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  1. >I know, you'll say... pics please, or our team mate wasn't close enough to spot, or there wasn't line of sight, or i must be mistaken Please provide a picture, so we can see what is actually occuring. We cant say anything about what's going on without actually seeing the situation as its happening at the time.
  2. TheRealHaifisch

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hello again Sub_Octavian, i have 2 questions this time; 1. Is it at all possible for the Premium CV Saipan to be readjusted, at the moment it is one of the more OP ships in its tier, and vastly outclasses its other tier 7 CV counterparts, game mechanics that apply to other CVs dont apply to this already OP premium carrier (Strafe de-locking). I know WG doesn't like to touch premiums, but Saipan is so insanely powerful that it really needs to be addresed for the long term health of the tier. 2. Why are IJN DDs balanced towards the higher skilled players (high skilled players can perform exceptionally well in any ship) when many other ships are balanced towards other parts of the playerbase? Throughout the higher tiers they are simply outclassed in almost every aspect, especially their signature aspect (Torpedos) they are severely outclassed by their peers, while other DDs have guns to fall back on or even focus on, the risks involved with IJN DDs and quite poor rewards compared, leads them to try and focus on their subpar torpedos which effects their torpedo damage stats which have been said to be "fine" while statistically from tier 8 onwards other Nations DDs make better torpedo botes with much better team play usability (Smoke, AA and Hydro).
  3. TheRealHaifisch

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hey Sub_Octavian, i would like to ask about the logic behind the RuDD HE buff to improve their damage done to other nations DDs (when they damage done to other classes was perfectly fine) and then later on you nerf the rudder shift of the Khab because it was far too strong against DDs at close range? Why not just roll back the HE buff? The Khab is considered one of the more broken ships in game, and to nerf if you didn't touch any of its real strengths......
  4. TheRealHaifisch

    Nikolai Nerfed

    you what..... you do realise this patch has brought one of the biggest buffs they could have to the Nikolai.... with the tier 4/5 carrier nerf.... trying to move the skilled players up the tiers... and if any ship in game deserved a nerf... it would be the Nikolai
  5. TheRealHaifisch

    where did the flag specials go?

    what? you do know that just means he participated in the WoWS Alpha a little bit like 2 years ago right....?
  6. TheRealHaifisch

    Post-consumables and catapult fighter nerf coming [RANT]

    with the latest updates including a cpatain skill which in mod form would get you banned in WoT... this game is starting to go past the point of being ridiculous too... fitting! well BBs rely on those consumables, dont forget the SEA Cruiser/Fire meta-game, an extra 20s is a couple thousand hitpoints for a BB player, and now even more HP that has to be healed using the repair party from fires instead of direct damage... if anyone thinks its a good thing... they are stupid.... it will just force the average players to camp even harder... and thats just BBs what about the DDs or fragile Cruisers? 10.6km range secondaries that can shred through DDs at extreme ranges aren't enough? well how about armour that makes you almost impervious to lower and same tier BBs with regards to your citadel? how about an AA suite that can easily push into tier 10 levels when set up? and then you have that huge hydro on a tier 8 battleship, and you know what they are doing... giving it regular Hydro... oh no such a painful nerf for one of the BEST performing tier 8s in general and the best tier 8 Battleship for a large margin... and you wanted more?
  7. TheRealHaifisch

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    With 8gb of ram, a SINGLE RX 480 and a non-overclocked i7? either he made a mistake with specs, is flagrantly lying or he got scammed to the tune of several thousand dollars AUD/NZD/USD and billions of Zimbabwe D
  8. TheRealHaifisch

    Battleships not playing well on test server

    If I had 300 arms, I still wouldn't be able to count the times you've TK'd and trolled me and vice versa. Retia embodys the "Yolo Play for Fun" play style and still does well with a solid knowledge of game mechanics and tanks/ships that some how works and amazes everyone.
  9. TheRealHaifisch

    Germany to kick off?

    thats exactly correct, you need to register with your ID to play games there so they can monitor gameplay time to make sure people dont kill themselves gaming to hard/long.
  10. TheRealHaifisch

    Germany to kick off?

    because of course the USN has always been insignificant and never once fought any real battles apart from escorting convoys...
  11. TheRealHaifisch

    Germany to kick off?

    What is PCU? (Peak Concurrent Users) the Asian server rivals the EU server for peak player numbers you know? (WoWS) Can you help me here? what nation within Asia has had a significant navy at all? How does Japan makes sense for its market when likely half of the 8000 are Australians If you're pulling Current Numbers, which i strongly believe you are... how can you say that half those numbers are Australian when the demographic that WG products are marketed towards aren't even home from work yet? needless to say the Australian population on WoT aren't even that significant either....
  12. TheRealHaifisch

    Germany to kick off?

    doesn't include escort carriers small sample of Escort Carriers I FOR THE LIFE OF ME CANT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WOULD IMPLEMENT A USN LINE
  13. TheRealHaifisch

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    WTE FV215b (183) because I can, and you should look here http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/forum/351-tanks-throughout-history/ at my wonderful photo guides... may it educate you