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  1. I have the GC myself (bought it as soon as it was on sale, although my initial reason for wanting it was not it's OPness but "oh wow, cool, a battleship that isn't American, Japanese, German or British!") but I haven't played it that much lately because it doesn't earn EXP/credits that fast, and frankly it's a bit dull with little in the way of gimmicks. I joined far too late to have the likes of Nikolai 1, Belfast and Kutuzov though. I'm quite sure their refusal to sell the public such ships was because they weren't properly balans' before release, which led them to become quite wildly strong in practice.
  2. I would do that tbh, but not without warning the player in advance that "we will be required access to your [insert financial payment method account like Paypal or Razer-zGold here]'s information for this- are you sure you want to proceed?"
  3. They did offer doubloons as refund back at the GC rebalancing thingy. I dunno, regarding cash refunds, I do not feel comfortable giving up too much privacy for WG (bank accounts) just for less than 100-150 dollars😎
  4. Yeah. Right. I do own one of these ships myself you know (the Cesare). Your attempt at comedy fails to amuse me. Also @tsuenwan refunds: I'll still take the doubloons because I could always use more of those. I'm not sure cash refunds are worth the hassles you have to go through. I could be wrong though.
  5. Oh, I am well aware of their track record in that regard. Trust me, I had Sims and Kii for long before 0.8.0 (when they finally got buffed) and I nary said a word about them. From what I've gathered, your disagreement is based on WG's poor track record of balancing ships, and not because of customer rights or any other reason? OK, that's understandable. I'm not ranting about how WG rebalances its premium ships, I know of their notoriously touchy extreme-ends balance (though admittedly I do not have as much of a problem with that, given my relatively green experience levels in WOWS). I'm ranting on people who are against the idea of premium ships being rebalanced at all. It just doesn't sit well with me. EDIT: I also own both those ships. Ishizuchi I didn't play much because you can't complete missions with it. Mutsu, I kind of liked it, but I am aware of it's glass-cannon nature and it's notoriously poor performance when uptiered.
  6. TD1


    Inb4 drakon's Georgia suffers a magazine detonation
  7. TD1

    New York, New York

    I don't drink coffee, I take tea, my dear I like my toast done on one side And you can hear it in my accent when I talk I'm an Englishman in New York. Whoa oh I'm an alien I'm a legal alien I'm an Englishman in New York. I guess I found me a good New York theme song lel
  8. Finally I am going to write about this topic. I was going to write this on NA but due to me not having any battles there, I can't write it at the appropriate forum subheading, so I'll have to do it here. I, to put it quite bluntly, am disappointed in the community for forcing WG to turn back and cancel their rebalancing of premium ships with Guilio Cesare's controvesial rebalancing a while back. It convinced me that some people, especially some from that server, are entitled, self-interested bunch of customers who will rage, whine and break his head on the wall whenever he feels slighted like that. When I say that I don't like the idea that the "customer is always right", things like this is why. I knew Blizzard was right when they said "you think you do, but you really don't" or something of similar effect. Because really, we think we do, but do we? When people say that WG has to live with the consequences of balancing premium ships badly during the supertesting phase, it's not really true. We are the ones who do. I mean, there were people asking that Belfast be disallowed from the upcoming T7 Ranked Sprint because she's such an annoyance to deal with. I don't know about you, but I'm sure WG and their balancing department are laughing their heads off and saying "Should've listened to us!" when they read that thread. And now we have a thread where they asked Kutuzov be removed from the upcoming T8 CB. In my eyes, this is the playerbase reaping the consequences of their own unwillingness to have their precious premiums rebalanced because "muh customer rights". As long as they stubbornly hold on to that stance, I don't see the situation changing. Also, we do not know how many new players in their brand-spanking-new T4/T5 ships jump into a battle, get themselves (and their team) crushed by a Guilio Cesare/Imperator Nikolai I/Kamikaze/Gremyaschy/whatever "rare" premium, conclude that the game is a P2W mess that victimizes new players and then leave in disgust. It may be an exxageration, but chances are if we can say it, it's not- someone, somewhere, sometime has done this. It's not good. I'm not saying that there are other reasons that a player might leave or stop paying, but why can't we give them one less reason to leave, by allowing our precious premiums to be rebalanced? Some people argue that it is in violation of customer laws. I'd argue this is not the case, because while they're rebalancing no one's trying to take away that Guilio Cesare you had. You'll still own it when (if) rebalancing is complete. To me it doesn't matter whether the Guilio Cesare is the pseudo-overpowered T5 we have right now or the proposed T6 they wanted to implement, it's still a bloody Guilio Cesare, and it's still yours. Stop being so petty about your ship. It's also amusing when people cite the timing, saying it came a little too soon after the Christmas crate sales. Bruh, you (okay, maybe not all of them, but some people do) bought a ship thought to be OP, why didn't you see the nerf coming a mile away? If you got on the forums, you have plenty of warning that there's ominous precedents that GC isn't balanced, yet you still got it. And now you're mad that WG is trying to take away that OPness? Seriously. I know we all love throwing shade at WG for the supposedly bad health of the game, but we really don't realize how un-innocent we are in that regard either. Not with how petty we can get with these premium ship rebalancing. Downvote/boring-vote me all you like. Someday vindication will arrive and we will see about that. Sorry if this came off as a madman's ramble, but I needed to rant on this subject, and now I hope I can sleep much easier with these thoughts off my back. P.S The thread I mentioned about no Kutuzov for T8 CW: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/194216-can-we-say-no-to-kutuzov-next-cw-please/
  9. From the latest devblog which at the time of writing is less than 10min old:
  10. TD1

