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  1. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    2020 the year that was not much fun, but will still leave a big hangover.
  2. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    hang on the 'bows' isn't that related to the 'poop deck' yes I know, bad potty humor
  3. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/anchors-away-2020/ all stops through 2020 have been postponed sorry it would not let me add that last line in the earlier post for some reason All stops through 2020 have been postponed.
  4. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Ahoy Captains, As we continue to operate in a COVID-19 world, our team has made the decision to postpone the remaining Anchors Away stops, through November. This means we’ll be refunding any tickets purchased for USS Massachusetts, USS Alabama, USS Iowa, and USS Lexington. We’re going to keep HMAS Vampire and USS Hornet on the schedule for now, and continue to plan for those events. However, if you have already purchased a ticket for any of these events and wish to be refunded, please send a request through Eventbrite and we will issue this refund. We’ll make a decision on those events that are scheduled for 2021, however we will continue to plan with hope, for these stops. Thank you for your understanding, and please, remain safe and healthy during these troubled times. ~The World of Warships North American Team All stops through 2020 have been postponed. All stops through 2020 have been postponed.
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    I was going to get tickets but then I watch what was going on in China (Covid-19) and thought i have seen this before (Spanish flu) might wait a bit, see how it pans out. I guess if you see what happened to the US events then maybe that might guide you into WG's thought on this event. Would have been nice to put a face to the names (IGNs).
  6. BigWaveSurfer

    ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships (Italian, PA, and CWoN)

    Vampire II. My best mates older brother served in x-ray turret as a gunnery mechanic. Not to mention 2 guys I work with server on her. I use to see her everyday at work, just across the water from me. Bit excited to have her in the game
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    Ships for Victory

    I was only planning on getting the 'stars and strips' camo x20 for 1800 tokens (the other 2 for 1500 maybe), that to me looked like the best value for tokens. good camo always comes in handy. But hey, I'm a cheap old so and so.
  8. Wait....you lost your Steven Seagull? mine is still on my 'Mo' (back to the galley for you Seagull)
  9. BigWaveSurfer

    So.... I messed it up

    yes it does......and I like it
  10. BigWaveSurfer

    Server Overload

    I hate that I get this at during quite time....like now, just after 7am in the morning
  11. On the 'snowflakes' I am hoping that xp for co-op would be lower then the required xp for random as the would make sense.
  12. BigWaveSurfer

    Heavy breathing

    The captain skill rework; Does this mean I will no longer be able to use my Bismarck captain in my Graf Spee as the skills for BB's won't work on a cruiser??
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    ST guys, really?

    ST players are NOT meant to do this. Well that was 3yrs ago when I was last a STer I can how ever see the funny side.
  14. BigWaveSurfer

    Asymmetric battles

    The point is I can use my Kongo as a super cruiser and kick butt
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    12xSC. I got 1k doubloon, 21 days premium time the rest flags and camo Have never got a ship from a SC.