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  1. lonezwolf

    Old player planning to return to wows

    You should also check your email. WG sent out a lot of goodies to inactive players throughout the holidays.
  2. lonezwolf

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    Would you kindly gib santa box plox to lonezwolf?
  3. lonezwolf

    Missing news regarding discounts

    I think you misunderstood me. we have these ongoing discounts and missions right now. The stuff about the additional mission, commander's reset discount and elite commander exp -> free exp conversion are just not listed on the portal.
  4. lonezwolf

    Missing news regarding discounts

    There are ongoing discounts and additional missions that are not listed on the asia region website AGAIN... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/a-moment-to-reflect/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/home-at-last/ At least now that the discounts are unified for all servers, I don't have to guess what kind of discounts are we having these week, but seriously, get your crap together wargaming asia. ASIA_WORST_SERVER.JPEG
  5. well, it does say in the hint that "Attention! The filth protects the Great Gorgon by absorbing most of the damage she receives!"
  6. they changed it to this address https://clans.worldofwarships.asia/clans/gateway/wows/search
  7. lonezwolf

    GPU usage problem

    if you are fine with 20-25 fps, then u could play in low settings and set the fps limit to 20 or 25 or whatever (with riva tuner/msi afterburner/ any fps limiter) to your liking. this way your gpu wont run constantly at max capacity.
  8. lonezwolf

    Boyz N Da Hood

    NA portal has all the requirements listed. That's not even close to what you stated...
  9. I use the b hull too, but then again, once in a while, i would run into some stupidly persistent cv players. that's a lot of plane kills for a faraggut
  10. which hull do you guys use for farragut/mahan/benson?
  11. lonezwolf


    well, historically, mogami class CA sunk 5 friendly ships with her torpedoes
  12. lonezwolf

    Not liking the new sound effects

    Yep, hate the new screeching sound too
  13. lonezwolf

    yes rant time and how sad it has come to this.

    shortly after cw2 when MP imploded. I usually kept to myself and play solo, so not surprised if nobody knows me lol
  14. lonezwolf

    yes rant time and how sad it has come to this.

    That's exactly what i experienced in wot. Ever since i joined DPS (top clan in wot at one point), all i cared about is about farming wn8 and winrate. It became a chore to play and eventually i just stopped playing.
  15. lonezwolf

    About Team Battles/Clans discussion thread

    I expect tier 10 would be the main focus of clan wars. In wot, clan wars was introduced as the end game content, so people can play with their t10 toys. Right now, there is no much end game content for wows (only rank 1 players' super league and random battles)