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  1. He doesn't have to look too far; if you remember, CitizenS9 was kicked out because his method of criticizing CVs involve actually harassing/reporting people who play them, and encouraging his followers to do the same.
  2. The way I see it, this is why Flamu got the boot finally: -Straw and camel back. WG decided that pissing off Flamu's "cult" by removing him from the CC program is less of a loss than continuing to allow him to paint a bad picture of WOWS players as a whole. -Flamu (and his followers at large) has a problem with getting their point across without making the other party want to bash their heads in. Forget about stat-shaming, I'll address that separately in a later point. But the main thing is, if WG truly kicked him for criticizing them, both Mouse and Jingles have been doing the same thing as him on separate occasions (like, for example, the disastrously imbalanced first-gen NTC where I read Mouse was pretty.... colorful with his criticism, and Jingles has satirized the "haha cv no need to worry about planes running out bcoz dey get dem plane factories" meme a few times, both of which constitute a critical backlash against WG), so why is WG still keeping them in? Simple, they know how to make WG look like unreasonable despots if WG actually did anything against them (ignoring them, not good for reputation actually but OK, understandable, but actively retaliating against them will make them look unreasonable). I bet if Mouse or Jingles got kicked out like Flamu did, we would be facing a near-universal condemnation of WG's actions rather than the more.... even spread of supporting either side that we see now. Flamu, on the other hand, pulls no stops when it comes to getting his point across, to the point of being the personification of "if you aren't offending someone you're doing it wrong". He probably doesn't realize that all he's doing is painting a huge target on his back, ready to be fired on by people who think he's being too mean even if his points are valid; this includes WG, of course. -Stats-shaming. OK, I had a similar thread titled "chat-bans and insults" which is different in theme but similar in spirit, but I absolutely cannot justify doing this. It would be bad enough (and hypocritical, in my case, as I'm not actually very good) if a random schmuck did it, but Flamu was a CC and was held to a higher standard than someone like, say, Drakon, Thyaliad, or me. So there's absolutely no reason for him to be able to justify stats-shaming. I'm not actually sure whether his hands were tied in this matter, (since he's a streamer and every minute he's not playing is lost income for him) but he could've just logged off and cooled his head down until he's ready to get it hot again, if he was actually straining to keep a straight thought at the stupidity of random battles. Now why did I say stats-shaming is absolutely unjustifiable no matter what? I'll copy over and quote that other thread I made back in 2019, with points being made in bold Honestly, only Flamu's absolutely bonkers proportional fanbase size protected him from WG's backlash; once he crossed that line, they decided he was too much of a liability to keep. CitizenS9, someone who did something similar (encouraging mistreatment of CVs), was booted earlier because he lacks this horde of fans. Like I said, even if you have a good point, do not expect to get off scot-free if you come across like a raging A-hole. Especially not in a corporate/business environment, and especially not when the corporation entrusts you with publicity and marketing (which is what CCs unofficially are). This has been my $1 (since it's too long for $0.02).
  3. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I see Azur Lane Devs are also a man of culture, hehehe I got everyone except Talinn (who I got earlier today by using 8k points) on the first day, while Gromky is 1,5k points away, so maximum two days before I can get her. Aaaannyyyway, here's my short review of Russian botes released so far in terms of waifuness (so not much on performance) -Murmansk: Holy fluffy clothes, she looks comfortable in them. Rather attractive, too, especially dem thighs in the lingerie skin -Kirov: KIROV REPORTING. Memes aside, 180mm guns (sadly there's no gold version yet for me), has Gangut's "revolutionary" streak, good lingerie skin (who knew she was also a barista?!?), and a memory to me as well since she's one of the first ships in WOWS that I was any good at. -Talinn: Comrade Hipper/Eugen, and another source of frustration for Hipper since she has more of a chestline than the latter. I noticed she can take both CL and CA guns too. Her lingerie skin ranks among my favorites. Soviet Belarussia: HOLY SIRENS ABOVE I LOVE THE BLUE HAIR, it just makes her look soooo much cooler. Really nice body which the lingerie skin shows off rather nicely (thanks, Lucky Bag, you gave me one of my four favorite skins for this event) too. I just haven't leveled her up enough to be using her often (not to mention no LBs), otherwise I'd do it all the time. -Gremyaschy: Kapitan_Greythorn of Yuroslavia must be happy, this is among his favorite ships. Again, haven't looked into her much more than that or her lingerie skin. -Gromky: Haven't got her yet, but when I saw her skin I was like "Radar lock, BREAK, BREAK, BREAK" (imitating a fighter pilot). My favorite skins for this event: Sovetskaya Belorussia's (holy thiccness), Kirov (nearly the same reason, also being a barista in this skin, since one of my friends in University is also a barista), Chapayev (already a sexy bote, she got sexier thanks to this skin, and I hope they give this skin a unique voiceset), and Talinn (She's bringing out her inner Eugen in this skin).
  4. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Meh, don't really care about that- Pastabotes is enough reason for me. Zara-ara, pasta-Nimi and overconfident Italian, those are my targets
  5. TD1


