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  1. DanDansOY

    WoWS Beta T-shirt contest!

    I havn't received my Beta T-shirt prize yet.
  2. DanDansOY

    WoWS Beta T-shirt contest!

    Hello, I want to change my Beta T-shirt (Large size) to (Medium size). -Dandy -IGN : DanDansOY http://wowstshirtphotocon.hscampaigns.com/#betatestexclusivetshirt http://wowstshirtphotocon.hscampaigns.com/#winnersannouncement Worldofwarships.asia (server)
  3. DanDansOY

    There goes my CBT

    Well Good luck
  4. DanDansOY

    1572 BattleShips

    Can you give me a link? you know what i mean.
  5. DanDansOY

    1572 BattleShips

    I hope there will be a World of Warships Classic I play this game and its really awesome especially the Effects, big sea waves and strong wind I hope WoWs developer will do this too. . These guys use Mortars. credits to video Uploader.