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  1. Just my 2 cents: There was an analogy I picked up during business studies (a subject in school): if an accountant and a cashier are paid the same amount, very few people would want to undertake the years of study needed to be an accountant (as a student of accounting myself, I understand where this analogy is coming from). By this same idea, I think that those who go out of their way playing this game (i.e those at Clan Wars/Ranked Battles level) deserve to have a mark of recognition of their own, away from pubbies. You want it? Then do what these competitive players do and stop being a freeloader. By the time you get the Stalingrad, its probably clear to you why pay differential exists in real life and why its not likely to go away anytime soon. @Bex_O7: Try asking for an AUS/NZ division of WG then?
  2. Remind me to try a few games in the Des Moines the next time the test server goes up (I'm still in the Pensacola on the live server). It's completely unrelated to the Des Moines questions here, but does taking a spotter plane instead of Surveillance Radar work for the Cleveland at T8? Given their similarly horrible ballistics at long range (be it the USN 152mm or 203mm), similar consumable choices, and similar number of guns, I'm curious as to whether or not it will work.
  3. Is it just me or....

    Perhaps next July they will refresh the list? Well, there goes. And I so wanted that Kaga...
  4. Is it just me or....

    A bunch are still not for sale -Adm. Makarov -Roma -Duca degli Abruzzi -Okt. Revolutsiya -ANY of the prem CVs
  5. ...Are they not adding any premium ships to the store this week? I've been waiting since yesterday for a new squad of premium ships but none has shown up so far.
  6. And so King Albert makes her triumphant return to the store 3 days ago. I feel like there needs to be a thread to discuss this issue further. Given King Albert's return, I do not know if we will see other ships that are also announced to not be ever sold again; Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, Kamikaze sisters, or (Kraken forbid) Imp. Nikolai 1 or Gremyaschy. There's also this post from NA that I'm also curious about: So discuss away.
  7. New Ships for friday?

    The moment that Italian Conte di Cavour-class battleship hit the store, I bought it. Its definitely good, no fancy gimmicks but able to punch above its own weight nevertheless. Next up, the Kaga.
  8. The new EULA for ASIA

