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  1. FrostyBuster


    Do you need to buy slots as I cant get a another ships says I need the slot. Can you guy them are they free ?? for the testing
  2. FrostyBuster

    Possible mods for WoWs

    Please make it secure so no cheating can take place
  3. FrostyBuster

    WoWS Theme song

    I want pirate flags for my ships.
  4. FrostyBuster

    Introduction thread

    Hello I'm FrostyBuster form AU I know some of the names here from the sea server
  5. FrostyBuster

    WOW alpha Testing email

    Hello I just got a email from "wow_alpha_asia" World of Warships alpha test - second wave. what has me worried is that is also says in the email "if you do not own a passport, please write number of your ID card in the passport field" Is this a real email to sign up. Just checking thanks