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  1. How does a Vet play start a new tech tree line if you cant play low tiers, Co-op earns sweet FA xp and most other game modes don't support low lvl play.
  2. XR8rGREAT

    Still a defeat

    This is why I dont read too much into peoples win/loss record as it doesn't matter how good you are if your team still loses then you lose.
  3. XR8rGREAT

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    Yea this sucks Ive been in a clan since they have been in the game and yet to play in a single clan battle because of the time its at. Surely they can have a wider window for this. In all the Esports events you never see a clan from NZ or Aus Gee i wonder why?
  4. XR8rGREAT

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Our clan is a newish one and we are yet to do one clan Battle just because of the time it starts. Most of us have jobs to do so can't stay up all hours of the night to maybe get a battle. With our clan at 33 members and most of them wanting to participate what are we to do.
  5. XR8rGREAT

    team killer need more heavy punish

    Well I just got into a battle with my shinny new USN Ranger and the kongo on our team as some as the battle started fired 3 salvos into me and killed me for no reason at all player name was[content removed]. I didnt have replays enable either. Naming and Shaming. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking Don't name and shame on the forums.
  6. XR8rGREAT

    Project R

    oh i see so each like is 1 pearl and so on. Also is there more then just 145pearls on offer as i think i missed one of the weekly ones in the first week as i didnt see this event until very late.
  7. XR8rGREAT

    Project R

    is the tally for the total pearls collected correct as all the goals go up in units of 5 pearls so how is it currently at 1,237,619 makes me wonder if this number is reliable at all.