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  1. @Thyaliad: um, ok. That was quite a long explanation. The only explanation I can give as to why WG did this was because the complaints got cluttered up with people crying "CVs are cancer and need to be removed from the game." Maybe they got so tired of listening to people like them that they lump up those with genuine concern about CVs (like you) with these crybabies and give everyone a not-so-well-thought-out solution just to stop people screaming that. I also am very interested as to what would it be like if CVs kept their RTS style but gain replenishing planes and multiple strikes. Though if all the planes can attack all at once multiple times the target is not gonna be happy with the constant ordnance dropped on him @HobartAWD: of course WG wont put what Le Terrible is bad at; its bad for advertising. I'll drop off LWM's review here:https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/173415-premium-ship-review-112-le-terrible/
  2. TD1

    Questions about CV Compensation

    This. I know WG messed up a couple of times with their decisions (the torpedo bulge thing) but that server is full of people who basically look for something to complain about and constantly bash WG for everything. It's a lot more caustic than Asia.
  3. That was what I wanted to say. If we don't have any limit to the number of planes we throw at the enemy, the enemy should also not have any "limit" on how many AA guns, large/medium/small caliber, that he loses. Otherwise (theoretically) I can keep spamming planes with rockets/HE bombs until I knock out all his AA guns, or have some HE spamming ship (British battleships in particular) knock out all his AA guns, and he will be defenseless throughout the match against air attacks.
  4. Two of the things I feel need to be addressed: -AA is still the old "hit by HE, knocked out" model, not a good thing when there's unlimited amounts of planes coming at you. I would recommend that AA that is knocked out be fixable after a certain amount of time, because otherwise, there would be a point where the ship's guns are all knocked out and nothing stops the planes. -We still cannot return to controlling the carrier after launching a squad, which is bad news if there's a ship nearby (or if there's torpedoes/bombs/rockets from a carrier snipe attempt). Keep in mind, I meant direct control, not the strategic map one you get by pressing M.
  5. My reaction to the above: Samuel L Jackson summed it up nicely.
  6. @icy_phoenix as someone who played World of Tanks from 2012 and is aware of how WG works, I am also not surprised anymore. I knew this from the moment they sold the M6A2E1 again after they said it won't be sold past beta test. I won't be surprised if they sold Iwaki Alpha/Arkansas Beta/Kitakami/any removed premium again lol. Don't you remember the Summer Sales where Konig Albert suddenly made an appearance? As for GZ disaster, can't say much about it since it happened quite some time before I started playing this game. But from what I've read, yeah, it was quite bad. The problem with the premium ship balancing policy change, for one, is that it opens up another can of worms. In the upcoming CV rework, if it goes live, WG is offering a refund in doubloons for premium carriers, or Free XP and credits for tech tree carriers, in case the player in question does not like the CV rework. Even this has someone complaining that they wanted refunds in cash. For me, the very fact that they offer refunds at all is noteworthy in and of itself, because if it was something like EA they wouldn't care, or worse, lash out at those who dared the "audacity" of asking for refunds! There's a reason US people voted them Worst Company last year in 2017. Also, Conqueror is getting her citadel raised so at least you can blap him for a good amount of HP. I personally like it, given how ships with superheal either are too fragile to make it really OP (Edinburgh, Minotaur, Neptune), or give up a lot for it (Nelson, which is slow, has a high citadel, can't fire backwards, and has rather awkward placement of secondaries). Conqueror doesn't fit either of them, so giving it superheal didn't make sense to me. Now, it will start to make sense. @ThyaliadCVs are overpowered in their current iteration. But not only that, in my opinion, the RTS style is just a tad bit too difficult for average joes like me. I stopped playing the Zuiho and Bogue regularly long ago, and have recently sold them, with no intent on purchasing them back until the rework goes live. I can agree with what Jingles-senpai has to say about why they're reworking carriers: he said 1) playing them is, like I said, just too difficult, and 2) someone who is good at playing carriers just has too much influence over the match. Especially if the enemy team has one of those good players, and your team has one that is a mere mortal compared to him and couldn't do what he could, because more likely than not your team is going to lose unless they mess up badly. Not only that, if they decided that it's worth losing a certain number of planes to see you dead, you are dead (insert popular Japanese phrase from Fist of the North Star here), and even catapult fighter/defensive fire AA/both is only going to offer temporary respite. And that Kaga isn't only sinking your AA-spec Atlanta with his torpedo bombers, he's also dive-bombing that Sims trying to cap, while he uses his fighters to knock your Ranger's planes out of the sky, and not only spot that Akatsuki but also the torpedoes he fires in an attempt to sink the enemy Fuso. This happened to me in my Fushun yesterday; the Independence and Zuiho on the enemy team deplaned our carriers early, then spent the rest of the match harassing me and my teammates while the rest of their team clean up. If it consoles you, though, the whole overpen on torpedo bulge thing isn't going live (with shells; torpedoes are still gonna do it because they don't want to see situations where a Yueyang ate something like 5 Shimakaze torpedoes and still does not go down). The whole Free XP thing- LWM has stated that she is not happy with WG doing a bait-and-switch like this, and will try her best, along with other CCs, to at least get WG to warn how premium ships will be available in the future (be it coal, missions, steel, doubloons, purchase, Free XP, whatever). Let's just hope she succeeds. Anyway, time for some news: -I got the Nelson yesterday, after using the gold from Daily Shipments I bought last month+ 3000 gold I bought yesterday, and holy crap that heal is sure something. On a Two Brothers match I had, I was down to 10k hp from burning (Nelson has an alarming tendency to catch fire for some reason). I just typed "super-overpowered-Nelson-heal, go!", and healed, going to 37k health from 10k health. A Kidd near me went "wtf" . -I saw @InterconKW in a match this afternoon. I forgot what he was sailing, however, though I was in a Lyon (I loved that French BB, and I also loved the Richelieu from my experience of playing it on the PT server). I was the last person to die in that match from a Nagato shot, just miliseconds before I could fire a killing broadside at an Amagi. If he's watching, he'll remember me as the Lyon that stuck by a Roma's side. -Inspired by LittleWhiteMouse's tongue-in-cheek AngryYoutuberReviews (those pics/gifs at the end of her reviews), I've decided to start my own amateur take on them. However, as I only have MS Paint at my disposal, don't expect much from them
  7. This in spades. It feels like AA is a bit too "automatic" right now. While I would argue that secondaries also need to be like this, that comes with its own slew of problems and is best discussed on another topic. That way, we do not need manual fire control for secondaries/AA, and we can utilize skillpoints otherwise invested to these skills in other skills.
  8. Welp. High time for update. -Apparently, Yueyang (Pan-Asian T10 destroyer) is getting a nerf in main battery reload (3 seconds->4 seconds) and torpedo tube reload time (136 seconds->156 seconds). -I like the IJN DD/CA buffs they are planning, especially for the DDs. It makes their guns that much less painful when you have to use them. However, it's probably not going to make Hatsuharu any better. That thing has too few tools for use to kill ships. The whole Jean Bart deal is a bit mixed though. I can tolerate them selling it in the shop, because 1) I can't buy it (my payment system, the only one I use, refuses to handle transactions over IDR 1.000.000, and I don't have that much disposable income for a single boat), and 2) they're offering it for coal at the same time. I can even tolerate them not selling it for Free XP. What I have issues with is that they didn't tell anyone how to get it. I mean, they told us about the Kronsthadt when it was gonna go on sale, but for some reason, Le Terrible just showed up in the shop with no prior warning whatsoever, and so did Jean Bart. Maybe they botched the announcement timing? I mean, that was the only thing I can think of without being negative. Also, for some reason, there's a TST server update, but my game just refuses to update and instead goes "Updating the game is currently unavailable for your account". Anyone know why this happens/how to solve it?
  9. Buying credits in the store? Definitely. Buying doubloons? um.... no. You still need doubloons to retrain captains/convert XP/buy premium ships/premium account (uh, maybe?)/add extra port slots/all that jazz. Buying a premium account? Why not go mad and take Missouri+all economy signals you can fit+Premium while you're at it?
  10. TD1

