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  1. TD1


    I suddenly remember that gif of a Yamato getting devstruck by... I think it was like 2 squads each of dive and torpedo bombers. From like 75% health.
  2. Seeing some people (I won't name who, against forum rules about naming-and-shaming) react negatively to the recently-announced Soviet CV line made me question: Is the WOWS community too harsh on anything Russian? This isn't the first time backlash against Soviet ships occured; we saw this with Soviet battleships and the second line of Soviet cruisers. I just chalked those instances to WOWS being WOWS, but after roughly two to three years in the community, I think we just hate the idea of Russia getting anything nice for themselves. Here's why, at least IMO: -Nobody makes fun of paper ships in any other nation/tree. I don't see people complaining about Roon or Hindenburg despite them being paper-WG designs. Or Odin, Champagne, Conqueror, Thunderer (god no pls), or whatnot. But when the Russians do it, suddenly it's the worst thing in the world. Nobody complained about none of the German CV line ever being completed, but suddenly Russia getting theirs suddenly appears to be a bad thing. -We already make fun of Russians everywhere. From Putin, their "undemocratic" government, how their weapons are absolute crap and overhyped (the Su-57, S-400, and 3M22 Zircon missile being the worst hit by this phenomenon; do note that this distinction is shared with China), how they have less GDP per capita than Texas, etc. Now they made this nice game where they can live out things that they never had the chance to IRL (including having a large navy), and we make fun of them for it? Not cool, man. -Do you expect anything else from Russia-based devs? Not to mention, their naval archives are close by and they have access to them easily (Contrast with French, Italian, American or even British archives, where they may be a bit reluctant to share data with). I simply think we must stop this Russian bias stuff and actually be happy the game's getting new ships- you can argue on whether they're needed or not, but new ships are new ships, and if you play AL as well, that comes with the bonus of eventually seeing a waifubote form of these ships. That's what I want to say for now, sorry. Was on humorless mode this week.
  3. TD1


    Most of the time, BBs are way back in the line meaning takes more time to focus on them. Furthermore, they're rarely alone (as strange as that sounds) and that's potentially trouble for the average player. DDs on the other hand have a bad tendency to be way too far from anybody else due to their roles, in addition to possessing meager AA defenses (except for Friesland, Halland, and a few other outliers). Their value and meager defenses tend to make them priority targets.
  4. France only has two that fit in the game; Bearn (Tier IV), and Arromanches (Colossus-class, so likely Tier VI or VIII, the latter if you give her ahistorical planes). The gaps will have to be filled by designs. Italy only built two; Aquila and Sparviero, and neither were finished. Again, Tier VI for historical planes but likely Tier VIII if you want to experiment a bit. The only nation that would have a full line of built CVs would be the US. Even Japan has to make-up the Hakuryu to get a full line
  5. They're... An entire line of FDRs, at least gimmick wise
  6. Um, Raynor was robbing these trains not for cash (that was a motivation, but not the main one). They just thought it was interesting that Tarsonis' long-deactivated train network was suddenly reactivated by the Dominion, since that meant they were digging for something valuable. lo and behold, the adjutant that recorded Mengsk saying things that incriminated him being the mastermind behind the Zerg coming to Tarsonis. Remember that at this time, Raynor and co. were still trying to inflict damage to Mengsk in addition to saving colonies from Zerg and getting money.
  7. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Welp, Helena has taken a few levels in both edgy and ara-ara. Coming soon, with just 5k points for Operation Siren.
  8. Joke's on you, I do this on occasion. Even moreso when my Wings of Liberty copy was still a pirated one.
  9. That's a visual novel- technically a game, but I dunno if it's a gacha or not; doesn't appear to be so, however. So make a gacha game model out of that, then release it to the EN market, that was what I was thinking about. As for Diablo, my favorite franchises from Blizzard growing up was RTS-era Warcraft (specifically the third one) and Starcraft II (this thread's focus), so those were my favorite days. I had a bootleg Wings of Liberty back in the day, but when I was around 15-16 I got the boxsets for both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, and around a year later I got Legacy of the Void. So, by the time Starcraft II became F2P, I had already finished the story multiple times.
  10. To be fair I wanted to play KC, but the sheer difficulty with even getting into it, as well as the inability for in-app purchases to work even if I did figure that one out, turned me off of it. Hence I turned to AL since I want my bote waifus anyways. I do think there's a lot of waifu-ing potential for a lot of things though. For example, Ash Arms, which I desperately want to be released outside Japan. Or at least for someone else to make a game that has a similar premise. The craziest idea I had for a waifu game was one based on the Later Han-Three Kingdoms era. Yes, that one.
  11. TD1


    I just realized, if we keep this up, a certain someone might show up.
  12. TD1


    Ah shit. Here we go again.
  13. TD1

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Hah, ironic that this rickroll ship blog post was aired before AL aired their newfangled NJ shipgirl.
  14. Dead of night is, literally, THE easiest Co-op mission. Only Void Launch comes close. Scythe of Amon, meanwhile, is just plain awful. If you don't have a high level commander AND a cooperative, competent ally, it's unwinnable. Especially the bonus objective.
  15. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Double posting but I found this mad funny. So this is NJ's..... hilariously lewd pole dancer skin: The best responses I saw so far include one funny Endgame reference and one hilarious slowpoke (NOTE: no name and shame intended!