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  1. TiroFinale


    Patience young padawan.
  2. TiroFinale

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I hear thy summons. I would love to join your team. Currently working at the cafe I can help on some situations in pertaining data in an enviroment where I work. Sign me up for the supertest.
  3. TiroFinale

    us destroyer or jp destroyers?/

    JP DD's for Night Party's err Night Battle! Hmm has anyone had a link about the history of each countries Naval warfare doctrine?
  4. TiroFinale

    U-505 German Type IXC

    damn I envy you for having some pictures taken from there. I couldn't bring my camera when I was visiting the U-Boat Wilhelm Bauer (formerly I-2540) at Bremerhaven though I still have a good reference guide of the whole Sub.
  5. TiroFinale

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    Chosen Cruisers for the idea being able to do long voyage cruise at the same time packing a lot of BOOM of arsenals. PS I heart Takao
  6. TiroFinale

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Will we have other sister ships or Historical modifications like Takao-class Maya replaced her Cannons for AA Guns?
  7. TiroFinale

    Introduction thread

    I should have done this a long time ago but ended up in lurking. Formerly as Scripted in WoT NA Greetings to all.
  8. TiroFinale

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    ^ Err just this once. (In prepping for the upcoming "medium" event) They haven't posted the story writer of the episode 3. I've only got confirmation Episode 1 and 2 where done also by the director Kusakawa Keizou and we known him for making "Good Ending" shows like Nanoha, Dog Days, Akuma no Riddle and *cough* Madoka wannabe *cough* Gen'ei. This Episode 3 is like having Tomino and Gen sipping tea together while giggling. While here I am getting beaten up by death flags left and right.
  9. TiroFinale

    Carrier has just arrive says in the blog

    ^ You've just save my time in posting that vid Now lets see how players can do an AA screen formation.
  10. Suffering.. unstable internet connection.

  11. TiroFinale

    Carrier has just arrive says in the blog

    "Insert Protoss Carrier line here"