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  1. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

    To complete the Kimi, you must use no spaces. Also
  2. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

  3. MagicalFlyingFox

    Operation of the week is Fantastic

    Doesn't like tier 5 CVs in the operation?
  4. MagicalFlyingFox

    Just asking: What is Poi?

  5. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

    yay auto embeds. finally
  6. MagicalFlyingFox

    Australia - World of Lagships

    What route is your connection going through to Singapore?
  7. MagicalFlyingFox

    Forum Location Formatting

    You guys dropped a ": " after Location :P
  8. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

    New forum looks weird right now, but it fixed the image embeds which is really nice. Gotta get used to it though.
  9. MagicalFlyingFox

    Australia - World of Lagships

    graphics shouldn't affect internet issues. If it is, then you definitely need a new computer.
  10. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

    Most cons in Aus are in melbourne Then again, I've never actually tried to find if there are any on in Sydney.
  11. MagicalFlyingFox

    Adapt WoT MM

    Essentially. Tier 8s almost are never top tier except in 1 tier only games. They keep getting dragged into tier 9s and 10s. Tier 9s are good, tier 10s see a lot of tier 10 only games. This means tier 7s are alright to play, tier 9s are the best tier to play and 3s dont see tier 5 which doesn't matter for WoWS. Tier 8s get the short end of the stick. Tier 6s? I barely play them but since you only meet 3-5 tier 7s, its ok. MM change is good but needs a lot of tweaking at high tiers before we even think about implementing a similar solution into WoWS. Bear in mind they did adopt the WoWS balancing teams by tank classes, albeit terribly. No. That is only an issue when the MM decides to give one team the blatantly OP heavies, amplifying the game imbalance. An issue with the game balance, not so much MM.
  12. MagicalFlyingFox

    Adapt WoT MM

    They need to iron out the MM in WoT first. Tiers are far too top heavy and 8s get shafted
  13. MagicalFlyingFox

    AniManga Chat :E

    Still better content than the thread in the tanks forum