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  1. TD1

    And So It's Coming...

    Germany never operated F-15s lol. You might be looking for Japan, which did and is where Transformers originated (no, really)
  2. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I kinda like it tbh. Don't be surprised if she's coming in the game as her former name, Ordzhonikidze. However, don't be surprised also if she wears something much sexier than what she wears in this fanart lol
  3. TD1

    Well then..... (Profanity WARNING)

    Charges have been set
  4. To be fair to WG, it's kind of hard for them to boot Flamu. The dude has a large following and are known as victim-players/spin-doctors. Annoyingly, they have to be tolerated until booting them does less damage than outright kicking them. Unfortunately I think something went wrong down the line. 2018 WG wasn't this bad, and their PR disasters tend to have further intervals than now. Why and how they turned into this mess baffles me. I speculate, however, this isn't the fault of various WG mods and community managers, as WG would have thrown them under the bus if it was their handiwork.
  5. Yikes, they had a chance to settle everything right and still messed this up. That's definitely a fresh assessment. If people start causing trouble on you for everything you did, you might/will be better off ignoring them, as that's one less headache in your life. The danger of this is that it causes "alert desentisization", a phenomenon where you are so tired of turning-out-to-be-insignificant "alerts" that you start habitually ignoring them, which increases the chance of you missing out on a genuine problem that you do need to get fixed. This is of critical importance in, say, nuclear reactors, financial audits, aircraft maintenance or military early warning systems on warships, since this can result in a lot of people dead or penniless due to scandals/scams. The annoying thing about Flamu is not only his exaggerating, it's the implication behind his behavior. To me, he represents the dangers of free media. While ostensibly it's a good thing, the danger is that people are free to be misinformed, including exaggerating something to be more dangerous than it actually is. This is how hawkish people operate (well, the ones I know of anyways), for example. Unfortunately, mass media oftentimes use this as a way to generate clicks/audience for money, which is a dangerous business model because, like Jessie J put it, "the sale comes first and the truth comes second". Misinformation has caused a lot of tragedies in the past; I'll not elaborate further on this as I have been political enough and any further would get me put on the radar, but just search out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atrocity_propaganda. What annoys me about Flamu is that he has been guilty of this for a long, long time. Getting booted out of the CC program by WG (instead of leaving voluntarily like Mouse) just worsened his behavior, as he and his rabid fans see a person being silenced for their opinion (while I see him as someone who got what was coming to him a long time ago). He's still using every mistake WG makes to get back at them for supposedly silencing them, when he should have taken a look to himself and ask "why did I get booted? Maybe it wasn't their doing but my own". Of note, he's a major outlier in big-name CCs leaving the CC program in that he was kicked out instead of leaving voluntarily. The ones that left, including Mouse, did so voluntarily. IMO, WG's mistake was not that they had the audacity to do this. Their mistake was doing this precisely when they were least able to handle the backlash. The analogy was the RBMK reactor in Chernobyl getting a power surge precisely at the moment it was least able to handle it (with all the control rods outside). I was gonna grind out DZP, but after seeing the whole mess, I would be settling on resetting all my captains and re-speccing them. I don't want to feel uncomfortable to the point it affects my ingame performance. And this makes me uncomfortable. I have an event to grind out in that other game anyway, which would reward me with sweet vehicles. And I have premium account there going. This has been my two cents.
  6. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I think this is a more appropriate image xD And yes, the whole community went full crazy when this was revealed. I foresaw that they were gonna save it for the anniversary, and my viewpoint has now been vindicated.
  7. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    This is almost like anime fans deciding to embrace "weeb" even though it was originally intended to insult them. In any way, this is a power move.
  8. TD1

    The problem with the Dutch cruisers

    My Jean Bart once got hit by the airstrike by a Johann de Witt (a ship I sarcastically called You Handle It). It was a measly 5-6k damage, most of which were healable. It's not the insta devstrike that guy WG Finnished made it out to be lol
  9. TD1

