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  1. TD1

    Genshin Impact Thread

    Welp, can't believe this thread doesn't exist yet; I would've thought it would be here already. Nevermind, here it is. So I just started playing 4 days ago at the time of writing.... Might need more time before I get material to discuss things further. However, as compensation, have this vid: One of the best content creators on Youtube/Bilibili (is that how you spell it?), at least when it comes to Genshin stuff.
  2. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I wonder why you didn't just ask "who hasn't gotten their exam sheets yet?" and just learn her name from there (since the exam sheet is likely to have her actual name on it). That wouldn't be as hilarious though.
  3. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I must be forgetful or something, but are you referring to him retweeting Brest's announcement? Because I wasn't able to locate the tweet where he outright said that or the likes
  4. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Wait, do we actually have proof that Dishwasher's the one who made Brest, or is it just hearsay/speculation at this point?
  5. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Meanwhile Amazon is sulking...
  6. ...Or you might end up like me, who surfaced by accident right in front of a Vittorio Cuniberti barreling at over 34-35kts... right into me. The shown image was the result of that.
  7. Seeing as this game just recently made itself available on Asia (including SEA region), I've decided to start playing it. So far, I've not progressed very far and don't plan to until they get the currency thing sorted out (you see, it still insists on making payments in USD which prevents me from using my currency, in this case IDR, to make an in-app purchase, forcing me to play F2P for a while until they get it fixed (don't worry, their Official Discord's January Q/A has said that they're looking into the issue and are coming up with something to address it- and given that this is important to their revenue stream, it is also likely they'll resolve the issue). However, I've gotten myself a decent, if low-level T-Doll collection. Here they are: 2-star (Common for AL people): Type 64, Galil, P38, M1895 Nagant, MP40, M3, FN F2000, M1911, FN9, PPK, Bren 10, L85A1, G43, SKS, IDW, Spectre M4, MP446 Viking, FF FN49, M38, PPSh-41. 3-star (Rare for AL people): OTs-12, StG44, MG42, SV98, M14, Sten Mk2, AK-47, Skorpion, FN FNC, M2HB. 4-star (Elite for AL people): FX-05, H&K G36 5-star (SSR/Super Rare for AL people): Thompson, RPK-16, FAL, SIG MCX. Since I noticed this forum doesn't have a thread for this one yet (I apologize if it did, either I'm lazy or it's inactive af), decided to make one like I did the other AL thread. By the way, if anyone here's confused as to what weapon the waifu T-Dolls are based on, just ping me and I'll provide a picture and short descriptor.
  8. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    There was one Soviet DD where they tried fitting a 12" (305mm) recoiless rifle on it. Didn't take off due to being awkward af to reload
  9. Meh, the only Sony exclusive I like now is Gran Turismo. Can't wait for Gran Turismo 7; 4 was a favorite of mine.
  10. To be fair, I wasn't joking when I said a Chinese company (Yostar) has much better management and community communication than WG- which affords AL nowhere near the amount of hate that WG regularly gets. You would expect the other society lambasted as authoritarian and anti-critic would be similarly terrible at this, but nope, they are miles ahead. Looks like they have something that doesn't exist in Russian/Eastern European societies. WG works in strange ways, speaking from someone who's okay with their shenanigans (having played their games since 2012, beginning in WoT). All they had to do in the LWM incident was apologize and then go the extra mile to mend relations with her and prevent annoying her in the future. Instead, they went full blast and resulted in one of the darkest chapters of WOWS history.
  11. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    U-Boat with toilet issue is not buildable anyways- you have to grind her using points (10k minimum to get her)
  12. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Tbf the main reason I do not use my Soviet ships often are: (1) Lack of a PR ship requiring them. I am almost constantly grinding PR botes so I need the EXP, and the Soviet botes lacking that obviously don't help. I'll use, say, Tallinn if I'm grinding a Main Fleet PR or Belorossiya if I'm grinding a vanguard PR though. (2) A bunch of them aren't fully limit broken yet Also in case you guys think AL is wehraboo pandering, the RN despite a lack of events compensates for that with absurdly strong ships (e.g Perseus), utility-rich ones (e.g Howe) or both. They can live without an event for now. Not to mention from what I heard Christmas/NY was Ironblood event territory anyway (e.g Peter Strasser's event, or Divergent Chessboard, allegedly). As for the PR ships, all of them are on the upper echelon of strength/usability- Izumo is the weakest one of the bunch and even then she is invaluable in Operation Siren or Events where non-HE shell shooters are common. The stronger ones like FDG or Drake are godlike.
  13. TD1

    So I bought UA:D

    It does only have a few, yes. There's not much in the way of unique turret models per faction. That being said, this is the best option I have for accessible, easy-to-learn ship design and building game, so I have to stick with it (NavalArt is [edited] difficult lol)
  14. TD1

    So I bought UA:D

    ...which is strangely only like $10 here instead of the $30 it was reported to be. My first design is here, although I only have the ONI drawing. Of course, if you guys happen to also have this game and have designs of your own, go ahead. and maybe WG will notice, huehuehuehuehue
  15. TD1

    Looks like it's not going well for WG.

    Damn man, that was a solid burn.