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  1. yo dan, the problem you had with dd flitting in and out of time and space could be a ping/internet issue perhaps ( i have had the same issue, along with some clan mates) or as I have heard, some "people" for a lack of a better term have some kind of mod called ping blocker. so you get a terrible disadvantage when those "people" are using it. either way buddy, keep pluggin along
  2. paindude

    Australia Day

    dont get red with me... but I couldnt help it. you can game on it, but it plays like .... cmon, you know its good
  3. paindude

    A few words to new players in regards to team play

    "kill stealing" is a lie, KILL THE ENEMY is rule 1. a dead enemy cant shoot back (except sneaky pre death torps) HIT THE SAME TARGET... simple really, refer to rule 1.
  4. paindude

    Gamebreaking bug with fighters

    cheers for the info on japanese D/B very interesting. very tight reticle sounds good. I have just started going for japanese CV now after running US CV to tier 8. I just wanted to use a thousand squadrons in every game lol. Who cares if its balanced, it is what it is, but I do love US CV`s
  5. paindude

    Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

    [Content removed] Social/political/controversial content. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  6. now for the OP thing, OP is Original Poster, meaning you mate. keep plugging along and trolling these guys who have given time and time again bulk great advice to YOU. I do think the mighty jinggles ref was applicable here
  7. paindude

    A Ranger captain requesting for help

    well, good points, but personaly, nothing but bombers here. stack your carrier with as many AA buffs as you can, skill up the comander for AA as well. then smile as japanese planes burn up like little bits of paper. send your bombers after threats, DD is high on the list of threats. DD are the worst enemy of any CV IMO. enemy fighters can be an issue, but then use team mates for AA to bust enemy fighters. putting your ranger in a "torp neutral" spot between 2 islands works well. the only time I put the fighter deck on the ranger is to do the shoot down enemy planes mission, then I switch back ASAP. as for the original 1/1/1 load..... that is the worst thing out, your missing a whole flight of planes.
  8. I still remember helping leng get a T6 tank and coaching him back in the day...... there where no reefs back then and cpt cook was my cabin girl
  9. paindude

    CV's and their lack of movement

    But also, if you do see a CV sitting somewhere (behind an island etc) and there is no one near to him (10 km or so) go and back him up. chances are the CV is on a bombing mission or some other priority engagement that is taking up more of their concentration than it should, and they are not looking at the mini map. by the time they spot the fact no one bothered to keep an eye on them to provide DD protection and get moving, it`s usually too late and a DD pops up to ruin the day. granted it is a bummer for all, but a CV is only a CV if he is looked after. map awareness is EVERY ONES responsibility
  10. paindude

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    is the shortened version of "Australian" to "aussie" also considered a derogatory word also? who "considers" these words as derogatory? offense is not given..... only taken
  11. paindude

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    mod dude man guy fella...... that was a totally relevent bump, its his new torpedo for his [content removed] DD Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  12. paindude

    Is this game just too Hard?

  13. paindude

    Is this game just too Hard?

    gday steveo mate come play with our "social" group, you will learn stacks of stuff from stacks of great blokes and have a much better time playing. just hit up me or "funky chicken" in game or drop a msg in here and we can sort ya out mate. helped me heaps and i came from playing tanks(40k games or so, dunno been 8 months off the tanks..... still having night terrors from it)
  14. paindude

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

  15. paindude

    Dive Bombers or Torpedo Bombers?

    as a yank CV bloke, I only use the bomber set up (unless I have to do a flaming skies mission) torps are kick ass damage dealers..... but 1 flight of them is a limitation that sux (but keeps the CV from being OP). they are good against big slow ships (unless you have some exp in thier use). they can be launched manually to hit DD in smoke that think they are safe (suckers) Dive bombers are really good too....... but you have to pick your targets well.Manual aim is best(but controlling 4 flights of planes and doing manuals can be tricky) the fires are a good earner, the dives are great for hitting those nasty little DD/light cruisers that are giving you the guns and they have a fast turn around which is nice. the indy has good AA so i never worried about fighters, the ranger is even better but in the end, whatever floats ya boat