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  1. m16_army

    Royal Navy Containers

    Just got this today
  2. m16_army

    Fun build

    What's your fun build? Mine is North Carolina stealth build, it's fun to play and save my stern multiple time. Battleship with 11.8 km detection range is absolutely disgusting, and i love it.
  3. m16_army

    How do you money

    Money well spent.
  4. m16_army

    How do you money

    I have a solution... Thank you sugar daddy grandpa, thank you wargaming. Well it could be.
  5. m16_army

    How do you money

    Welp i guess i need to play PVE for the rest of the week. If i want to salvage my wallet that is.
  6. m16_army

    How do you money

    I just got back into the game, and burn all my money on NC hull B. What to do /WoWs/ players?
  7. m16_army

    How do I buy Gangut

    I don't see it in the shop.
  8. m16_army

    Impressions from a new(ish) player

    If you call yourself a noob ,what am I then?
  9. m16_army

    What do you think about the Colorado

    Welp, doesn,t matter any more.
  10. It's been a while since i play PVP (you can blame that on operations of the week) So i just got the Colorado and, at first I HATE IT. It have a top speed of 18 knots, and that's what kill it. But then i upgrade the engine, and every thing seems better for some reason. And that's where i am right now, i don't know if the ship sucks or i haven't got used to her yet. My opinion kind of stuck there. So, what do you think about her? I think she's a bit underpower compare to other BBs of the same tier. (My english is still as bad as usual.)
  11. You do know that you can unlock the thing in the collection with 5 duplicates right? 1 duplicate is worth 25,000 credit (sorry if my answer is wrong )
  12. m16_army

    YAMATO is so over powered!!!!

    This tread is warming up pretty quickly, aren't it?