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  1. Ribbon_chan

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    My guess is it could be traced via: 1. Massive account transfering rate during Clan War battle. The amount of unusual players with bad to average stats to join for a few days then left immediately. Unicum, ex-members of the clan who left to give slot returned at the right time when clan got vacant slot again. 2. Hardware bans use the MAC address which is hard encoded into your network card. A lot of that hardware has a unique ID, and often the combination of that hardware can also be used as a unique ID to form a fingerprint, as people change their computer hardware very infrequently. So you take the hard drive serial number, the network MAC address, the video card serial number, etc - and create a user ID from it, and map it to the player. Of course, people will argue "But I played at cyber internet, there must have been someone played on that PC as well, not just me!" - So either coincidently, they got a big community at their cyber internet to play clan battle together or we go back to my explaination above. 3. Their chatlog during battles. I participated Industrial campaign on World of Tanks. When I was on business days, I played in 3 different countries, at 5 different hotels with my WoT account on my laptop, from Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia then back again in Vietnam. My account is still alive, while my clanmates got banned for your "fixed IP" reason so your point?
  2. Either you are lucky or Im in bad luck, all of my games range from tier VIII-X always has 2 CVs.
  3. Ribbon_chan

    [content removed]

  4. Ribbon_chan

    [content removed]

  5. Ribbon_chan

    Some special offer, which one is worth

    Christmas is near, probably Wargaming will re-offer all available premium ships in store/ingam tech-tree, just like last year they did.
  6. Ribbon_chan

    birthday giveaway

    Please Lord, I heard Your call and I aswered it. I came here to praise You Lord. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. I praise for Your resurrection, to bring balance to this world. So please, fill my heart with Your essence, Your power, free me from the enternal darkness.
  7. Ribbon_chan

    Container = Loot Box = Gambling and.....?

    The problem is not us grown men who can control our spending, it's mostly the kids . While loot boxes game of chance might not be equivilant to playing a hand of poker, it definitely stimulates the same part of the brain. This is what makes it gambling. It's an addictive form of entertainment that can be destructive, and it's marketed to weak minded people and children. That's a predatory business model, and it should be branded as such.
  8. Ribbon_chan

    Race III - PADD Gadjah Mada

  9. Ribbon_chan

    What's Arizona's advantage/feature compared with New Mexico

    Technically yes, but the ship during 0.5.7 was in testing phase so it wasn't officially counted as released ship.
  10. Ribbon_chan

    What's Arizona's advantage/feature compared with New Mexico

    No, her sigma has been nerf to 1.8 right after 0.5.8 went live.
  11. Ribbon_chan

    Ishizuchi Help

    You load HE and blast everything you see, then watch them burn to death. You see Cruiser from under 12km, you load AP and send them to bottom sea. (in this case, French baguette may be an exception).
  12. No, that gun wasn't for the Montana, it was a rumour when the Navy heard about a Japanese battleship to be equipped with that gun.
  13. Ribbon_chan

    Why Asia server has no Flag in Premium shop?

    Yes, the only premium ship they just removed recently was Tone for future rework. Those who already owns Tone have been compensated by being allowed to try out the new supertest German Battleships & future supertest ships until she is given back or replaced by something else. And Mind you, Kitakami in Chinese server is a big mess, seeing it getting TK 2-3 times/battle is a normal thing.