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  1. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Christmas Screenshot Event

  2. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Christmas Story Event

    There's a lot of good memories but I think the best one is having an art contest in the forums back then! That time, I'm were eager to share something in WOWs as our appreciation for bringing this game to us and the one I think are modding and digital arts. My clan mates/friends where always excited whenever there's a contest especially drawing since we can show our skill and at the same time enjoying drawing something for WOWs. There's also some rewards so it made me more excited to check always the forums and also made my drawing skills a little better. Even though this time I've became more busy due to work and responsibilities at home, thinking back those days still made me happy because how fun the community and the game is so thank you for making those memories happened!
  3. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    It's gotta be the Designers Table. The mods you can do about it is tremendous and it also reflects your personality and the unmodded one will make you feel a home. I just made the mod last night
  4. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [Updated]: Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    hopefully it this update will fix my directx 11 setting since it can only display 1 resolution on direct 11 settings. (if there's a fix, can you help me out? tnx)
  5. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Returning Players Rewards

    Hmm confused at first but it says that it need a player to bring back the old player to play and that player who manage to bring them back receives the reward, huh guess the referral program changed too. Anyways tnx for the link, might be usuful in the future
  6. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Returning Players Rewards

    Not sure if i received the Diana Lima or Warspite though, gonna check them asap. Tnx mate
  7. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Returning Players Rewards

    I've been in-active last 2 years iirc and that time i think wg have rewards to those returning players. I already played few matches for few days already and ive been receiving some camo for returning players and a mission with 2 super container rewards. I there a link for the rewards to read or can someone enlighten me? Thank you
  8. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    WG gathering is non-existence?

    Kinda hard to attend in my case since our country is archipelago and very costly to go to other main island, though kinda fun to see the video afterwards since you'll be seeing the smile on the faces of the player and how active the community is... Gold ol time
  9. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    New game mode - "Random one-on-one"

    actually we talked about it about how in Neptune's beer we're on 1v1 and decided to ram each other XD
  10. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    New game mode - "Random one-on-one"

    ah. suddenly remembered this old match
  11. Hello , i see you got dA. I'm just a random artist too who plays wows ;p

    Perhaps il leave mine as well. https://lippenstiftenmouthze.deviantart.com/

  12. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    well ok, ill do the next one then
  13. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    yeah ill gonna post kamome bday translated comic next week..... tbh im envious oh her present -.-
  14. Ryusuke_ShireiKan


    should have back uped a copy of working wows just in case this will happen again. for now try deleting the update folder in your wows directory.(it might prolly delete that new broken patch and download a new one and hopefully uncorrupted one)
  15. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    I already finished it though. The next one will be yours haha