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  1. Why is the firing arc on american cruisers of all kinds so horrendous? What makes them so much different to their IJN counterparts that one shoots an almost flat trjectory, which is much easier to judge, while the other launches its shells into space and then waits for them to reenter the earths atmosphere. On top of that the shells themselves seem to fly incredibly slow. Its like they are having to fire at about 60deg elevated to get max range on some of them, the Atlanta is the worst, anything beyond about 8klms and your having to literally zoom out to keep the enemy ship in the screen while aiming at a point almost a few klms ahead of it. I just can not seen a justification for it affecting US cruisers over IJN ones. If its for balance, then there must be a better way to do it than saying "lol lets make these guns try to shoot down satellites". Now im starting to get into higher tiers as well (8+) I am seeing stuff all US cruisers, which also tells me there is something very wrong with them if they are not being used, and this I would think could be a massive contributing factor. They could drop the firing arc by about 1/3rd and it would still be different enough from IJN guns to be a "balance" item but would actually make hitting anything at any kind of range much easier.
  2. So since this so called AP issues came up, Citadels had all but vanished. This new micro patch fixed it, so far in 3 battles I have hit 8 citadels, 4 in 1 battle alone. My god is it nice to be able to hit them effectively again. YAY for a fix to help the big fat BB's!
  3. Might stick with my AA upgrade i think, 7% to something with lowish dispersion (i dont have trouble hitting things already, was just hoping for more) vs downing about 10-15 aircraft every battle with a CV in it. Or in pure numbers a 20% boost to something or only a 7% boost. At the penscis dispersion distance its only a 10m improvement if it is a 7% boost. drops from 140m down to 130m. Ill stick to what its good at, AA all the way.
  4. So it does actually update the listed gun stats after mounting? Ok then i might stick it on and see what it does. I didnt think those upgrades reflected in the ship stats yet.
  5. Yob80

    Undeserved Rewards

    Fired up a game in my Atlanta today for fun and to keep working on training my american cruiser captain. Had seen the new missions and Pax stuff, didnt think I would come near it. 1.6mil creds and over 7k exp later from 1 game....I wish I had of run it in something that actually can use the EXP. I managed to by pure chance do 2 of the current events, 1 gave 1mil creds bonus (i had a good match too and was already up 600k) and the other gave an XP bonus. The creds were nice, but I really could have done with that 7k exp on my PepsiCola. All i really did was sail around shooting down planes and spamming HE at everything that came within 13klms of me. Just a normal Atlanta game.
  6. Ok i am at the Pepsicola currently, and have mainly run my american cruisers as AA machines with the AA Guns Mod 2 (20% increase of AA range), but im thinking about swapping out to the improved accuracy of the gun fire control system upgrade. My issue is, it lists nothing on what or how much difference it actually makes. Does any one know?? how much of a change to dispersion is it? 10% 20%??? its like the only modification without any kind of useful information in the tool tip. I need to know if its worth having over boosting my AA range out to 7.5klms (with captain skills), as if its only a small difference, I probably wont.
  7. ok this is half rant, half observation. I have been going up the BB line for the yanks after going mainly cruisers, and so have started to use AP rounds an awful lot. My beef is this. Unless its a critadel, you do nothing. Literally nothing. Just now in my New Mexico, I was landing 7-8 hits per salvo against another New Mexico, hitting him from behind as he sailed away from me, and was hitting for about 2k damage per SALVO. 8 hits with AP for only 2k damage. Yet again it begs the question, why use AP when even in a BB you can shoot HE and burn everything in sight with a 30% chance to start a fire. In that game I had 52 hits, 33 pen'd with 1 citadel for a total of about 50,800 damage. This equates to 1500 damage per shot that actually pen'd an enemy ship. Considering how much damage was tied up with the citadel hit, the actual damage per pen'd hit would drop even more, as that 1 citadel could account for 1/5 of my total damage if it did in the 9-10k damage range. Should AP shells have a higher base damage than HE to make them more viable? I will experiment with an all HE fight and see how the damage difference stacks up, but so far, unless you land a big hit with AP (which is totally up to RNGESUS) they are a bit underwhelming when they don't. What have other people found with this? I do try to use AP exclusively against other BB's and yet don't find the results all that good.
  8. Didnt say I didnt shoot him Retia.....i was mid way through a reload cycle. He did die though, as by the time i had reloaded he was only just getting moving again...16k citadel later he went booooom.
  9. I have an example of how the visual mechanics (DD camo and so forth) totally break immersion in the game. Last night I was fighting in my New York, laying into an opposing Omaha. He was cruising along at over 30kts being cool, making life hard for me to hit him zigging and zagging all over the place. Then in open water he just stopped. Instantly. No slow down, no slide to a halt. He just stopped, no land around him, no islands, nothing. At first I thought my machine had frozen, or had a 999 ping spike....nope. Turns out after I got a bit closer, a Minekaze had crossed directly in front of him. I couldn't see it but it stopped him cold. Only saw the Minekaze as I closed the distance and they tried to untangle themselves. The view mechanics in this game really do break what little "cool realism" there is. This for me just highlighted the silliness of it all, watching 2 ships crash into each other, but being able to only see half the accident.
  10. Yob80

    Lupis and Lanta's misadventures.

    If their carriers are tier 6 or 7, and you have kitted your Atlanta out for complete AA dominance, and have the premium AA skill (quicker recharge) then you can do this....(im to spaz to insert an image....so ill type it out) 413 474 creds, 3311 EXP, Clear Sky award 84 HE shell hits, 40 Aircraft shot down, 2 crits, 2 sunk, 1 fire started. Aircraft may not be worth much, but I guess you down enough of them, it all adds up. I mainly try and go AA or counter DD when im cruising in the Lanty now, and if I can spam shells at someone not looking, well thats a bonus.
  11. Yob80

    Proposal for Atlanta.

    Lupis, if you want an Atlanta buddy (trust me 2 running together is hilarious) add me as a friend and ill toon up when im on. I enjoy running mine, probably my fav. ship, which is kinda sad so far seeing as its a prem.
  12. Yob80

    Suggest lower the Atlanta to tier 6

    The problem there is not with the Atlanta, its with the Cleveland. I hate to say it but after the Cleveland you need to almost get to the tier 9 Baltimore before you feel like you have a better ship. Both the Pepsicola and the New Orleans don't compare to the Cleveland. The Cleveland is just to good for its tier. Hell a fully upgraded New Orleans only has as much HP as a Cleveland.....and its a full 2 tiers higher. For what it is designed to do, the Atlanta fares fine, its just not a front line fighter, its meant to swat down planes and DD's, and in that it performs well. In 63 battles in mine im running at 32-33k avg damage, but have downed 662 aircraft, almost 11 per game.
  13. Yob80

    Proposal for Atlanta.

    not really, they did it in WoT......just look at the Type 59 and Super Pershing.
  14. Yob80

    Proposal for Atlanta.

    Yeah i know, i dont hit often, but what it mainly causes is people screwing their own aim trying to dodge the incessant rain of shells as you close the distance.
  15. Yob80

    Proposal for Atlanta.

    For all who want a range buff to the Atlanta, you can already get one. I was hoping to keep this little trick secret, but here goes..... Get the tier 4 captain skill Advance Firing Training. Gives +20% to range of guns up to 155mm in caliber. Its under the secondaries skills tree but I have it and I can confirm it works. My Atlanta has a range of 13.28klms, and even more funny is the cleveland has a range of over 17klms. Also as a + it ups the AA range by 20% too SHHHHHHH, keep this to yourselves......