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  1. That just seems like really bad luck I've never had that happen to me in my Fuso.
  2. Tinwing

    Got a beta code but!

    He could you know....... borrow your account.
  3. Tinwing

    What pre order ship do I buy?

    The Sims and gremlin are great DD hunters. The Sims can maneuver and keep its guns trained on the enemy and pew pew them to death. The gremlin has good damage and can out range other dds at that tier so the slow turret traverse can be somewhat mitigated. Only played one game in the yubari... seemed ok
  4. Tinwing

    Explain shooting/smoke in regards to detection

    If you a still sailing the smoke will be behind you and if there is a ship or plane in front of you spotting you it will keep you lit. If you stop you will be in the smoke and line of sight will be broken. That's why you need to turn away from the enemy when you pop smoke
  5. Tinwing

    Mr DD whiner tries a Battleship on for size.

    The thing is currently BB's can just sit in open water on most maps at 20km and still be effective. Almost impossible for a DD to get close to a BB in open water
  6. I doubt it. Pretty sure AALG put up somewhere that these ships will only he on discount once then stay around for a year before being pulled from the shop for an extended period
  7. Tinwing

    Less range on BB tier 7~8

    Hmm sees right actually wonder why that is
  8. Tinwing

    Less range on BB tier 7~8

    Amagi would be 21.7km with the fire control system upgrade
  9. Tinwing

    Mr DD whiner tries a Battleship on for size.

    I agree that the CV's are too fast and with any sort of head start a DD can't catch them easily. Also agree it's too hard to get close to a BB with a DD and torps get spotted to early
  10. Tinwing

    Battle Report Link

    I imagine it is on the to do list. What I find annoying is how long those battle reports in port stay on the screen for especially when you have a few pop up at once. Perhaps it is like that as there is no after battle report that can be read in depth so the simple ones are staying on screen longer
  11. Tinwing

    Wow Forum becoming like WOT forum?

    People who have to say they are successful as an anonymous internet personality are most likely not successful. People who are truely successful and have achieved great things do not need to tell people about it. If you need to justify things to people on the internet you are not content with yourself.
  12. Tinwing

    World Of Warships CBT Ships to OBT

    They will wipe everything. Anything you have bought will be credited to you again so any piasters you have spent you will get back same with ships. It's not really fair to players who start playing in open beta to come up against players seal clubbing with fully kitted out ships and captains.
  13. Wait till the game goes into open beta then play it for free to see if you like it. If you want a realistic simulator though this isn't for you
  14. Tinwing

    Damn do i love the cleveland

    Post that up in AALG's game thread. Not Mich will beat that score
  15. I'll admit I love playing the BB's but find it very hard to get close enough to one to engage it with a DD