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  1. Phoenix4427

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    Thanks for the feed back from both of you. Very helpful. So which of the two Russian lines does the Gremy represent best. My understanding is Tashkent side is pretty much gun boat () and Udaloi is a bit more "hybrid"? If so would you spec Tashkent and Udaloi captains differently?
  2. Phoenix4427

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    Hi Guys, I've been away from the game for a long time and had the urge to come back again. Upon return I have found that a lot of my captains have had skills reset and the skills have changed/moved on a fair bit. I wanted to start a bit lower down in the food chain while getting back into the game so thought tier 5 would be nice. I bought the Gremyashchy in close beta and really enjoyed it. I remember it being a nasty little gun boat.To that end I have a 16pt Capt who is in the Tashkent (my original Gremy capt) and a 9 point Capt in the Udaloy. I got these when they spilt the tree and it was about this time that I stopped playing. Which of these two captains is more suited to the Gremy and how would you set up their skills? Thanks in advance! Phoenix
  3. Phoenix4427

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Gremyaschy. Fast, workable torps with reasonable stealth and good guns. I do reasonably well in it so it has to be op. I dread to think how powerful it would be in the hands of someone who's actually capable.
  4. How does the replay enable option work. I have ticked this option but cannot find any replays. Is there something else i need to do?
  5. Phoenix4427

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    Please tell me the Russians get better after tier 5! I love the Gremy and Murmansk but the way up the destroyer line has been awful. Not sure what I think of the Gnevny. It looks like a Gremy but they feel quite different even with the same captain at the wheel. Please, Please Tell me it gets better!
  6. Thanks AALG - That's Cool!
  7. Does downloading and accessing the closed beta test start the premium time that came with the ship packages. Given that this progress will be wiped when the game goes open that would be a little rough.