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  1. Aesara

    Mac crash everytime

    Go to main page, download the client and replace the old one then you can run it again It should only take 5m with no addition download required
  2. Aesara

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Iron Duke Submissions

    Duplicated post, pls delete this
  3. Aesara

    carrier fighter plane specs bugged

    At least I have a better idea than someone with merely 474 battles in CV, and mostly low tier at that. If there is anything to add in then most of your stats I see is in red so maybe you should take a look at your cv gameplay? I must ask where you take that 60% from since the stat I show you is from SEA server. If you take 60% from some random individual like you with only 3 battle in saipan with 66.7% WR then I don't have anything to say anymore. Saipan fighter is tier 9, have high speed and high dam reflect of it tier but in exchange it have low number per squad, low hangar capacity for a t7 cv, more vulnerable to rng of AA since losing one from DD aa fire or because of carelessly wander in AA bubble will cost you much more compare to other CV. The only time they are op because the other fail to abuse their weakness Some even go to the extremely of abandon their fighters just to be able to strike enemy with bombers like Kaga since it is the primary goal of all CV. Perhaps you place air superiority above all that why your stats look that red? may I ask what is the problem with their speed?
  4. Aesara

    carrier fighter plane specs bugged

    Eh since when CV fight with only fighter? Do we necessary make all CV fighter the same? Isn't strafe for this purpose or you have yet to know what strafe is? Also catapult fighter? Maybe you want to fly above some AA cruiser and mysteriously your fighter will all die even without engage any fighter. Normally I will just strafe it or leave it alone if I don't have any business with that float plane unless you are trying to earn a clear sky. Bombers out speed you because it is one of the strategy when they drop bomb beforehand to gain some speed and lure your fighter chasing after it, there is no rule that said you must drop bomb at ships after all FYI Saipan is one of the worst performance in SEA sever at t7, if you want to fight against saipan fighter that much then just strafe them and soon they will run out of fighter, their hangar capacity is not for show after all
  5. According to you, Amagi do need a nerf too it seem, I one shoot Zao before just because they show their broadside to me. And you underestimate IJN BB gun it seem, 41mm do a great job at citadel whoever showing their broadside to them. Also is detonate something new to this game? Also the reason why you only have 1 fire because you shoot at the wrong part of the BB or they angling too well that your shell bounce, it is not strange to shoot over 100 HE at BB and not dealing any fire you know