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  1. Ryzil

    How does one take random battles seriously?

    As of late I've become more confused than frustrated at how players can be the top tier ships (in high tier matches) and score rock bottom on the team. I do understand that the lower tiers have better score multipliers but I don't see how anyone can survive a whole match (in lets say a Iowa) and only score 270-ish in exp and the only other ship that score worse is the afk player. So in general I'm not angry with losing whenever I know I left the match with 100% effort on my part but when I see what I described above happen on my team I would be lying if I said it didn't strike a nerve.
  2. Ryzil


    Well, no clue what your ping is or how bad your connection flat lines on 999 for you (if it does), but I play on average of 250-350 ping, by no means good connection (from the US east coast), but when it comes down to it I just had to learn and adjust to the extra lead and some guess shots. So did I miss where you actually posted what your ping is like?
  3. True, given with what WG did to the German DDs I'm sure everyone doesn't doubt that stats can change, but then again with that being said it wouldn't surprise me if WG doesn't go and jack up this ship like they did to the entire German DD line with their gross detection bloom. Out of curiosity, out of all you super-testers, how often do you feel like your feed back actually gets listen to?
  4. I'm actually finding it funny how some of these members are trying to justify this ship ("they earned it"), and the ones against the USS Black (with current stat) just want it to be better balanced. Truthfully I'll most likely never get the USS Black if it requires the rank 1 for five seasons, unless WG puts it up for sale (wouldn't put it past them to use it for money grabbing in the future), but that doesn't mean I don't want to see it released, I just believe it would still have an advantage just with a slight changed radar stat. For crying out load 35 sec is quite a long time for a USS DD to pump out damage on a enemy DD (and cause fires). if they were to change it to a 6km range radar with 25 sec activation time it would still be a nightmare to run into in a match, hell I'm not even mad all that much about the 0.9km spot range torps that hit as hard as IJN DDs torps, just fix the radar range.
  5. Ryzil

    A balanced fix for stealth firing

    Until that DD causes 2-4 fires on that said peppered ship and the HP starts melting off of it. The detection change wouldn't be a nerf as much as a balance, wouldn't be a need to raise any other stat on that ship.
  6. Why give the USS Black the tier 9 CA radar stats? why not cut that range down to 6kms, would still be effective without being just down right ridiculous.
  7. Ryzil

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    Most likely you're getting hit because the player firing at you has an average human intelligence and isn't blind, thus allowing them to see your shells appear thus letting them know where you're sitting in your smoke. RalphTheTheatreCat, on 06 February 2017 - 04:29 AM, said: Watch for the gunfire and adjust. Smart people don't stay in smoke That or they move none stop and angle there ship in the smoke.
  8. Ryzil

    U.K. Inconstant Smokes

    Would the 20% smoke size skill mess up these measurements?
  9. So here's a quick question, has WG mention anything about fixing the UK's CA smoke? every other ship in the game will produce it's set amount of puffs every time, except the UK CAs. Or is this meant to be a feature of the British line...
  10. Ryzil

    Zao is OP

    Newb friendly due to... armor + maneuverability + fire power (HE and AP) + stealth = a ship that the masses flock to, why? because everyone, EVERYONE know that out of all the tier ten CA's the Zao is by far the best over all. Why settle with only 2 points of the balance triangle (armor, maneuverability, fire power) when you can have all three and throw in a four as well (stealth).
  11. Ryzil

    Zao is OP

    Well it is relevant in a way. If you're trying to defend something that you don't even have hands on experience with then why should your words on this discussion have as much weight as some one that has played the ship? Also Some of these players that are saying the Zao is OP have the ship, have played it a ton of times, and still claim it's OP, so why would they say that? because they have first hand experience with this ship and know it's broken.
  12. Ryzil

    Ranked, DD Bias EXP/Stars

    Everyone that plays rank battles are technically fighting an up hill battle, it's just that DD's have it easier in regard to EXP than the others due to the cap points. Also don't forget that killing a tier 6 DD (11,000-14,000 HP) rewards the same amount of exp as killing a big BB (53,000-57,000 HP). So if a DD not only caps a point but also kills a enemy DD by doing almost all the damage to him then he has even more of an advantage than the rest of the team if they end up losing, since which ever ship has top exp loses no stars. This might be one of the reasons why some are saying that making a exception to one player that out shines the others breed this type of self serving meta, thus high DD ratio in ranks. Sad to say but this is the reason I have started playing nothing but a DD in rank, it's one of those cases of 'if you can't beat them, join them... THEN BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME!!!'. sounds interesting, having certain sections of the map, not points, like the whole map cut into portions depending on how many your team holds determines how many points your team earns every 3 secs. Should take this idea to the suggestion section and post it.
  13. Ryzil

    Server Migration when?

    Be ready for a copy pasta "No" reply.