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    You're not the only one who wishes Akizuki and her T9/T10 successors gets DFAA. I wish for that too.
  11. Latest news: the penetration mechanic changed to the torpedo bulges and auxuillary mounts are not going live. https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2220228674970134?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.worldofwarships.com%2Findex.php
  12. I once had a moment I fondly remember. After some time had passed during a Two Brothers game, I, in my Farragut, decided to pay a visit to the middle channel in order to see if anyone's daft enough to go there. Sure enough, there was. The kicker was that it was a Ryujo of all things (to his credit, he was accompanied by an Acasta). I torped the Ryujo, but someone else sunk it right before the torps hit him. Since I fired all of them, I was defenseless and on low health broadside-on to the Acasta, who finished me off. I did win the game though.
  13. You are seriously underestimating how big of an effect this change would entail. While I agree with what you said regarding ship balance and mechanics not being too much of a problem, this time its an exception.
  14. @Thyaliad Friendly torpedo kills, especially of the accidental variety, are hilarious. when I was grinding my way down the Emile Bertin towards the La Galissoniere, I had a battle in the Ring map. I went down the middle to hunt down destroyers. An Icarus appeared and started chasing me. Then a Fubuki appeared and tried to torp me, but since I had engaged torpedobeats, he missed me and hit the Icarus instead, sinking him
  15. So here's the latest news on the situation: I quoted someone from the NA server. Just what are they planning? Notser saying it'll be fine calms me down a little but just makes me even more curious.