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  1. BigWaveSurfer

    Changes in the Armory

    No change to lower tier coal ships.....that's a bit sad....just the same old same old
  2. BigWaveSurfer

    Coal containers and Coal Port (Tin foil hat requied)

    This is why I never buy lottery ticket. Only thing I ever won was a cheap 5yr old bottle of scotch.....and that was only because I was with a lucky mate who won as well. Mum always said I was lucky because I always went from one job to the next with no time wasted......rather the lotto luck thanks mum.
  3. I have been noticing since coal port has reached 10% bonus that I almost always get only one bag of coal. 440 total coal per container. The alt I made to run the support clan for TF-44 and Clayton's on the other hand is only at 5% bonus but I almost always get 2 bags of coal. 840 total coal per container. Is anyone else noticing this or am I just going to crazy old man age
  4. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Guess I might have to come along too. Just as soon as I get my wife to work out this paypal thingy
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    The game's actual minimum specs?

    Had a problem with my main pc not long back so tryed the game with a cheap pc I use as backup. She has a 1.6GHz Celeron (2,48GHz burst frequency) 4GB of ram No GPU, just Integrated Graphics. With some work I got it to load into game 45second after battle started and she was playable (but very painful)
  6. BigWaveSurfer

    Is AP even useful anymore at Tier 10?

    To the OP, you could always try high tier co-op (if played right you still break even credits wise). Or play lower tier random. They will have the play style you are looking for. Remember games are meant to be fun
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    More operations with different tiers of ships. How about giving some of the lower tiers some love. you brought in the research bureau in the hope we would play more lower tiers (fail), why not lower tier ops?
  8. BigWaveSurfer


    Bummer, looks like it has stopped working
  9. Thanks for that S0uld_Theif. Would only think of moving if my whole clan was up for it and my accounts could be merged (like my WoT account once I moved to ASIA from NA). Nice to know. I am sure there would be other wanting to know as well
  10. Question; I have an account on NA under the same name and email address. Would my ASIA account wipe this account out or would they be merged?
  11. BigWaveSurfer

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    Played only 3 times since 0.8.9 and crashed out 3 times? Could be my end but not sure.
  12. BigWaveSurfer

    New Ships Teasers

    British battlecruisers
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    She was faster below the surface because they made her electric motors more powerful then her diesel engines. It was the start of the modern subs Still only gave her a top speed of around 17kts
  14. BigWaveSurfer

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    What.....no HMAS Albatross (I). Tier 3 CV
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    What should I call my French alt?

    I would say Max_Clouseau (pink Panther) There is a thing about having too many alts. When the events and missions come round you have to pick which one you want the reward to go to meaning the others will suffer. Best if you can stick to just one.....maybe 2