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  1. ZenTex

    Halloween Mode Tips

    People staying behind every battle. 4 battles, 4 losses, 1 hour spent and nothing to show for it Thanks but no thanks.
  2. Oh, I actually loved the Clemson to bits. But it's very situational like i said, Sometimes i rush in guns blazing, dodging shells and torpedoes, blowing up enemy gunning other DD's to death and topedoing their BB's, all in one go. But then next game you try to do the same and basically get myself screwed over in the first 5 seconds because every enemy's salvo seems to hit and cause criticals. I'm guessing after reaching the next tier I'd best describe the playstyle as "opportunistic". Trying to find lone BB's or enemy ships that are engaged zoom in and out, see if i'm being prioritized by the enemy. if yes: GTFO, if no: get up, close and personal. Either way, action packed.
  3. The US clemson and Soviet Derziki specifically. On the Nicholas this is no point anymore really. Did you read my post? Or even just the topic title?
  4. Like I said, zigzagging this and that way with guns blazing means I can barely keep my guns on target, so DPS suffers a lot. this is the first and foremost reason i cannot get too many shots in in many games. Check This works well against IJN DD's but Russian and US destroyers shoot back, bastards. I usually come out on top if there aren't too many enemy cruisers around to shoot at me, but in general I pop a few shells into the DD then make a hasty retreat. Again, tier 3-4 DD's performance is very situational at best. with their limited range and slow turret rotation it's hard to land more damage unto the enemy than they land on me. One gets lucky and they're so obsessed shooting at their current target that they largely ignore me, in which case i have a field day, more often than not I find myself under fire from everyone on the other team. I think these tiers DD's are a bit of a mess. Torpedo's that are too short range to be used reliably and from relative safety, guns that pack a punch but are again very short range and just lack oomph against anything that's not a DD and a turret rotation that is far too slow to keep the guns on target when manouevering wildly, sort of defeating the purpose of a quick, hard to hit gunboat. (and in the case of the tier 4 US DD, a 6.7 7 base vis range hurts as quite often i found myself being stalked by other DD's, keeping the "detected" warning lit up when I'm frantically trying to retreat)
  5. Coming from the IJN DD line (and loving it) I decided to give the US and USSR lines a shot. For IJN destroyers it's obvious: Spam torpedo's while remaining undetected. But for the other nations? Surely they must rely on guns to do damage while using their torpedo's in self defense only, to shake off pursuers at close range (or maybe rush a solitary battleship and using cover to ambush the occasional ship, but this is very very situational and certainly not common) since the torpedo's range is well inside the detection range. But then, the guns... I found they're of very limited use too. the problem is their rotation speed. If i play DD style hit and run tactics, zoom in, release a few shells, maouever wildly then get out of range fast... I hardly get a few shots on the target because usually no more than 1 or 2 guns can be trained on target... The alternative is running in a straight line... and we know how that ends. Also the shell's trajectory and speed also don't help with hitting targets reliably. And then there's the damage it does. a single shell hits for pathetic damage, the damage output is a mere fraction of that of a cruiser. And then there's the paper armour issue. in 3 out of 5 of my fist low tier non-IJN games i have been detonated. 2 of these were with the FIRST shell that hit me! And of course any DD that gets spotted will be the priority target for any cruisers out there and with the shell spam they're able to put on target and the damage they do, survival is often measured in seconds, especially since every few shots disable your steering gear, engine, or usually: both. So waiting until all enemies are engaged and then zooming in to get some shells on target does't really work either. any gun out there will be trained on a DD once detected. This is not a complain or a rant post, I'm really trying to figure out the point of low(er) tiered DD's, I'm wondering how others do it and how they fare. I find there's some good games to be had, but just as many end up with me barely being able to do any damage at all as there is virually ZERO room for error or bad luck.
  6. ZenTex

    Idea for an interesting fail ship

    A seat paddded with steel spikes that collapses when you try to sit on it. :p I'll pass. Why go for japanese cruisers when the US ones are so much better?
  7. ZenTex

    Idea for an interesting fail ship

    But this is about cruisers, the Furutaka. Have you played it? Sure US DD's arent as good as IJN ones, but the furutaka is damn near useless, there's not a game where i don't get citadel'd twice. Went vs my Cleave vs an Aoba yesterday, the engagement lasted seconds. my 1st salvo got me 3 citadel hits, the 2nd 2.Het barely got a second salvo off.
  8. Lets create the ultimate fail ship! I have some ideas. First of all it shoud be japanese, they lost the war, right? It'd be a "heavy cruiser", in name only because we'd give it no armour whatsoever but giant citadels that you can't possibly miss. I'd give it big guns which only do a bit more damage that the 150mm but at least double their reload! To further anny people, we'd give it a ridiculous gun arrangement so that in order to fire an entire salvo, you have to present your broadside to the enemy. Oh, and of course the turrets would rotate really slow to maximize the time that broadside is open to the enemy. Another great idea would be to give it a huge citadel that you cannot possibly miss (or did I mention that already?) and that anything but a destroyer can penetrate reliably. Obviously you wouldn't want to come closer than neccessary to the enemy, so we'd give it mediocre range so as to give anyone the opportunity to hit your juicy citadels and of course make the ship pretty long to improve the chance of it eating torpedo's while not improvinng maneuverability. To make it "balanced" (but really to add insult to injury) give it some torps, which is a great idea for a ship that desperately wants to stay at maximum gun range all the time! And maybe average speed so you'll never get out of range of any other ship thaat's in gun range already so you can run away for ages while screaming like a girl and not quite getting out of range while only being able to train 2 barrels at any pursuer. Oh, and lastly, I'd give it giant citadels! What do you guys think? Any more suggestions maybe?
  9. ZenTex

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Simple (temporary) solution: buff XP gained fromdowning airplanes and more CV's will hunt for enemy bombers instead of focussing purely on bombing.
  10. ZenTex

    where are you from?

    Pssst. Don't forget Macao. ;) Dutchman Living in Hong Kong by the way.
  11. ZenTex

    IJN vs Kriegsmarine Ships

    If by sheer numers, IJN would win. Not to mention the KM Lacked a carrier (in operation). If the ships of the same class vs eachother in single combat, the KM would certainy win IMHO. Just take the Bismarck vs Yamato/Musashi for instance. Yes, the Bismarck was tiny in comparison, Especially when comparing gun size, so on paper the bismarck would lose, the Yamato/Musashi never managed to hit anything while we know about the track record of the Bismarck. The German navy did quite well in WW2 despite being horribly outnumbered by the Royal Navy. Of course, most German ships were quite modern by the days' standards.