    You lucky Barstool

    I haven't laughed this hard since Hulk slammed Loki onto the pavement like a metromone when the latter was in the middle of taunting the former . Also @Max_Battle I know how to get back at LordTyphoon for ye. It involves Georgia, the coupon refreshing tommorow, and 176000ish coal. That is, if you don't own it already.
  11. TD1

    WG is denying lower tiers?

    T9s already have the stigma of being pretty crap in general, so I assume that stigma needs to be shaken off first.
  12. TD1

    Wargaming What Is This?

    Urgh, you lucky bastard. I've wanted to join the program but apparently I haven't received any word on my application earlier this year, and now I'm jealous and it's returning to me. Perhaps I should go on a journey of self-discovery and get over my grief
  13. By Poseidon's beard, I really need to update this thing more often. I finally caved in and spared enough expense to acquire a Roma for myself (using doubloons), and have been getting cozy at her helm. First off, there's no denying how absolutely gorgeous she looks. Say what you want about her, but nothing is more immediately apparent than how sexy she is. She's probably the ship equivalent of Scarlett Johannson. Her gun handling is as good as the ship's looks, too. I know the Scharnhorst has really good gun handling, but Roma nears that level. It's a rare occurence having to fight with the ship herself to get her guns on target. Her fire angles are also workable, and it's possible to angle nicely and still get all three guns on target- in fact, I did this against a Musashi once and bounced her shells, taking no damage whatsoever from her 460mm guns. There are only three problems I have with this ship: Really bad AA power, which is lampshaded in the ship's brief description. Teething issues in regards to the 381mm. Their wonky dispersion leads to frustrating-yet-hilarious misses occassionally, and their high muzzle velocity and penetration causes overpens more often than not. It can be rewarding to see, however- for example, a Baltimore tried angling against me and I citadeled him no problem through the snout, then did it again through his aft (quite lewd, now when I think about it). Citadel height. She wears a really short skirt, which means going broadside is potentially catastrophic in mistake levels. Seriously, try to avoid going broadside with her unless you want to be spanked nicely. Or not. I'm quite happy with this purchase, actually, although it was painfully clear why this ship wasn't more common in the server. While I won't make any grandiose purchases anytime soon after this one, I plan to make Graf Zeppelin my next grand purchase when the opportunity arises. Next off, I have amassed 150 000 XP in the Richelieu, and I have 30 000 Free EXP, so that leaves me 10 000 XP short of researching Alsace and eliting Richelieu as a result. I'm quite excited to see how Alsace performs as my first ever tech tree Tier 9 (the honor of first T9 ever that I have belongs to the Musashi), although with a purchase price of nearly 20 million, unless a sale happens I won't be purchasing it anytime soon. I will also soon be able to afford Jean Bart, only being 35-30k coal away from it's full price (I have no interest in Salem). Or I should probably just wait for the coupon to refresh next month, then get the French lady.
  14. Those of you who frequent the NA forums (for salt mining or whatever) will be familiar with LittleWhiteMouse, professional ship reviewer and unicum-level player, one of the most dangerous gals to cross swords with. Back when she was writing her 100th review, she made this (at that time) joke ship called HMS Thunderer, basically a premium version of a 457mm-armed Conqueror w/o an option to use the 419mm guns. Here is the shipcomrade review of that ship: http://shipcomrade.com/?p=790 Well, it seems like WG has answered her dreams, a year later! For extra comedy points, I found this at the bottom of the devblog post announcing it:
  15. Friesland made me laugh, because it's name resembles the name of a brand of milk in my country. Meanwhile, Siegfried prompted Soul Calibur jokes from me, because this guy was named Siegfried Schtauffen