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  1. Nikolaevna

    Operation of the Week - Narai - Div thread

    Narai shouldn't be too difficult for random potatoes. The enemy Lexington is still present but it doesn't launch bombers anymore, so don't bother bringing DFAA.
  2. Nikolaevna

    The next operation of the week...

    @Max_Battle NA has updated. Next operation of the week is Narai.
  3. Nikolaevna

    WoWS Update 0.7.12

    Observations so far after playing it for two days. The campaign is very tedious, though my biggest disappointment is that the tasks cannot be completed in scenarios which would've made the grind a little less stressful. Doesn't make sense that the "Nerves of Steel" mission can be completed in scenarios but not this campaign.
  4. Nikolaevna

    Operation Raptor Rescue - Div Thread

    Might as well play Aegis or Narai instead if you can find a division. Both scenarios no longer have enemy CVs, making them much faster and easier to complete. The 4th PEF directive is going to be a very long grind, so I strongly suggest playing the fastest/easiest scenario you can think of. But I'll be sure to visit your channel. Please invite me if you see me around.
  5. Nikolaevna

    The next operation of the week...

    It's how we refer to Ultimate Frontier after it was heavily nerfed. All except Raptor Rescue. Both enemy CVs are still there, so don't waste your time and find a division to play another operation.
  6. Hi all. Just to let everyone know, Raptor Rescue is the next operation of the week. Personally I would avoid it as it's as screwed up as Ultimate FU. If anyone is looking for a division to complete the 4th directive of the PEF event, look me up. I'll be hanging around the "Operations" chat channel. Make every flag/camo count and don't waste them on Raptor Rescue. Update: Next operation of the week starting 17 January will be Narai.
  7. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    Here's another one: 我们正在被攻击!去.他的撤离,我要回去了!如果您有一丁点的判断力,就会跟着我!尸体+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo

    Nation restrictions are fine so long as WG got them right, except they didn't. The Soviets were Nazi allies in 1940 so it doesn't make sense to see them in Operation Dynamo. Furthermore, Poland was partly under Soviet occupation which should make Blyskawica hostile to any Soviet DD. Cherry Blossom is based on the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay. The Soviets would never have participated because they had a neutrality pact with Japan, while the French were still Vichy in 1943. Anshan and Fushun are ships of the PLA Navy, which did not exist until after WW2. Same goes for Gadjah Madah. Their inclusion would be even more bizarre than seeing Soviet ships in Dynamo. But considering the inaccuracies mentioned above, WG might as well let DDs from other nations take part as well without regard to historical accuracy. The more the merrier. The restrictions to Cherry Blossom has so far discouraged me from buying premium ships like Prinz Eugen and Atago.
  9. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    For starters, they speak white boxes. But if you copy and paste the text onto Google Translate: 发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++发电尸体 可以长期合作 ++++++
  10. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo

    Cossack's AA is worse than Jervis so her inclusion in Dynamo is fine. The problem is USN and Soviet DDs which should not be allowed to participate, the Soviets especially because they were still Nazi allies in 1940. To be fair, WG dumbed down the firing range of the AA guns when Dynamo was first introduced. Now that DDs with DFAA can participate, the bombers have been beefed up. Take out USN and Soviet DDs, nerf the bombers and Dynamo will be perfectly balanced.
  11. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo

    Like I said, not everyone has a Sims and not every battle will have one, let alone a competent Sims player who doesn't seperate from the group thinking he's invincible. Stray too far from the group and more bombers will spawn. So even if you do have a Sims....
  12. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo

    You do realize that if you seperate from the group more bombers will spawn right?
  13. Nikolaevna

    WoWS Update 0.7.12

    That Sims must be a very terrible player to finish below Blys and Icarus.
  14. Nikolaevna

    Operation Dynamo

    WG would rather we do all the work for them, which is only proof that they don't play the game at all. They don't even tell us what action was taken against the exploiters, if any. I have no doubt of that. Except not everyone has a Sims and not every battle will have one, let alone a competent Sims player who doesn't seperate from the group thinking he's invincible.