    Oh, if only you knew... lol But still, did you bite it (no, not in the bad sense)?
  6. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    you lucky shikikan, I've been itching to get the Italian ships ever since me joining earlier this year but Yostar hasn't rerun the Italian event yet (which apparently is pretty comical, just like Bulldog and U-110 joking about Amazon watching other girls in the bath, much to Amazon's chagrin)
  7. Nah, I'm just messing with ya
  8. Sorry, I don't think anyone's gonna ara-ara you later on. I like your spirit though
  9. Ye I may not be able to own Enterprise in WoWS.... ..but I'll take having a ring around her finger and getting her dressed up in a nice, elegant qipao as a great subsitute to that
  10. To add to and/or amend what Drakon said, the whales that recklessly spend on lootboxes every Christmas like I spend on Azur Lane (tee hee) is why WG gets away with offering lootboxes everytime. If they were a bit more careful about spending money on lootboxes WG might have designed something else for Christmas or whatnot. Unfortunately, I think you're being a bit naive here. I see new players all the time both in and out of game. The WoWS Official Discord seems to keep getting new players, and so does the various fan groups on FB. Sure they may be older players who finally made an account and joined in, but I see a lot of new people too. Let's face it, our numbers are quite unimpressive compared to those who do not voice themselves over these communities, and sometimes those who do voice themselves do not air grievances, but are merely engaging in convos with, say, their clanmates, their friends, or simply with other fellow players ("mabar yuk gan", which is roughly "let's play together mate" in Indonesian is a rather common phrase in the Indonesian Facebook group. I have also noticed that WG has never bothered much with community grievances and such unless the entire community is united in their disapproval over something, but as Puerto Rico shows even then they can still say "screw you" and get away with it . That should tell something about the portion of the userbase we take up tbh. Azur Lane also does this and I'm more willing to whale on that game than I am on WG right now (though that might be my temporarily curtailed interest lol). I whaled so hard there that despite being in the game for less than a year (I joined at the Russian ships event) I am only missing three major event ships- Akagi Muse, Sovetskaya Rossiya and Chitose. I remember those horror stories of FGO players spending like $800 and not getting anything they want though.
  11. Do not talk about principles when it comes to this matter. The very concept in and of itself is not principled in any way, shape, or form- in fact, downright criminal in some countries as of the time of writing. This sort of dirty business is all numbers, technicality and loopholes. This disingenuity, if it can even be called that, is also nothing new yet people act like it is. What, expecting lootboxes to cater to what you want? Then be prepared to be broke and disappointed. This is a controversy that wouldn't have happened in the first place had people just paid more attention to how lootboxes work, particularly the never-spoken-but-often-observed phenomenon of lower value (at least tiering wise) drops appearing more often. That, or WG was clearer in clarifying this in their description. Principles have their place, this isn't one of them. Unless you are arguing on why lootboxes need to be removed (and feel free to use this controversy as an example why).
  12. TD1

    MVR needs nerfing

    At least 'lovers' don't anger themselves to death over CVs unlike 'haters', and we get to live longer from laughing at your ignorance. Considering some politicians (some not all) know when he's well and truly lost, unlike this concretehead, I think he's worse.
  13. "HUUUHHHH?!? Who gave them the permission to get my armor scheme wrong?!?"
  14. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Dunno if anyone notices but I noticed Vittorio Veneto refuses to allow her sister to become a Muse rigging host when Littorio wanted to. I wonder why....