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  1. If you call yourself a noob ,what am I then?
  2. Welp, doesn,t matter any more.
  3. Holy molly
  4. It's been a while since i play PVP (you can blame that on operations of the week) So i just got the Colorado and, at first I HATE IT. It have a top speed of 18 knots, and that's what kill it. But then i upgrade the engine, and every thing seems better for some reason. And that's where i am right now, i don't know if the ship sucks or i haven't got used to her yet. My opinion kind of stuck there. So, what do you think about her? I think she's a bit underpower compare to other BBs of the same tier. (My english is still as bad as usual.)
  5. You do know that you can unlock the thing in the collection with 5 duplicates right? 1 duplicate is worth 25,000 credit (sorry if my answer is wrong )
  6. This tread is warming up pretty quickly, aren't it?
  7. You can't get club if you are the one clubbing.
  8. What do you think? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/live-streaming/fb-live-20170808/ This will make a fine addition to my collection
  9. There's a yellow rose in Texas, I'm going there to see,No other Feller knows her, Nobody known to me.She cried so when I left her, It's like to broke my heart,And if we ever meet again, We'd never walk apart.
  10. They already post this. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/commencing_operation_dynamo/
  11. As the title says.
  12. If you use chrome Go to the 3-dots botton in the upper right corner of the browser window and then choose New incognito window.