    BRAWL do's and dont's

    Where would Algerie be here? Do, Maybe, or Don't?
  10. Honestly that means they're either misguided or myopic or something. The comparison is also not equal- it should be 5 people buying $20 vs 1 person buying $100. If I were marketing (which I obviously am not), I would pick the $20 bundle. Why? Less eggs in one basket. I work on the assumption that a person will stop spending (as much as he used to) at one point. And it is entirely up to that person if they wish to retract their decision and return to spending as much as before the reduction. But this is an unreliable assumption as it does not have a 100% recurring rate (i.e not guaranteed to happen). I would rather have several channels of smaller incomes than one massive one, especially since these channels also cost almost nothing to maintain. That way if someone drops the amount of spending, I don't lose as large of a chunk of my income. Of course, this assumes I missed your point entirely.
  11. Not everyone is gonna agree with this, probably, but I have an idea on Dockyard ships. You see, I think it's a little unfair for players who missed Dockyard events to permanently be locked out of a ship (like me with Hizen, Anchorage and ZF-6), just because they didn't or couldn't play at that time (due to real life considerations or other reasons). Therefore, here's some things I hope can be applied into how Dockyard ships are run. -Inspired by watching AL's methodology of events. Call it me ripping-off AL if you want, but I thought it would be a nice idea on how to solve this issue. -So, Dockyard events should follow the theme of new ship-rerun-new ship-rerun as much as possible. This means rerun ships and new ships are alternated between each other. For example: (New ship) -> Odin -> (New Ship) -> Anchorage -> (New Ship) -> Hizen. Obviously this isn't necessary to follow, but you get the idea. -Rerun Dockyard events are exactly the same as before. This means same rewards, same doubloon requirements, same timeframe (exact no. of days/updates, not necessarily has to be on the same date), pretty much the event rerun. -Once the ship and its Dockyard event has been rerun once (for a total of two runs), it should be made permanently available and free for anyone to grind anytime. There are a few caveats though: Permanently available dockyards still require you to invest in (the same amount of) doubloons (as during the event) to complete the ship. You also still have to grind all the missions after that. However, there is no time limit with which to finish the grind. Starter packs, as well as the option to buy any phase, should also be a thing. Not the ability to outright buy the whole deal, however. Flags and emblems associated with the ship are not grindable in permanent Dockyards- which means tough luck if you missed out on the original and rerun events. This is like in AL where unique portraits are not obtainable from permanent events in the War Archives. You have to choose what ship to grind out carefully, because once you do, the only way to switch out of it is to finish the grind. Or wait until the waiting period ends. I suggest the waiting period be 120-180 days, or use the "coupon" system of the Armory. This also serves a purpose of stopping people gaming the system too often for easy credits. WG also stands to gain financially from this method, since ultimately they have to sink in doubloons in order to complete the grind. And those doubloons cost real money (mostly- there are times you get them for free but it's so rare as to be a non-factor). I see this as a win-win for players (who can grind out the Dockyard ships they missed) and WG (who can reap the monies of those who grind out these ships). WG probably won't see and won't ever adopt my idea (and even if they do I expect them to change it somehow, for better or worse), but I think this is still worth the thread. Tell me what you think about it. -
  12. TD1

    There's no Yukon Uproar Here?

    May I add that cynicism is poisonous. It allows for its believers to be lazy and callous without feeling bad for it, and we'd never go anywhere if everybody were cynical. Sure we must be wary of hidden agendas and motives, but treating as if everybody has one and is just waiting to screw you over is a very good recipe to achieve nothing.
  13. I made this thread for fun. Here, you can play around with paper ships and what you choose to do with them. Here are some notes: -Choose a ship (design), then choose what you want to name it and what you do with it- refit its weapons, create a variant, sell to other countries (which means getting a different name), imagine it in-game (what tier, what resource to get it with, etc), modernize Iowa-style with missiles, whatever. Hell, even make an alternate history for it. You can even make your own designs if you know how to do so. -If you can make a WOWS-style devblog, do so. Heck, even share it to people and see how many gullible former CCs people believe it straight away. -Try to keep it sensible- I don't think that crazy Japanese battleship armed with like 50 huge main battery guns and dwarfing the Yamato is a good idea. If it's something like Moskva, Vermont, or something that would fit in WOWS (and not meme-style like Habakkuk), though, go ahead. I'll demonstrate, for example. I'll use this: https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Royal-Navy-Heavy-Cruiser-Design-C-873943967 For details, here's the picture Here's part of the "specs" sheet: Element-class heavy cruisers (RN names are deceptively simple, appears difficult but they have a generic theme at times) Ships: HMS Iridium HMS Titanium HMS Aurum HMS Stannum Armaments: As built: see above Refit (post-war, possibly 1945-1950😞 4x2 4"/45 QF Mk XVI DP-AA guns -> 4x2 4,5" QF Mk III on BD Mk. IV mounting (Battle-class main guns) 6x4 12.7mm/60 MG Mk III AA guns -> 12x2 Oerlikon MkV AA guns 4x4 40mm/39 QF Mk VIII Pom-Pom guns -> 8x2 40mm Bofors STAAG Fates: HMS Iridium: Scrapped in 1966 HMS Titanium: Scrapped in 1968 HMS Aurum: Sold to Canada in 1954, renamed HMCS Halifax. Decommissioned in 1964, museum ship in namesake city since 1971. HMS Stannum: Sold to Japan in 1955, renamed JDS Fuji. Decommissioned in 1966, sunk as target off Shikoku Island in 1974. I have provided my example, so I'll let you guys do your work.
  14. TD1

    There's no Yukon Uproar Here?

