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  1. This is why I never shit-talk people unless he gets a dosage of karma (like the last dude that called my team's Atlanta a noob, but he got torpedoed by a Scharnhorst).
  2. Well, I finally relented and bought the PEF, since the thought of that long grind sickens me. Turns out, she's a little more dangerous towards DDs than other battleships at her tier, as a good blap from a full broadside can delete like 3000 health instantly from a cruiser, as a few destroyers I killed found out the hard way. Luckily, as I bought some lootboxes over at WoT and won like 11 days of premium on the 31st of December, I still have premium account time to do the PEF missions with, and I am now at 2 million out of the 4 million credits needed for the nations involved 🤣. I think it was 5 nations at once (Germany, Poland, Pan-Asia, Pan-America, Italy, and Commonwealth) so I only need another nation to grind out the credits for. Which is where the next news comes in.... -I am now a proud owner of the Musashi, after me trading some steel for coal because Ranked Sprint's sheer disaster gnawed off at my sanity and I don't want to risk it further. Quite a decent boat I must say. Musashi and Kii will be my choice for grinding the PEF's final directive. -As for why I am still grinding the directive: I want the doubloons that are gonna be given for compensation when I finally finish the missions. With that, I can get closer to buying my dream ships Atago or Tirpitz (well I can't buy both because my funds can't support it), so all I need to do if I get those doubloons is wait for a sale then wire more money to WG for the remaining doubloons necessary to buy either of them . For the final bit of news, I have applied for the ST program, since this February I expect to be free since college is out (this is the semester exams period, so expect reduced/eliminated playtime from me for the second half of January). I have reviewed my profile to meet the specifications, so I only need to wait now until they accept me into the program.
  3. They are buffing AA the last time I heard. The next iteration of the PTS 0.8.0 probably won't be as bad as the first. As for being guinea pigs... remember that as a continuously-updated game, people are gonna be at the forefront of controvesial changes all the time(removal of open water stealth firing, anyone?) There's very little we can do about it but adapt and endure. This same mentality is why I returned to WoT even as the game feels a bit far from what it used to be. Besides, people don't really like playing on the TST server IIRC, given that they aren't progressing their main account every minute they do it. WG can't get enough people to collect enough data for them to keep it in the TST. Only option they had was to do what they did- throw it out here and tweak based on feedback. Count me in as one of the supporters. Right now, CVs are a bit ponderous for me, and I'm afraid to take them into random battles because I have a sense of responsibility as my performance determines whether my team wins or loses. If I meet someone better than me and I lose.... even if it wasn't my fault in the first place, I'd still feel guilty about letting my team down. For that, I only play CVs during operations like Killer Whale and Aegis.
  4. Had another one worth necroing this thread for. I was in my Guilio Cesare, and was the last survivor on my team in a 3v3 match on Fault Line (late night MM). I was currently sitting at cap C after devstriking a New York sitting near it. Enemy team still have a Kamikaze and a Myogi (well the Myogi was derping around so he was out of the equation). After capping C, I was fidgeting around in the cap, understandably nervous about going out in the open and not being able to see the Kamikaze while he could stealth torp me to death. Just as I was convinced the Kamikaze was nowhere near, however, my detection indicator went off. Kamikaze had appeared in a distance of less than 5km from me; too close for comfort. I panicked so much I accidentally hit reload and switched shells with a torpbote <5km from me. Strangely enough, he did not fire his torpedoes in the 30s it took me to reload my shells, and I could only fire the front (or was it rear?) set of guns after reloading as I was horribly out of position. When I turned to fire my other set of guns at him, he fired his torps. Luckily, only 4 out of 6 managed to hit, which wasn't enough to kill me. Before he manages to run away, my secondaries finished him off . And since the Myogi was doing nothing but running around, I was able to keep all three caps and reach 1000 points to win. One hell of a victory.
  5. TD1

    Is Jean Bart Over rated ?

    Dunkerque is T6, so if Strasbourg was added with the same concept as Jean Bart or Bourgogne, she would be tier 7.
  6. Well, just as the picture said heheheh. And our GZ is left hanging up in the air. At least until the rework hits.
  7. All right, good luck, and may the Salt Mines Overlord be with you if we were to mine their salt and Jingles received a dollar for every ounce of salt he got, he would be a rich person
  8. Now that the CV rework is entering 0.8.0 Public Test, @BIGCOREMKP0I, you should see the salt on NA that has been generated
  9. TD1


    Look on the bright side @drakon233, your detonation gave us all nice fireworks to look at
  10. TD1

    WoWS Update 0.7.12

    I am personally fine with them locking campaigns behind a paywall, as long as they do not do it for every campaign. As Steel Monsters is only the first one, I think its too early to tell which path they are going to take. I'd take the high road and not complain about it, though the cost of the campaign is a bit repulsive for my wallet. As for you people saying that the campaign is too expensive for the value: While steel is definitely the main incentive to buy it, you should also take into account all other rewards the campaign gives you. It's kind of like the loot crates, really (which Steel Monsters also gives you a bunch of). If you don't feel all the items (not just the main incentive, which is steel in this case) are worth it, then don't fork over the money.
  11. With Christmas coming, I'm seriously tempted to just buy the Prinz Eitel Friedrich instead of suffering through the directives to get her. Reasons being: -I don't have much time for the holidays to play WoWS, what with college final projects and all. This allows me to skip the grind -I liked German battlecruisers anyway -I can afford to spare the cash for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, although it's probably gonna be in January given that I want to get for my account in that other game some nice premium vehicles for Golden Eagles (quite a lot of them in fact) unless WoWS can enact sales in a timely manner. What are your thoughts?
  12. I meant here, not in NA obviously. Curse me and my bad wording...
  13. @BIGCOREMKP0I: I wonder if you could make a separate thread where we can post about salt on NA forums heheheheheheheehehehe
  14. TD1

    WoWS Update 0.7.12

    -Snowflakes: Very good idea and implementation IMO. Although, I'm saddened because I only have 3 tier 8 ships and can only earn steel in the high hundereds. But the coal earnings make me happy. -In The Name Of His Highness: Seeing the last directive of earning so much credits makes my stomach lurch. 4 million per nation is a bit too much, and most people can't afford the time needed to grind out the credits. Maybe reduce the requirements to something like 3 or 2.5 mil per nation? -Belle Epoque: How dare you write about the magnificent era of steel battleships and not include the HMS Dreadnought and the dreadnought-type battleships! I want my beloved soccer state ship (Bayern) in that campaign ! -Steel Monsters: This I think should apply to current and future campaigns offered for sale: give in-depth detail on the campaign: e.g how many "stages" are there, how many missions for each stage, is there a final mission (and how many stars needed, if there is a final misison, to unlock the final mission), what are the total rewards you can earn by playing the campaign, what tiers of ships are required for the campaing, etc etc etc. While personally I think you do not need to disclose what the individual missions are, it wouldn't hurt to disclose more detail than right now, where so little is disclosed that it makes people hesitant to shell out money for the campaign, because they do not know beyond a little and fear that their money (which is quite a lot for Steel Monsters' case) isn't worth it.