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  1. Jarlian_

    Happy New Year: Arrival of the SMS Emden!

    Well that;s embarrassing. For some reason I though it was one of the K's at T2. Anyway the standard configuration is three funnels. Many of the British light cruiser classes of the time (eg the Town class incl. HMAS Sydney) had four funnels. So the crew of the Emden rigged a dummy funnel of canvas and wooden support structure to make her look like a something you would expect to see in the Indian Ocean. Another part of the Emden story that seems incredible is the ships visit to Diego Garcia. The British garrison had not yet received word about hostilities and so the Germans were welcomed and the ship stayed for a few days, even cleaning her hull bottom and affording the crew some rest time. After they were done they left for more raiding and to attack Penang. The whole Emden story is fascinating. The Last Cruise of the Emden (Edwin P Hoyt) was one of the first military history books I read as a boy and it has fuelled a life long hobby. Enjoy the video's that are available so easily these days but please do yourselves a favour and seek out and read the full stories. Dan
  2. Jarlian_

    Happy New Year: Arrival of the SMS Emden!

    Nice touch with the dummy funnel on the Emden btw. Will we possibly see the Dresden in standard configuration at all? Dan
  3. Jarlian_

    Happy New Year: Arrival of the SMS Emden!

    Good to see the landing party story recounted. During the 100 year commemorations here last year the focus was mainly on the Sydney part of the story and the lead up to the final battle. Many people don't know about the way the story continued after the sinking of the Emden. Dan
  4. Jarlian_

    Make Kill Assist a thing.

    Its a solid suggestion. Rather than having missions focus on getting the kill make it a kill assist where you need to do certain percentage of the enemy ship HP to qualify eg each 25% of the damage you do to an enemy vessel counts as a kill assist. Clearly you would need to up the goal required considerably by 2 or three times I guess. Make the actual kill equal to a kill assist point as well so that things don't swing the other way and you get players leaving low HP targets alive while they pad their damage/KA. Dan
  5. Jarlian_

    Spate of afk players

    Wow, longest I've had is about 1 minute. Three to five must be fun. DanJar
  6. Jarlian_

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    I don't know what else I would be talking about. As you can see from ragsters original comment the end result was sailors ending up in the drink. Suck or blow it works either way. Sheesh teenagers and their hyperactive libido's, innuendo's everywhere. DanJar
  7. Jarlian_

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    Oi don't muck up his story. Although, suck or blow, both work. DanJar
  8. Jarlian_

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    Although the Yamato was known as the best ship in the fleet for crew comfort. DanJar
  9. Jarlian_

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    Manning the tertiary guns on the Italian dreadnoughts probably would not have been much fun either. This one is Dante Alighieri DanJar
  10. Actually I don't think he was talking about the specifics of AA defence in this case. It was more about the issue of implementing suicide weapons and the social backlash that would go with that. DanJar
  11. Cool, so the Germans will get Mistel and the Fritz X and Hs293 glide bombs then. DanJar
  12. Jarlian_

    Japanese Carriers. Seriously?

    Whether that is sufficient counterbalance for the increased tactical flexibility vis a vis multi axis attacks remains to be seen. I am so conflicted on CVs. they take the two worst aspects of WoT arty, massive alpha and long reloads, and increase them. In competent hands they can be devastating and are death to BB's but the thing is that doesn't bother me terribly because its a solid reflection of the progress of naval warfare. From the first use of scouts and fighters during WW1 to the stage managed sinking of the Ostfriesland and on to the Bismark, Taranto and finally the supremacy of the CV in the Pacific. Overall I find the CV's rather boring to play (even with the satisfaction of a successful strike) and BB's less enjoyable than cruisers. All in all WoWS is proving to be WoT with floaties for me. DanJar
  13. Jarlian_

    When Is the Deutschland class coming out?

    Perhaps we could refer to capital vessels then as the all encompassing term for BB, BC and later CV's DanJar
  14. Jarlian_

    When Is the Deutschland class coming out?

    lol, I actually meant to quote your previous post, #8. Btw we did have the battlecruiser HMAS Australia during the First World War period until she was scrapped after the Washington Naval Treaty. Then there is the third Sydney and Vengeance that were straight deck Majestic CV's. But despite these the fleet is still far to sparse for a separate line. DanJar