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  1. Best thing I did was before the camo change I payed 5k dubs for the camo with extra bonus on Graf Spree. Now her base credit earning is 40% instead of 5%. 40% being the same as I get for the Missouri after the changes. Would have got it for Warspite too if I had the dubs. Now I think they want 3k dubs for the same paint job with no bonus
  2. BigWaveSurfer

    I can't believe this happened...

    Max, Max, Max. Where you dreaming again.
  3. BigWaveSurfer

    Anniversary Supercontainer

    20 containers 37 days premium 2k doubloon 60k coal then just flags and boosts Better then a kick in the teeth
  4. BigWaveSurfer

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    So you want to buy the coal ship with steel just to get a super container Do you think a super container is worth 16,726 steel?
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    how old are you (in this game)

    @HobartAWD you joined 31 of Dec 2016 @King0chaos you joined 13 of Oct 2013 All you have to do is click on your name here ......or hold the curser over your IGN Edit: Oh wait, are we talking when we started playing or when we joined the forum?
  6. BigWaveSurfer

    how old are you (in this game)

    @ EvilJade There is some new player protection in random. I think it stops once you reach player level 17 But happy for anyone to correct me if I am mistaken.
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    how old are you (in this game)

    I joined wows forum September 28 2012. Almost 10 years old. 25/6/2015 is my registered date for the game.
  8. BigWaveSurfer

    How Prep for 10.6

    I have not seen any information on how much you will be able to sell your camo for after this update? For example, I have over 600 type 1 camo which can be sold for 11,250 credits each. Any word on how much I can sell them for after the update. I mean without the boost camos seem worthless.
  9. BigWaveSurfer

    favourite ships

    Graf Spee......it can just deal with it all. The Swiss army knife of WoWs
  10. BigWaveSurfer

    Black Friday Missions

    Put down the wallet.....you don't have to purchase them again. Step back and think for a minute....do I really need that ship in black
  11. BigWaveSurfer

    Container Bug - unintentional conversions to random types

    Why not make it like WoWP where you can pick which type of container you would like to open. Doesn't seem that hard
  12. You can see all players base xp on the 'team score' page full stop. The page op put up shows all the modifiers. One of the things that is a bug in the game is that a players stats are xp plus any premium time and not base xp. Makes it real pain when you look back at your stats knowing some ships had some premium time while others didn't, makes it hard to work out which ships are good xp earners.
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    So, All Games Are On Update Today...

    no WoT yet, but WoWp is back up
  14. "Grosser Kurfürst will remain on the accounts of its owners. If the ship was researched but not bought, sold, or the branch was reset, she will be invoiced to the player's account." Wait, so I don't even have to put out the credits for this!
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Opened up 4 more SC from T10 ships mission I got 7days premium 14 days premium from puzzle I got 50x shark camo from daily logging I got (I like to call the daily's my super flag containers) 100x papa papa's Not too bad