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  1. TD1

    German Containers

    this was from a single x10 containers purchase
  2. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    They also changed PR1 requirements so that it no longer requires specific ship types
  3. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/46 Let the parties commence!
  4. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I like how those are apparently AL's higher-ups, they look like they came out of some anime series or something. But yes, I wonder what the 6th PR ship is.
  5. TD1

    ??? ???

    Aaaaannnddd they just released the sequel. This time it's South Korean vs North Korean tensions.
  6. TD1

    ??? ???

    It's an Indonesian news broadcast about rising China-India tensions a few days ago. But hang on, why is maidbote (Belfast) there?!?
  7. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    With the event heading into it's last week, I have gotten all the event limited ships save Naganami (which I have no interest in getting, not when I spent a lot of cubes to get Tosa lol). I wonder what the next major event they have in the works is, though.
  8. TD1

    PT balans changes and ST changes

    Ask a certain torpedo-dodging meme-making former SEA-domain Youtuber for that. Spotter plane USN CL/CA is pretty much a mirror of the meme spotter DM.
  9. "REMOVE SS!" "Bruh if you mean that organization they're already removed in 1945. I hope you don't mean remove from the grave" Or worse REMOVE SSs (which just sounds like someone wanting to remove something then suddenly going full snake)
  10. If you had the Baltimore at T9, you got it researched for you (at the minimum), along with keeping your Baltimore, now at T8.
  11. Before everyone gets their knots in a bunch, WG has operated this way ever since the USN split. Back then, if you owned Cleveland (T6), you got Cleveland (T8), but not the Dallas (new T6). I even remember having to Free XP to the Dallas because the Omaha was such a pain to play. The ships they moved down, meanwhile, are compensated by you getting the ship researched. For example, if you own Baltimore before (T9) you get the Baltimore at T8 and Buffalo researched. Now... You get to keep the ships you already own and you don't get anything extra. Chapayev, Donskoi and Moskva are staying at their tiers, and there's no tier shifts or such happening. WG are not obliged to give you free Nevsky, Talinn, Riga or Petro, but you get to keep the Russian cruisers you did research (handy for Moskva since it saves coal). Schruef from NA has an explanation on WOWS Official Discord (sry for the uncensored names, then again there is no intent to name and shame here:
  12. S_O is Community Manager, may I recall your memory. He's not responsible for development, only at dealing with us. Including all those angery salty bois.
  13. What do you think company spokesmen are supposed to do? Side with us the players and risk not getting paid because WG is ticked off at something they said? This whole hating them thing needs to stop, and so does naming them with frankly insulting names like that. It's getting disgusting.
  14. Discord Server Invite https://discord.gg/wows I know some of us, including me drakon and Intercon are already in it, but this is for everyone else that isnt in it yet.
  15. These rentals are actually useful for "test driving" Premiums before you decide to actually buy it. I was genuinely impressed by Lenin, for example.