    How is WG doing what literally every other company providing f2p content out there doing heavy handed?
  9. WG cannot do anything negative to premium ships due to their fear of chargeback from potentially overzealous customers, which is why they're adopting the (controvesial) new EULA that permits them to do things that many other online games did for years- tweak their ingame items (at least that is how I perceive it). Saipan's "gimmick" is IMO its T9 planes and the no-loss-of-planes-on-strafing-out-of-dogfights. Hopefully they can balance the Saipan without having to change what appeals it to people- the gimmick. I'm interested to see how the Saipan and the Kaga compare though. I want to see how the new CV plays tho, maybe we can have one on one dogfights Battlestations Pacific style.
  10. Maybe we should get speaking out about it? NA server forums are already in full force about this radar craze, and I dunno about EU but given their playerbase is among the most vocal, I think its unlikely they stayed silent. A consensus I see in common amongst the two forums I am in (here and NA) seems to be disallowing Radar to see through mountains (which IIRC fits real life WW2 era radars that cannot see through mountains too) I expect WG to do something about radar when this US CL line is done with, but again I am not expecting anything out of the ordinary.
  11. And here we see the DD side of the BB vs DD war out in full force.
  12. If only the guys over at World of Tanks shared your viewpoint (Yes, I play that as well as Warships). The outrage at Wargaming over this reached crazy levels and I dunno why. Back on topic, I think the Tirpitz is the most forgiving of the bunch. Loyang, Alabama, and Atago are all good, but they require more skill than Tirpitz to do well in.
  13. @luftkopf : Don't count on it being up anytime soon; inbetween my busy college days (which thankfully ends today with the last class done, now all that's left is the exams. I will post a link here if it goes up though, so keep seeing the thread! @icy_phoenix: Thanks for all the info. I do agree that I die a little too often for my liking, and oftentimes too early to meaningfully impact the match. I need to work on that. Anyways, I've just bought the Guilio Cesare. On the NA server forums, this ship has quite the reputation for being OP and LittleWhiteMouse once warned that this ship is at risk of joining Imperator Nikolai 1, Belfast, Konig Albert, Mikhail Kutuzov, Gremyaschy and the Kamikaze triplets of not being sold again ever due to over-performance. That became my precedence of buying the Italian Conte di Cavour-class battleship as soon as it became available today. When I jumped into my first game with it (with a 0 point captain to boot), I am sure they had precedence for that prediction: I mean, holy shit, that is punching above your weight. Next battle was significantly worse where I got a bit derpy, overextended, and got deleted by a Belfast and two Scharnhorst's. But still, sailing the Guilio Cesare properly is a pretty amazing sight to behold.
  14. The Freedom Containers you buy on the prem shop are not permanent (the ones that can contain a mission for Monaghan/Kidd/Atlanta/Sims/Cleveland); they go after the 20th of June. That being said, collections are permanent, and at different times of the year different collections become available to complete (via missions that grant containers). Also: @DFaultPlayR69 I like your avatar. Are you by chance a brony like me?
  15. As someone whose first premium ship purchase is the Admiral Graf Spee, here are my takes on what's good and what's not about this ship: What's good: -283mm guns are ridiculously good at alpha-strike damage. Watching a cruiser's health go down by the 1/2s or more via citadel strikes are very entertaining. -For a cruiser, it's incredibly tough. At 39400 hit points it is by far the toughest cruiser of it's tier, not to mention it comes with Repair Party which gives it even more durability. Armor-wise, while I'm not very good on armor values and all that, 100mm of belt armor is no joke at Tier 6; properly angled Graf Spee can tank cruiser fire all day (even heavy cruiser AP is no guarantee of punching through the belt) and with the Cleveland out of the picture with its move to T8 it is the toughest T6 cruiser. Its torpedo protection is also quite good for a cruiser, at 24%. -Torpedoes! Graf Spee gets torpedoes mounted in quad launchers astern. Their placement, while giving the arcs a rearward bias, allows the Graf Spee excellent torpedo launch angles. The torpedoes themselves are fast (65knots), decently ranged (at 8km) and deal a lot of damage (inbetween the 12-14k values iirc). I've claimed a New York and a North Carolina as ships that I torpedoed from close range (ambushing both of course, and I even punctuated the NC kill with a chat message that "cool guys don't look at explosions"). Their 8km range exceeds the stereotypical 6km range of German cruiser torpedoes, which can surprise people. If you want more fun, Torpedo Acceleration reduces the range of torpedoes to 6.4km but launches them at a breakneck 70knots (and 68+ knots torpedoes are pretty hilarious imo) -Forgiving in terms of crew skills. While I don't have Graf Zeppelin to test a CV-build commander in the Spee, I've stuck my T-22 commander, a Nurnberg commander and a dedicated Graf Spee commander (that came with the ship) and while some skills work better than others on the German behemoth-of-a-cruiser, Graf Spee doesn't suffer a significant loss of performance with any of the commanders. Contrast this with the Atlanta for example, which does need a captain tailored to its strengths and weaknesses and cannot work well without a captain like that. -Decent AA defense. While nowhere near the formerly-T6 Cleveland or the Texas (a tier lower) in terms of shooting down aircraft, Graf Spee can hold her own against aircraft, especially since you get to take Defensive Fire (though you give up Hydroacoustic Search to take it) and the Graf Spee has Catapult Fighter which can spot ships/torpedoes and mess up dive bombers/torpedo bombers' accuracy. Also, since the Graf Spee relies more on dual-purpose guns for its aerial defense, it's able to keep it's AA teeth for longer than cruisers that relied on low-caliber autocannons (40mm and below) and their variants. What's not: -Huge and appropriately seen from space. Detected at 12.7km (base value) from the surface and 8.4km from the air, Graf Spee isn't very sneaky especially for a cruiser. Concealment Expert is very useful in this. -Rather unreliable gunnery on main guns; it suffers from a bit of a dispersion problem, and as a result firing with only one turret in my opinion is not worth it (unless you're bow-tanking). Citadel strikes aren't always guaranteed; sometimes you only penetrate without causing citadel damage while other times they fail to do damage because they shatter/bounce off/overpenetrate. HE and fire-setting falls behind with the reload of 20s despite the high fire-per-shell chance. -Secondaries a bit too short ranged despite the rather impressive array it has. This, combined with main battery issues, leaves her vulnerable to destroyers (although whoever gets hit by the Spee's 283mm shells will feel it in the morning). -Slow. At only 28.5 knots, Graf Spee is by far the slowest cruiser at tier 6, and within its matchmaking spread (I think) is the only cruiser incapable of reaching 30 knots. Then again, that armor and huge, heavy guns do not do a lot of favors. -Fires on the Graf Spee burn for 45s, longer than cruiser-standard 30s but not as long as the 60s of battleships. -Its too easy to think you're a battleship with a "cruiser" designation, and while Graf Spee does approach a battleship in firepower and durability, playing like a battleship tends to get you killed and easily so. Graf Spee can still get citadeled by battleships with alarming ease. Beware of battleships with many guns (Fuso, Normandie, Oktabryshkaya Revolutsya, Arizona, pretty much any battleship with 10 or more guns) or giant ones (Nagato [and by extension her sister Mutsu], Amagi [and by extension Ashitaka], Roma, pretty much any battleship with 380mm guns or bigger); in fact beware of battleships in general and if neccesary fight dirty by ambushing them with torps (like I did to a North Carolina last night), ganging up on them or using hit-and-run (just make sure you can outrun him). In my opinion, Graf Spee is one of the best premiums, price-for-performance wise. As someone with an unusual and often really weird playstyle, the Graf Spee's unusual characteristics do not bother me that much. In fact, out of the 375000 free EXP I will need for the Nelson, 235000 is already in the Graf Spee. If you can get past the weird gameplay, Graf Spee will take you for a ride (no innuendo intended). @PeterMoe1963: Scharnhorst is one of my most coveted premiums, and had it not been for the Premium Shop giving tempting offers of fancy premiums I would have bought the doubloons that I need to get it. It's got that nice mix of historical value, uniqueness and competitiveness.