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  1. BigWaveSurfer

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    She has a Sister in the game......just not on the UK line. She is a bit modified mind you.
  2. BigWaveSurfer

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    How come everyone hates the Emerald? she has smoke and heal.
  3. BigWaveSurfer

    HMS Emerald Challenge

    Only played her for the grind to T10. can't say I hated her. Battles 15 Victories 9 (60%) Average Score per Battle Experience 1,205.60 Damage caused 31,051.20
  4. Think of all the low tier premium ships.....their use is for????? Training captains or using a 19 point captain to get elite XP for your other captains. Why should it be a problem to properly use low tier premiums for there intended role of training captains.
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    Operation Dynamo

    With the 6 nations x 4mil credit grinding for the last directive on the PEF I might have to join you guys on the weekend. If that ok?
  6. BigWaveSurfer

    Op of the Week - Cherry Blossom

    Too often in the past players would run off to farm targets and leave the regiments to get wiped out. Nothing new there
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    Change server

    I have played WoWp on NA with high ping. This game is a lot more playable at high ping then fast move planes of WoWp
  8. BigWaveSurfer

    Change server

    Yes, and on the forum there it's blue not green as it is here.
  9. BigWaveSurfer

    Change server

    WG did close my WoT NA account, but I asked support to re-open it since it was linked to my WoWp account which is on stuck NA as there is no ASIA server. This has also left my WoWs account open over there...not that I have ever used it. Ok, just checked looks like I can still install NA server WoWs under my IGN using Wargaming.net (a must have to use WoWP).
  10. BigWaveSurfer

    Change server

    I'm an ex NA server player, transfer over to ASIA 2012 WoT and then WoWs 2014. still have my alpha tag over on NA. Oh and it has been done once that I know of for a whole clan to swap servers....for a fee.
  11. BigWaveSurfer

    Gifting Santa Box to other player.

    NA forum has been saying that there is a problem with how many gifts they can give......have you remembered that gifts have to be excepted though e-mail address of each player?
  12. BigWaveSurfer

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    "I will not be salty if my crate is poop" Just watch your back mate BigWaveSurfer
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    Discount on Captain respec

    You still get the same discount using elite command xp. That's what I did with my new Daring
  14. BigWaveSurfer

    Giveaway for WoT players

    I still have not taken my T-50-2 for a run yet. must get over there sometime
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    HMS Nelson coming Thursday this week

    Nelson is not the only BB missing her torpedo tubes in game. It's just a WG thing for BB's not to have them (most of the time).