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  1. XDeathLordX

    player base is going bad really quick

    Are you serious? someone speaks up about the complete lack of effort and gameplay from most of the players who pretend to play this game and you spring to their defence and tell the OP to leave and stop whining? So I take it you are one of those that run away thinking by staying alive you are doing something like ummmm watching your team mates die with no support? It beggars belief that you are given the privelege to participate and then feel the need to ignore the pathetic cowardice and lack of effort from alot of players and criticize someone who wants better game play and effort from the players.
  2. XDeathLordX

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Nice layouts of the maps, one question I would like to ask is that some of the pacific maps with lots of islands dont have any active volcanoes, will WG add any kind of eye candy such as erupting volcanoes?, maybe 1 or 2 active volcanoes as there is many volcanoes in the pacific. Maybe maps with a couple of the small islands or large islands belching smoke out of the top would add to the visualisation of the surroundings, just a thought.
  3. XDeathLordX

    Impressions so far

    Because most of those battleships stay as far away from battle as they can, you get a destroyer on cap and he hits the smoke screen then it is nigh on impossible to break the cap as he cant be seen, 30 sec reload on batteships vs destroyers spamming torps and smoke on a cap = win for the destroyers. I see many ppl running the jap line on destroyers and cruisers because of the torp spamming they can do, aim and shoot with guns is no longer a requirement, just spam the torps and luck will win in the end when there are that many torps being spammed.
  4. XDeathLordX

    Impressions so far

    Played over 200 battles already in close beta and I have seen on average 75% ships in battle on both sides are torp carrying ships, if they wernt op then you wouldnt have as many players using them, some battles it is nothing but a spam fest of torps, I would like to see the smoke screens decreased in size, they take up such large areas that is near impossible to attack the destroyers when they remain invisible, try to get close and they spam you with torps and still remain invisible, give other ships a chance to taking out the destroyers, smoke screens and torps give way too much advantage to them.
  5. XDeathLordX

    WoWS CBT in a nutshell

    I just say to them in chat when they all go poi poi poi that it is a mating call for ladyboys lol, didnt see one poi after that all battle lmao ahhh the silence was bliss, now if we can actually get them to play the game and test rather than run and hide till end of battle would be a miracle that aint gonna happen. On a side not Mod can you get WG to put as ingame msg on load up into battle screen saying that at end of cbt all accounts will be wiped clean? so many have no clue that this will happen and continue to farm damage or hide rather than play to win the battle and contribute, this msg needs to get out more into ppl's faces and make them realise what they are doing is for nothing and there is nothing to gain by continuing that age old practice of hide and run and not play for win.
  6. XDeathLordX

    It's Happening!

    Thank you WG for an awesome birthday present, finally I can get back into wows and play woot
  7. XDeathLordX

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Looks like I have to wait and wait and wait *sigh* , loved the weekend and couldnt get enough of it, i need more, it is a drug i swear it, i am already addicted to wows and only played it for one weekend gimme gimme gimme
  8. XDeathLordX

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Lets hope closed beta comes out sooner rather than later, just started 3 weeks of leave from work and would kill me to miss spending hour upon hour every day if it comes out after I have gone back to work
  9. XDeathLordX

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    I have noticed all the battles are played on flat seas, will there be maps that will have you fighting in swells of around 2 metres or such which brings the skill factor in when aiming and such? would also add to the realism that is evident in the game with the great detail shown on the ships.
  10. XDeathLordX

    Carrier Preference

    I expect no less than it to be put in the UK line but the yr of build should not keep it from being in game, time will tell when they bring in the UK line of ships, strange though that the UK and German ships were not put in first ahead of the Japanese and American ships, still trying to figure out the reasoning other than to satisfy the NA and the SEA servers of nationality.
  11. XDeathLordX

    New Face on Asian Forum

    Will there be many more weekend testing to be done as I take it going from posts so far not looking till xmas next yr, will be a shame not to experience more of this game from time to time until it is released as closed beta.
  12. XDeathLordX

    Carrier Preference

    Wonder if they will bring in HMAS Melbourne, Australia's only Aircraft Carrier and that was built in 1947 so it should by all accounts fit into this game and era of ships.
  13. XDeathLordX

    [Forum] Beta Weekend forum

    Totally love WOWS, the graphics unbeatable, the handling of the ships and how they react is awesome, thanks for the chance to experience this game, once live I will transfer my 3.5mill exp sitting on Maus to this game , cant wait to it to go live.
  14. XDeathLordX

    Registering for Beta testing

    Throwing my hat in the ring and requesting invite to the Beta testing of WOWS.