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  1. ValkyrieKnight


    Well it will get deleted anyway but, Poi is a word in japanese, it describe "seem like" or "not sure" situation. The word is the reference to the fact US and Jp have confict claims about DD Yuudachi "Nightmare of Solomon" at Solomon night battle. Read Naval Legend on the portal for more information.
  2. ValkyrieKnight

    0.5.15 Japanese Destroyers Reshuffle Feedback

    All ship on torps focus line have turn circle bigger and slower rudder while they have to fight closer. Not fair. On the sidenote, not everyone have captain with 15-17 skills or always use flag, please dont balance with those as a given.
  3. Why my Fubuki still have to pay a large of sum???
  4. ValkyrieKnight

    Should war gaming buff the Ranger's fighter

    Just check the wiki. Wow, what are they doing to IJN CV at high tier? The same number of torpedo squad, while dive bomber do minimum dam AND bombing spread considerablely larger than US =)).
  5. ValkyrieKnight

    WoWs X Arpeggio of blue steel Discussion

    We are gonna get Iona . Rejoyce everyones. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/3w8pte/052_pt1_data_mine/
  6. ValkyrieKnight

    German cruisers are really BAD

    I am currently try to find a way to play with my Konigsberg . It's only fatal problems with it is lack of hp and every BBs want to shoot me on sight. Many battle i got 2 BBs shot me from 2 direction, even if just 1 shell land anywhere on my ship, 2/3 hp go away. And about Yorck: - Two Myouko's division. - Planes spot Yorck behind mountain 10km aways. - Switch to AP. - Each Myouko shot 1 salvo -> 5 citadels, sudden death.
  7. ValkyrieKnight

    [Q]Will doubloons and gold ever get sync?

    Okay, sorry. I only search CBT section so far. Shame on me. Pls lock or delete this topic.
  8. Well, I've just got back here after a pretty long time. And since 0.4.0 we got a new name for real-money credit so, will this and gold of WOT ever get sync?
  9. ValkyrieKnight

    Tips playing IJN Cruisers?

    Forget that. They only sugarcoat the torpedo, you can indeed deal a massive amount of damage, but that's nearly impossible. Besides the torps, you have slightly little more fire range at high tier. I suggest you: First, escort BB. Second, follow the mass to provide addition firepower. Use your torps when you found enemy in range then quickly turn futher. Don't let them focus on your paper-armor ship. The thing is only CA have AA active-skill. That will decrease accuracy of plane a lot.
  10. OH, 日本人だ. よろしく ね~! (p^-^)p P/S: I know I will only end up embarrassing myself with my tiny knowledge about nihongo, but i just... can't stop myself, *てへぺろ*.

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  11. ValkyrieKnight

    AniManga Chat :E

    I am waiting for Inazuma Kai Ni. If the happen, maybe i will come back to my level 96 HQ after more than half of a year already.
  12. When I press F1 for some tutorials. They said secondary armament can be use for AA or anti-torpedo. However, I didn't see any of them shot at torpedo right now, has it already implemented or not?