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  1. Turns out, running Operation Dynamo with 8 XP and Commander XP boosting flags, while undoubtedly expensive on the flags, yields a lot of Commander XP, to the point those two 3-point commanders I had three days ago now boast 6 points. So until October rolls around (when Operation Dynamo rolls off the Operation of the Week wheel), I'll just use the Sims to train my US captains for those points. As for the RN missions, maybe I'll try and grind enough sovereigns to get the Gallant, then use it to complete the RN missions . But I already have another target: the Warspite. Should I get the Gallant or the Warspite?
  2. Submarines Are Coming

    That is, unless WG went extra derp and made radar spot submarines.
  3. Sadly, due to an error in the payment system, I did not manage to get the Arizona. However, Operation Dynamo in the Sims turns out allright (I got 5 stars on first try, what nice teammantes!) and now I use the Sims in Dynamo to train said American captains. At least that will save my money, because I just bought Rimworld and dont wish to create another $20 expenditure so soon
  4. Well that's the currently revealed iteration. Since it is still very much a work in progress, It probably won't be final and we do get to see an iteration where the Ise in it's hybrid carrier form is a viable addition to the game. Also, I was extremely pissed off at War Thunder restricting the ability to enter the helicopter beta test to owners of Tier 5/above vehicles. Hey, the elites are not the only who want to test out those fancy Hinds and Vipers you know! B Back in the topic of World of Warships, I do not know what to get: 5 Royal Navy containers that allow me to play their destroyers, or Arizona (by doubloons). Arizona because I put my 3-skill Atlanta captain (the one that came with the Freedom Container ship awhile back) in the Texas, and I also want to train my other Freedom Container captain (Cleveland) to get to 10 skill points. I don't like the idea of being stuck with the Texas in training these guys since I want to be able to switch ships should I get bored of playing the current one. On the other hand, I also want to spelunk in RN destroyers so I do not miss out on having these ships.
  5. blushes "Thank you so much, my kind and beautiful Night Princess". China is a little hard on the the internet regulation (Facebook is not allowed there) though I do not know if World of Warships' SEA server is likely to be blocked- it is just a "harmless" game platform instead of a giant social platform.
  6. I thought China has its own server (as like in World of Tanks) due to the sheer volume involved, so (maybe) an additional game instance is required. Also, sick avatar, KatzeWolf. Glad we're birds of a feather regarding best Night Princess lel.
  7. Welp, turns out 0.7.9 is out today and this place hasn't been dusted off for quite a while. Silly me, HMS destroyers are on the horizon! On another topic, though, it seems World of Warships Blitz is doing something we are not yet doing: CV/BB hybrids. I know this from one of the Discord servers that I am in: https://discordapp.com/channels/320927089413062656/321189948214607873 Yes, that is in fact IJN Ise, lead class of the Ise-class dreadnought remade as a BB/CV hybrid in 1944. I am not an owner of World of Warships Blitz so I do not know how it works, but rest assured now our mobile cousin has something we could be jealous of. I sincerely hope that the CV rework allows something like this to be implemented to the PC version.
  8. Have you got your T-61?

    I have a self-imposed spending probation after gorging on Scharnhorst and Kii last month, so sadly no T-61 for me. Especially NOT when the cost is roughly equivalent to a Tirpitz and Kii bought at normal price. That being said, it could be outright weird if you guys aren't having your T-61s now. I received my doubloons right on due date whenever I participated in WG's nearly-monthly-end-of-month doubloons-cashback program.
  9. Alternate IJN Battleship line

    While I know about WG needing to follow their agenda first before doing anything else, It would be nice if they informed us that they will do this in the future. I can wait for the line itself, but..... I need an assurance that they will do it. And fyi @RalphTheTheatreCat, we may not see pure BB lines for long. Heck, there are battleships belonging to the US not in-game yet (not even counting paper designs and never-finished hulls) that we can make an alternate line out of. Also, we have RN battlecruisers, Kaiserrliche Marine/Kriegsmarine battlecruisers, and I even found a thread about a tech tree line for Regia Marina battleships on the NA server (IIRC).
  10. Alternate IJN Battleship line

    Triple post but I wonder if there's anything in store for this alternate line. I'd rather not let all this data be for nothing.
  11. Premium ship summer sale

    While sadly I couldn't get the Mutsu on sale, I did get Scharnhorst and Kii on sale. I've grown to like both ships despite it only being less than 5 days since I acquired them. I dunno what you guys are raving about Kii being a trashbote- she worked well enough for me; blowing apart anything that goes too close to the 10 410mm guns, hefty AA battery, and torpedoes. The only lacking aspect I find of Kii is the range- rectified slightly by its ability to carry spotter planes.
  12. Alternate IJN Battleship line

    And IMO the turret arrangement is saner than the Amagi, which only allows you to fire 4/10 guns if chasing straight forward, compared to A-140J3's design that allows it to fire 6 guns forward. While I still prefer the A-140A2 (the QE/Bayern-like layout with 46cm guns) due to the Japanese having no battleship with that layout of turrets (the US has the Colorado, the Germans the Bayern, Bismarck, Fredrick the Great and Grosser Kurfurst, the British has the QE/Warspite) and that the 460mm guns will be "teaching" to IJN BB line players on how the guns feel on the Musashi/Yamato, I see your point. I do not see the need to remove a rear turret- while it would make the ship resemble the Yamato more (2 fore 1 aft configuration), 12x410mm guns are hardly that threatening at tier 9 especially given that to fire all these guns you need to give up the broadside- which makes the ship citadel-bait. You might also want to edit the OP to reflect the design change proposal of the Izumo (under "dreadnoughts") using the chosen design. And given that the Reddit page has been quite inactive for some time, inform them of this too.
  13. Alternate IJN Battleship line

    Given that we can "balance" the Musashi at tier 9, 460mm guns at T9 for a tech tree ship won't be really far out of the loop. If we were to keep the 460mm guns, though, the gun count should not exceed 9 as I fear it would have too many guns to balance properly. If the chosen design has more than 9 guns, using the smaller 410mm guns is a better idea IMO.
  14. Three updates: necro this place of mine! - I just got Scharnhorst on Summer Sale, and while it's been stymied by a disastrous session (8 games only 2 wins), I've grown to love it more than my Graf Spee. Lert from NA described it as one of the most popular premium ships out there, and he's correct- before I owned the Scharnhorst, it's one of the more common Tier 7 ships I see in-game (besides Lyon, and for some reason, Duke of York), and every time I take mine out for a spin I'm liable to meet another Scharnhorst. I guess it's because she has that right mix of historical value, competitiveness and ease of use. -I just became a Dota 2 player last month. Yes, your little half-bad-half-decent-skipper is now trudging through the mountains that is the Dota 2 metagame. My choices of heroes are Abaddon, Lich, Winter Wyvern, Sven and Faceless Void. If you guys want to play along sometime, shoot me a PM (I'm busy so I may not see them, but I'll try responding ASAP). -I am involved in a major project with @DeadArashi: a reworking of the IJN battleship line that intends to separate the true dreadnoughts with the battlecruisers. So this means more paper designs, and the Myogi, Kongo and Amagi are in their separate line. So far it's going well. It's also got a reddit thread linked in the OP. P.S I can't wait for Update 0.7.7.
  15. Alternate IJN Battleship line

    While my preference in the design for Izumo lies in A-140A2, I have to yet know which design @DeadArashi prefers. And those in the reddit thread linked at the beginning. Maybe wait till all of them have put forward their preferences, then we can finalize the tech tree proposal (if it's ready to be finalized that is) and then get this whole thing forwarded.