Game Show) see you. *Edit change download link because first link is wrong file sorry
  8. kibazaa

    Tier 6 Russian Destroyer [DD] OP Ognevoi

    I think Ognevoi's ammo is OP. it can do citadel by Hit Battleship. In normally 130 mm can't do that. furutaka's 203mm do hard citadel by hit battleship but Ognevoi's 130mm easier than 203mm. and fire rate is very high.
  9. kibazaa

    [MOD] Yamato-skin : Musashi fog

    --------------------------------I found file upload is secondary gun have problem---------------- Download : Mediafire
  10. kibazaa

    Atako Aoki hagane X Neuroi Strike Witch Skin

    I have some kongou and musushi(in making) fog from aoki hagane skin musashi is very hard. Kongou: Musashi:
  11. kibazaa


    Can't play? Have you some screenshot?
  12. kibazaa

    Who do you target first

    Yeah, DD is easy to sunk by CL and CA . I hunt DD every match.
  13. 五十風がきたあああああああああああああああ~

  14. kibazaa

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    Hi I'm thai speaker. i have teamspeak3 and skype. [content removed] my english medium level skill and have little japanese skill from anime and in class. LOL. high level thai skill. I have programing and computer graphic knowledge. I need to joint ST team. Don't post your contact details in the public forums. ~dead_man_walking