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  1. TD1

    CV experts

    Some ships might not fit your playstyle, but this attitude isn't condusive to your capabilities. Always, always learn how a ship plays, by actually playing it. You can learn its capabilities and limits by doing so, and you slowly build up your understanding of the ship which will help when facing or sailing it. If it does not fit your preference, play it less frequently but do make a commitment to play it occassionally to keep yourselves fresh. Refusing whatsoever to use a ship only handicaps yourself in the long run. A ship is only as good as the captain behind it.
  2. TD1

    CV experts

    To be fair, @Puggsley, you are being civil here. It's your fellow Australian that's..... not.
  3. Of course it cannot be better than beer and pretzels. Unlike these two, you cannot eat or drink WOWS. Therefore you have no idea what it tastes like. Warning: not responsible for any sort of metal poisoning.
  4. I find it ironic that a big, fat, lumbering piece of Japanese machinery is named after a (legendary) pig. Appropriate, but ironic. And Charles Martel is about as agile and difficult to hit as you'd expect for a ship named after Sun Wukong.
  5. OK, now that I know it's a bug, is anyone else also having this issue?
  6. ???????? Was this a bug, or was this intentional? I'd say the former since I don't recall needing this for any other Twilight Battle ship
  7. TD1

    Twilight Battle " PVE "

    This mode is awesome, I agree. For the first time ever, I don't feel any pressure, because I'd get the reward whether I won or lost (albeit better if I won) and I am not obliged to fight tooth and nail with any other player in order to do so. I only disobeyed the peace offering once when I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Once I caught on, I zealously obeyed. Of course, we were all obliged to dispatch with any rogue members who refused to obey the non-aggresion pact. I mainly use this mode to grind for Credits and Elite Commander XP, however, as I keep missing those Filth drops (I did get a juicy portion from a Rasputin's 2000 filth drop however, and given that I only need like 60k coal until I can get the Yoshino at Christmas, it's not that big of a deal to miss those Filth drops). It's not bad in that regard either; in just 6-7 games, I went from broke to 1 million credits. I could play this all day long, if it wasn't for midterms approaching. This is hands down one of WG's best ideas in a while, even with little flaws (and annoying kebabs trying to torp/ram you). I really hope they bring this back next chance they get (maybe April Fools or so), because for the first time I am very satisfied with the event.
  8. I first thought that this was "ambush a torpedo on that map" and I was like "Wut? How did you do that?" Took me 20 seconds to realise that it wasn't "ambush a torpedo"
  9. TD1

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    Also, extra bit, removing the ship would likely be received even worse by the community than the GC debacle, and unlike that controversy where any link to EU laws as to why GC shouldnt be nerfed is rubbishly exxagerated, this one definitely flies in the face of those same EU laws. Nerfing it is likely their only option to placate.
  10. TD1

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    Just to chime in: -Colbert rather unfairly received all the focus of the hatred during the lead-up to the two ships being released, despite a few key figures warning about how dangerous the Smolensk would be. This is because Smolensk would be available for coal, while Colbert was for RB points- from the at-the-time much-hated Research Bureau. Much of Colbert being hated was the fault of the Research Bureau, which drew the communal outrage away from what was supposed to be the problem ship- Smolensk- and resulted in WG nerfing Colbert and ignoring Smolensk. It has nothing to do with Russian Bias, IMO. -I have two ideas on how to nerf the Smolensk, and both of them are rather.... weird. Give it an 80mm belt- which would decrease the frequency of BB shells overpenetrating its citadel. Courtesy of a rather mad idea from Jingles' Discord, give it SAP instead of HE. -People are still dumb brats who would rather be selfish people far more concerned with their individual rights instead of the communal good- a same mindset that saw WG scrap their plans to balance the Guilio Cesare. I've seen people demand WG gives their coal back if they ever nerf the Smolensk- which is incredibly selfish and not conducive to outside perception of us. TCGs nerf expensive cards all the time, making thousand-dollar deck builds useless, but I don't see them throwing a fit. WG even wanted to give back doubloons for the GC nerf, which did nothing as people were still focused on "muh rights". Like I said before somewhere, that incident made me lose a lot of respect in the WOWS community.
  11. TD1

    WOWS T H I C C chart?

    I'm disappointed. 7 hours, one reply Come on, I thought this server loved THICC ships? Or were they too THICC?
  12. Yep, it's official- it's on their FB page. Where does your ship lie on this scale?
  13. TD1

    buggy game

    They have so much drugs it will become pest control in and of itself, given how those pests will become high on drugs as well
  14. IIRC you were in the Roma, and you got killed without doing much of anything. Darned lag though, I accidentally torped a Normandie because I thought it was further back than it actually was (glitching hitboxes)
  15. TD1

    buggy game

    WG didn't hire enough pest control for fixing bugs