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  1. Phoenix4427

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Thank You!
  2. Phoenix4427

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hi Aslain, There is a small mistake on the "Radio and Hydro Identifier by Poseidon_Brazil". It shows the Kronshtadt as having Hydro. I am unsure as to how to contact him directly, as I don't have an EU account.
  3. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    Hi Folks, Sorry to necro a thread but I thought it might be helpful for others to let people know that my original plan worked. I have reset the line and fxp'd my way through to tier ten again prior to the season reset. Today (after the new season start) I reset the line a second time and have begun working my way back up the line, this time buying ships from tier 5 onwards and playing them to get the bonus. As you can see from the attached pick I am getting the x4 bonus. Hope this helps
  4. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    Does a credit discount on purchase price also mean the the sale is a half the discounted buy price? Thats a bit sneaky
  5. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

  6. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    @Max_BattleThat is the coolest thing I have read in this forum.
  7. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    Thank you very much to everyone for the info. Having had nothing to do with research bureau i really have no idea what to expect. I had no idea that there were monthly mission chains. This will indeed cut back my need to reset a 3rd time. I can fxp reset once and then will need to grind through the line. Im not sure how often ill make 75 middions but always 25 and often 50 would be normal. At 800rp per month 6 months would be comfortable all the while pushing up through th line anyway. @georgerbuchanan this info took quite abit of sting out of the hit thank you. @HobartAWD i was concerned at the "remembering of the bonus". The wiki says it does but the wiki isnt always correct. Thanks for the word of caution. I much prefer advice from experience rather than relying on a wiki @Metal_illnesscredits definetly an issue. I have about 60mil and clearly get some back after line reset but i could see chewing through that very quickly with repeated resets. Hence my desire to fxp through the first reset and then grind the second but only buy on the srcond. Thank you for the advice.
  8. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    Oh dear Max. 🤪 Thanks for the help guys
  9. Phoenix4427

    New to Research Bureau

    Hi Folks, In the pursuit of the Vampire2 (I'm Aussie and just want it!), I am just about to unlock the Research Bureau. I should have this done in the next few days. I have been saving FXP ever since the V2 was hinted at and was gutted when it turned up as RP but the FXP will be helpful as I have enough to reset a line that I enjoy I have read the wiki on RB and wanted to check with those in the know that my understanding is correct. 1. In a couple of days (at most) I will unlock my 5th tier 10 research line. Nevsky, Khabarovsk, Grosavoy, demoine and minotaur. this gives my 10000rp. 2. Before the end of the season (14th of may?) I rest a line (probably Khaba) and then free xp back to T10 because I can. This puts a x2 RP bonus on all the T5-10 ships in the line. This line should then be worth 20400 RP 3. I then wait until the season resets (?15th 0f May or there about?) and reset the line again. This should then put a second x2RP bonus on the T5-10 ships in the line as it is a new season. 4.I start grinding the line by repurchasing the ships playing them. By the time I reach the T10 again I should have 50800 RP (10000RP for unlock of bureau and 2 x 20400RP for the research of the line) 5. This leaves me with the need to open a third line to get what I need for the Vampire (approx 4200RP). I am also considering on the second reset(my step 3). Resetting the Grosavoy line as well meaning I will be able to get RP for the T7 onwards of the second line which should be enough . Am I thinking straight or am I misunderstanding what I read? Many thanks for your help
  10. Phoenix4427

    Are you serious? Insufficient funds

    Yup just got the same issue. Think WG is having a fit!
  11. Phoenix4427

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    Thanks for the feed back from both of you. Very helpful. So which of the two Russian lines does the Gremy represent best. My understanding is Tashkent side is pretty much gun boat () and Udaloi is a bit more "hybrid"? If so would you spec Tashkent and Udaloi captains differently?
  12. Phoenix4427

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    Hi Guys, I've been away from the game for a long time and had the urge to come back again. Upon return I have found that a lot of my captains have had skills reset and the skills have changed/moved on a fair bit. I wanted to start a bit lower down in the food chain while getting back into the game so thought tier 5 would be nice. I bought the Gremyashchy in close beta and really enjoyed it. I remember it being a nasty little gun boat.To that end I have a 16pt Capt who is in the Tashkent (my original Gremy capt) and a 9 point Capt in the Udaloy. I got these when they spilt the tree and it was about this time that I stopped playing. Which of these two captains is more suited to the Gremy and how would you set up their skills? Thanks in advance! Phoenix
  13. Phoenix4427

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Gremyaschy. Fast, workable torps with reasonable stealth and good guns. I do reasonably well in it so it has to be op. I dread to think how powerful it would be in the hands of someone who's actually capable.
  14. Phoenix4427

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    How does the replay enable option work. I have ticked this option but cannot find any replays. Is there something else i need to do?
  15. Phoenix4427

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    Please tell me the Russians get better after tier 5! I love the Gremy and Murmansk but the way up the destroyer line has been awful. Not sure what I think of the Gnevny. It looks like a Gremy but they feel quite different even with the same captain at the wheel. Please, Please Tell me it gets better!