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  1. Saw @humusz last night, when I was playing my Atago in what has to be one of the weirdest matches I've ever been in. I died early due to a major derp moment (nailing a broadside Schors at a range of 3.9km with HE when I should've shot AP into his sides), but managed to get Double-Strike out of the deal, as well as ending up 2nd on my team on EXP earned. First was the Murmansk (he was in a fail-div with two other T6 ships) that managed to secure 2 kills, one of which was the enemy Lexington, before dying. He wound up 4th on our team, better than almost everyone bar Humusz, me, and a random Fuso. Second was the Fuso that missed my team's Budyonny at a range of 4km, as in no shots hit the target out of the 12 he fired. Third was my team taking nearly an entire match to kill one Atago on low health.
  2. TD1

    We are growing...

    I heard from Jingles' Salt Mines Discord that WoWS dropping support for older 32-bit and Windows XP software could explain the declining Russian playerbase, as decent computers that are also uptodate are not that easy to obtain with the Russian income level. So be careful when reasoning just why the playerbase in RU is dropping. An unfortunate truth of anyone who works in customer relations is their tendency to get blamed for what wasn't actually their fault. This is why I decided Public Relations wasn't for me. Well that and I have a nasty tendency of being sarcastic, rude, and abrasive when annoyed.
  3. The title made me thought it was OP's "first time" with WG or something. Then I read the rest of it and sighed in relief. But yeah, having an event every patch where grinding was needed was emphatically not fun. I would've preferred.... quieter times following grinding events so that we can just chill out. As much as I like the newer ships that are introduced with new shiplines, they are also sapping the Free XP I want to grind for Friesland. Actually, I think releasing the premiums only and ditching some of the techtree releases would be fine cash flow wise and we'd be a lot less cranky with the grinding.
  4. Why the name of an aeronautics engineer for a ship, for one.
  5. TD1

    I went to the internet & I found this

    @Sir_Feather I see you are a fellow Jeremy Clarkson fan . But really, you should check out Tzoli's Deviantart page. He has loads of crazy designs like this, including various A-140 (Izumo) configs.
  6. I might just get the Moskva for coal when it becomes a coal ship, I am in dire need of T10 ships to do stuff with anyway, and my only other coal ship of interest (before the 3 Steel ships that will be made coal, in which case they won't be until around late 2020 so I can regather coal for them) is Georgia (which I plan to get as soon as the coupon refreshes). I already have the Kirov, so this would just make me not sell it to receive a free T5 premium ship.
  7. TD1

    WG let us kill all the bots please

    I'm chalking it down to bad wording or lack of future forecasting when saying those things.
  8. TD1

    WG let us kill all the bots please

    Technically the second batch of ships aren't premiums since they have no innate (i.e camouflage-less) economy bonuses and therefore are not considered premiums. For further proof, if you own any of these T10 "premium" ships, try selecting "premium ships" in the filter. You'll be surprised. As for the first one, jury's out, but I think Yashima is overrated. It gives up quite a lot for those 510mm guns that more often than not are temperamental against thin-skin-cruisers (here's glaring at you, Smolensk) and are only of value against other battleships. In conclusion, them breaking the 1st promise isn't as big of a deal as its made out to be, and they technically didn't break the second promise. However, you are correct. Instead of trusting them like that, wait until they inevitably go back on their word.
  9. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-091/ Granted, it's the EU server, but feel free to discuss its contents here.
  10. To be fair WG still does this sorta thing sometimes. The latest being their Italian event, where it's a "token-stuff" thing directly. Do not take WGs promises as absolute. Instead wait for the moment they have to turn their backs on it.
  11. That assumes people want to take it over Concealment Mod 1 it shares a slot with. Which I doubt, unless they're weird mad scientists like me.
  12. TD1

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Well don't worry, they usually do provide refunds for stuff like this. @HannahDaddy: A little question, while aux armaments modification 1 combines secondaries and AA mods 1 into one upgrade, I notice the secondaries range increase isn't carried over. Is this deliberate, or is there just an overlook?
  13. You say that, but Raptor Rescue is nothing compared to Newport. That operation is just... urgh. It's way difficult.
  14. TD1

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    We're not fond of particularly rude ways of debating, as it is oftentimes counterproductive. The methodology of getting our point across is just as important as the point itself, as people are less likely to rattle and bolt over more civil jabs and criticism to them. At least, that is what we in SEA think. For me this also serves a pragmatic thing, because if they rattle and attempt to retaliate with unreasonable measures it makes them look bad, therefore the pressure is on them to consider what we say. NA has a very bad tendency to want people to listen to them regardless of the way they got the piont across- hence the intense level of salt. From what I have seen EU is guilty of this too, although I do not know enough to see whether they are actually as bad as NA or not because I have never lingered there. For example, if Foch had civilly and coolly criticized the Chrysler K GF back in 2017 and not said "Fuck WG" at the end, WG attempting to retaliate like they did would make them look childish and unreasonable and Foch can rally his supporters and the community behind the narrative that WG are being heavy handed. Unfortunately he didn't and instead went full Dead Sea salty there. Therefore, for me at least, WG EU (temporarily as it turns out) revoking his CC status is a justifiable response. Its only when WG went too far with the threat of a DMCA takedown did I see their response as excessive. Just my $2.