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  1. Nikolaevna

    Technical issues found.

    I can't log in either. I wonder if the WGC is to blame?
  2. Nikolaevna

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    @HuginnKR Fugly Red October camouflage on tier 5 premium Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya still cannot be filtered out.
  3. Nikolaevna

    Operation zzzzzmo

    There is nothing wrong with the enemy team. Just wait for the weekend and you'll see many random potatoes struggling to destroy those torpedo boats. Most of the DDs in the game have very poor AA (Gallant being the worst), so if there's no US DD with DFAA in the team then they will struggle. If anything it's US and USSR DDs that should be removed from Dynamo because they have the best AA. Historically, neither country was involved in the Dunkirk evacuation anyway; the US was still neutral and the Soviets were allies with the Nazis. Heck they should be the red team. Who doesn't want to see Soviet torpedo boats? Allowing low tier DDs like Vampire and Campbeltown into Dynamo should make it more fun and challenging. Unfortunately, we still don't have UK or French DD lines, so removing US and USSR DDs from this op will mean less variety. Until they arrive, deal with it. Or play something else since Dynamo is boring for you.
  4. Nikolaevna

    Operation zzzzzmo

    What do you expect? It's only normal mode. If it's "too easy to play" then wait for hard mode. If it's "boring" then don't play it. If a movie bores you, watch something else then. If a game is too easy, play something else then. It's not like anyone is forcing you to play Dynamo. If you want a challenge then either try Operation Ultimate FU or go back to PvP.
  5. Nikolaevna

    Operation zzzzzmo

    So don't play it.
  6. Nikolaevna

    Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    Hate to disappoint you but that's a TYL container. SCs look like this. Belfast was the last premium ship to ever drop from a SC for me, which was last October. I know. I also prefer TYL in the hopes that I will get Imperator Nikolai, my most favourite ship in the game. But now I've learned to let it go. I never got the Pzkpfw B2 (my most favourite tank which is locked behind a ridiculous paywall), and I won't get Nikolai either. At least the lacklustre rewards keep me from getting addicted to WoWS. I'm just glad I never gave WG a single cent.
  7. Nikolaevna

    Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    WG has added tons of unnecessary filler into SCs. They removed special upgrades as they can now be bought from the Arsenal, but added more and more camos and flags. SCs should be renamed special containers, because majority of the drops do not fit the definition of "super". I also watched Flamu's video and it's very discouraging. On the bright side, these lacklustre drops deter me from grinding the Yamamoto and Halsey campaigns. They're just not worth it. When SCs first appeared I got Blyskawica within a week. Last year I got Krispy Kreme and Belfast. So far nothing this year, and I always pick Try Your Luck because I'm currently not grinding any ship line, making camos and flags useless to me.
  8. Nikolaevna

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    Haven't tried it yet, but do DD captains get a free skill respec for Operation Dynamo, which I believe emphasizes on anti-air?
  9. Nikolaevna

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Nine SCs for me. Just one 1k doubloons and one 50k free XP. No premium ship. The rest are all crap. On the bright side, these lacklustre rewards really help to discourage me from grinding the Yamamoto and Halsey campaigns. Maybe next year, if I'm still playing that is...
  10. Does one of the "improvements" include the option to login to WoWS across all regions without having to rely on mods? If not, then screw this WGC.
  11. Alot of us are getting it. Damn bug has been around for months. Reported many times but WG never fixed it.
  12. Nikolaevna

    My thought about Raptor rescue

    But this is only normal mode, yet it's meant to be challenging? I've played other PvE games with normal mode difficulty and they are generally fun and enjoyable. If normal mode is supposed to be extremely frustrating and likely to burst a blood vessel, then WG need not bother with hard mode.
  13. Nikolaevna

    WoWS Update 0.7.7

    If I can find a division I might as well be playing Cherry Blossom which is great for farming free XP and is actually FUN. No point finding a division for Raptor if you already have 5 stars. Random teams simply lack coordination and teamwork, and this is further hampered by the fact that most SEA players don't speak English fluently. The teams are so awful that I can't even get a bloody 0 star win. Many times I've wasted 10-15 minutes playing this op only to lose, receiving less XP and credits than even a co-op game! As a matter of fact, I always stick with Raptor, but there's only so much you can do in a Pepsicola or Graf Spee, the former which has horrible armour and the latter horrible armour & accuracy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if normal mode is this tough then WG need not bother about hard mode.
  14. Nikolaevna

    Premium ship summer sale

    They only discounted T8 premiums for last year's anniversary. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/2nd-anniversary-event/ Maybe Black Friday, though you have to wait until November.
  15. Nikolaevna

    Premium ship summer sale

    Disappointing summer sale overall. The only T6 on sale was Warspite and the only DD on sale was Loyang. Oh well, maybe Black Friday will have better offers. Just gotta wait until November. On the bright side, at least I didn't spend any of my doubloons.