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  1. 7thNov

    Yubari Consumables Bug

    Issue: Defensive AA Fire I&II are the same Screenshots: Ship: YubariTested: Tested in battles its 180s reload for Defensive AA II ==> same as Defensive AA I
  2. Save ur cash for premium time guys :v Its better than Tirpitz
  3. 7thNov

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    So, blueline will not get any penalty ... dont count on WG guys, start using that cheat I've been killed by a Blueline cheater last battle so its fair if i can use that too from now on
  4. Every1 crying about wr hehe I've dropped from around 65% wr (CB and begining of OB) ==> 50% wr (now), and i think its ok For anytime ive lost a battle, its very simple that im not good enough to win and our op is better than us The Important thing is : You get ur xp - credits, and u do ur best for team .... So if you lost, and get about 1100 - 1200 xp ... its not ur fault If u lost and get below 500xp <=== say sorry to ur mates hehe
  5. 7thNov

    Bogue bug

    I dont use mods
  6. 7thNov

    Bogue bug

    Upgrade from Hull Bogue (A) ==> to Bogue (B) and I cant control my 5ters squad (Im using Flight Control Mk5 mod.1 ) Replay map Fault Line http://www.mediafire.com/download/h1niwwunw6okbvz/20150815_135253_PASA002-Bogue-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  7. 7thNov

    japan Vs usa aircraft carriers

    Dont try to fight them ... just lure their 5ters so ur TB will have a chance or simply send ur TB go with ur team best AA support
  8. 7thNov

    japan Vs usa aircraft carriers

    My Bogue has been thrown in some battles with no CV ... scout the whole map, keep DD lightup and got 89 exp ... WTH (( im crying
  9. 7thNov

    Ship prices

    Your battles profit more than WoT though ...
  10. 7thNov

    You will not carry on this day

    Dont cry bro hehehe Its not about win or loose, just play game and have some fun Weekend (
  11. 7thNov

    Weekend Special POLL

    50% Discount on modules is much better than xp hehe
  12. 7thNov

    RU premium shop selling signal flags

    I dont care we can still get them in battles for free right? Heheh