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  1. Dark_Hoshino

    Issue With 0.8.6 Free Rewarded Containers

    I thought that might be the case. didn't see the 2 containers or the free tier vi premium there and thought "***t, did i miss something? coz i did all of it.
  2. Dark_Hoshino

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    Definitely gets an up vote from me. would like to see more commonwealth ships. currently only 2 Australian and 1 Canadian ship where there is plenty to draw from with both New Zealand and India to say the least. For instance they could do something like the Leander or Perth with the Achilles. since that took part in the battle of the River plate against the Admiral Graf Spee. perhaps make that either the tech tree tier 6 Cruiser or even something like one you could get for free exp.
  3. Dark_Hoshino

    Premium Aircraft Carriers—They're All Here!

    Yes I also have that same question. That and Where's the British Tier 8 Premium indomitable? or is that not released yet. Seen heaps of videos about it.
  4. Dark_Hoshino

    172 pearls

    Hmm... I seem to be able to only get a maximum of 147, Which means for the last 5 pearls I have to do carrier wins.....damn. Really don't like using them. Would be nice if they did new missions each day because I complete the weekly ones in only a few battles.