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  1. Think they may have to put some limits on what you can put in a build. that was just crazy
  2. not yet, but that would be just wrong
  3. I have been watching YouTubes of this since you mentioned it. Building your own ships looks great, shame all those guys putting up vids have only brains to build the biggest, most gunned thing they can. Still looks like it needs a lot of work.
  4. BigWaveSurfer

    Recruiting Station is down

    Yep, it is down on the NA server as well.
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    Sweden Cruiser Tre Kronor Class and Gotland

    Naval Underdogs - Sweden | World of Warships Is it a sign
  6. BigWaveSurfer

    0.10.0 bug report

    I also had this over on my NA account
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    Link to reset all commander skills?

    Commander Skills Update | World of Warships very bottom of page works from tomorrow
  8. BigWaveSurfer

    Silver League is another day of potato.

    I use to hide my stats before starting a clan. Thought people might want to see what the leader of the clan stats looked like. Even if my clan is a casual, none competitive clan. Hiding stats was a good tool when I played a lot of random battles.....play only co-op now so guess it's doesn't matter what the bots think
  9. BigWaveSurfer

    Commander Skills Update

    You can do a full commander reset tomorrow at the bottom of this page. Commander Skills Update | World of Warships
  10. BigWaveSurfer

    0.10.0 bug report

    yep looks like every ship commander that was on a premium of another class at the time of the update has had both command skill done. Not happy Ok done some digging turns out I can reset all my commanders tomorrow for free. it's at the very bottom of this page. Commander Skills Update | World of Warships
  11. BigWaveSurfer

    0.10.0 bug report

    Yeah, there is a bug. My "Icarus" (DD) commander has had both DD and BB skill assigned. He should have had only his assigned ship skill changed. And he is only the first one I have looked at
  12. BigWaveSurfer


    I am all for a wider tier spread on ops. T3-10 would be great. But WG doesn't like ops for the farming of xp is my guess. Players might not be converting enough xp to free xp which means less $ for WG. Not really sure how you could fix the problem and make players and WGing happy.
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    Waterline: Whats Next (First Half of 2021).

    The commander skills change really bugs me. It was one of the things wrong with WoTs (you know light tank commander can't work in med/Hvy tank without massive penalty) and now they are bring it here After the change a number of premium ships will become useless, more so for the newer players......Just why WG?
  14. BigWaveSurfer

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    Guess I'll start BigWaveSurfer
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    ranked is suffering

    Was just thinking why have I not done ranked yet.....oh yeah I'm on in the ranked down time. and still have snowflakes to knockoff