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  1. dalcor

    Delay in logging in.

    where is the bug report section as its still happening?
  2. dalcor

    Aircraft Carrier Issue

    The aerial torpedo was armed once it hit the water, so it was really just a matter of how close could they get without the AA shooting them down.
  3. dalcor

    Delay in logging in.

    When i first started in the CBT, when i started the game i got in straight away and waited for the countdown to start the battle. Then two patches ago, i couldnt log in, or if i did i would get kicked out of the battle before it started. The last patch seemed to rectify this problem after i put in a "Ticket". But now i can get into a battle, but not until the 19.20sec count down mark, so everyone else is moving, planes are launched and im still sitting there looking at the loading screen. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. dalcor

    Torpedo Bombers and Torpedo Activation Times

    Everyone is talking about CVs and nerfing them. I have no problems with the CVs. Its torpedoes that i believe are over powered. The ratio of torpedoes fired to hits is too high as compared to real battle experience in WW2. Thats for Torpedo planes, destroyers and cruisers, drop the effectiveness by about 10% and that would make it more playable and realistic. The Japanese which had the awesome long lance torpedoes expended a lot of torpedoes for a small proportion of hits. The same applies for the USN if you take for example the sinking of the IJS Yamato, 4 separate attacks over a period of 2 and half hours, the first attack by 280 aircraft and the next 3 by similiar numbers only resulted in 11 torpedo hits and 6 bomb hits. Against a ship which had no air cover and only a small screen of destroyers. So i believe the effectiveness of torpedoes needs to be reduced for starters. Just my opinion