    I'll say what I can about this issue. To be completely fair, I understand LWM's and Chobbitsu's frustration. All their work for a lot of time, wasted because WG couldn't be bothered to communicate properly. Anybody has the right to be mad over that. I would be too. I have written around 10-15 threads on WT vehicle suggestions*, so I'm no new contributor to Russian-esque companies. If they have said "look, we don't agree with your proposal and have chosen to go with this" at one point before Yukon hit the store, I don't think people would be this outraged. Especially if LWM and Chob got something unique in return for their efforts. But neither happened, and voila, here we are. You see, WG operates in/near a region of the world- the Eastern world, which constitutes RU and ASIA, the latter moreso- where people tend to avoid conflicts for fear of it disrupting social harmony or order (my home island literally has a culture where conflict is to be avoided at any cost if at all possible). This is exacerbated in the sense that Russia/former Russian SFSR isn't exactly a shining beacon of transparency. As a result, people deny/hide stuff all the time in order to avoid conflict. This ironically tends to makes problems much worse than they should have been. Case in point, this is one of the themes in Craig Mazin's HBO series Chernobyl. I wasn't expecting WG to be better than their copatriots in terms of communications and transparency based on this observation. In contrast, the Western world (EU and NA in particular) seem to be far less conflict-averse than us, given how they grow up in democratic societies where everyone is free to disagree openly, no matter how nonsensical their arguments can be sometimes. Like my case of the Eastern world, this has its own problems too- people in the Western hemisphere argue over every single thing, no matter how trivial/petty it is. In my opinion, they pulled this off (kinda?) with the WV41 debacle, where we see nowhere the amount of meltdowns here as we did in NA. People there tend to be blunt and abrasive (note, tend to be), and say what's on their mind with much less regard as to whether it is offensive or not. To them, our culture appears opaque, oppressive, dishonest and overly conspicuous. To us, their culture appears disrespectful, petty, brash, and disunited. It's more of a culture clash more than anything else. These cultural differences IMO explain why Asia isn't as outrage-prone as NA or EU is. Our culture is bigger on avoiding conflict than resolving them, which means I honestly say this is why I oppose any "real" ships (i.e was at one point built or still is around) being in the RB- it just puts them out of reach for too many people. Can't say I agree with WG's choice in this one, too. I don't mind if they reassess their decision on this one and make it available for another, more easily accessible resource (yes, even steel). RB rewards should be paper ships. Maybe the way to do it is to grant a unique flag or something to those who bought it via RB, which satisfies both crowds to a certain degree Then again, Colbert existed, so I can't say I didn't see this one coming. I'm thinking maybe they have their own considerations as to why they don't take our advice. No matter how nonsensical that reason is for people, there are reasons companies cannot immediately take into implementation advice from their players. I did like 15 threads on WT vehicles, and only one was passed for consideration. Even then, the version of the vehicle that got into the game wasn't the version I put in the thread, but an upgraded variant of the same vehicle. Maybe they have their own reasons and roadmaps as to what to do, which vehicles to introduce, which issues to fix, which players to listen to, and more. I'd say unless we know as much as they do (i.e no information disparity whatsoever), there's no way our suggestions would be 100% sensible and suitable to implement right away. My attitude towards suggestions has been "here's what I think. If you wish to implement it, good. If not, I won't oppose your decision" i.e apathy. I do them for fun anyways- I don't make a living out of them, so I have nothing to lose by wargame companies not choosing to implement them. As for Yukon, I'm not buying it myself. Not because I support LWM/Chob, but because gameplay wise it's a bit dull, being something of a T7 Monarch. I tend to the more... interesting premiums such as Kii, Scharnhorst, Odin, Graf Spee, Ise, Perth, or others with a weird gimmick or gameplay. I do have those so-called "high performance" premiums such as T-61, Z-39, Atago, Georgia and Massaschusetts, but my performance is shit so I tend towards fun more. This is why I'm kicking myself for not getting Anchorage (I was on hiatus from WOWS at that time). Yukon just doesn't fit my cup of tea.
  15. But seriously, cannot wait for the Soviet CVs. I'm only at like 20-30k coal since I just got back playing, so the Soviet CVs will be the first time I get to try skip-bombers.