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  1. SuddenDeath

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Does this scenario include the Black Massa!
  2. SuddenDeath

    Ranked Battles / changes

    Ranked out last night in my Kamikaze with a swag of kills easy peasy , no long range shootin for me just close in deadly torping & capping/defending
  3. SuddenDeath

    Giulio Cesare

    Got another Kraken in mine yesterday and won the game last one standing , its a hoot get it!
  4. SuddenDeath

    Bots Team kill?

    Wow this is interesting i don't usually play the co-op game but i mean do they show up pink on the bot screen next battle are they punished and drop a tier from orders of the grand poohba bot admiral lol! Do Bot players have rage AI haha I must investigate this phenomenon more closely hehe
  5. SuddenDeath

    North Carolina Guide

    Good article mate very nicely articulated and concise, i applaud your application to the task and if in future i acquire the North Carolina i shall take all of your considerations on board. Now however i take this on board as intel and shall be awaiting with my Bismarck to feast on your burning sinking hull. With Much Love (Gort)
  6. Please finish this line "I am too drunk to ...."
  7. SuddenDeath

    Myoko nightmare ....

    Hee Hee Hee more Myoko's more citadels num num num
  8. SuddenDeath

    Myoko nightmare ....

    Hee Hee Hee more Myoko's more citadels num num num
  9. SuddenDeath

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    Yep totally agree i've stopped playing my Belfast because of this,it needs to fixed and i aint whinging its a glitch that needs to be fixed pronto!
  10. SuddenDeath

    battleship ass tanking XD

    just bring up my Kutuzov sit behind an island and burn you down to the waterline
  11. SuddenDeath

    Mighty Mo Poi poi poi

    Yep be saving my dough for the Alabama
  12. They already have one in the German BB lineup its called the Gniesenau sister ship to the Scharnhorst