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  1. WindCruiser

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    -Can you select the loot box the which one you want to open first or save it for later Like in this current event (hunt for Bismarck) that give you event loot box and I want to open only the event box but not daily box so is there anyway to do that? -will there gonna be more information about ship characteristic in game ? especially with gun, right now you show the stat of horizontal dispersion only, so how about vertical one ? cause now I feel like how RNG make the shot off target mostly vertical more than horizontal so if you show both then we can understand the accuracy of the gun more. and Sigma too since it different on each ship . -and I heard some rumor about the game gonna change how concealment work again after remove invis-fire, one being add-reduce the bloom time for each ship by gun caliber, if this true will the game will have any compensation for the ship now since when you remove invis-fire you not give any buff to the destroyer, just reduce the captain retraining cost. and since game removing invis-fire and make DD to use smoke more but then you have both radar and sonar to counter smoke and DD can't do anything about it, will the game able to make the enemy ship show up but not able to lock on the ship that in smoke (like in some other tanks game that after the tank get unspotted, it still show you the tank for a few seconds but no info on the head (HP, tank name, etc) so you can't lock it but still shoot it manually before it completely disappear )so it may give a chance to guys in smoke? since in real life, even sonar can't make you got a clear shot,
  2. WindCruiser

    AniManga Chat :E

    I will just post it here .... Got some idia from HaiFuri's Fan so I come up did this Edited by me... Music from WoWs Trailer. ... Maybe that change the mood for this anime lol
  3. There are 2 kind of Weather effect .... The normal one when raining at start of the map and back to normal condition when count down end ... this has no effect to the game at all. maybe they just add for us to know there nothing wrong with your screen. the second one is Cyclone. I think visibility will impact on Long range BB and CV more than DD since most of DD will stay stealth over 8km even clear sky ... only better for them is getting spotted by plane and the invis fire from long range. and the Cyclone will not alway there ... and it duration are also random ... so if it end in 2 min .. the ship that come close will end up just being a bigger target for BB
  4. WindCruiser

    WOW....thank you WG for the personal offer

    waiting for A discount 100% for Atago
  5. WindCruiser

    Last chance perk on Shimakazes

    Holy S!!!!!! iChase on SEA Server !? .... Wow I think you are in diferent server ... I like you captain academy and other stuff too... You are my tutor for this game :3Just want you to know, I like your work and keep them coming
  6. WindCruiser

    Northern Lights too bright?

    +1 for me too. I really think it too darn bright ... it really hurt my eye It night map but it really like they change color of sun and we have green sun and blue sun instead of warm light without changing the intensity of light.
  7. WindCruiser

    Girls und Warship (HaiFuri - High School Fleet)

    I don't want any spoil so no thank
  8. What with this warship fever lol More Warship Anime ? ... now that not gonna suprise me anymore .... it HaiFuri new anime that just start airing few weeks ago It about warship ... yep ... and high school girls ... urrr right~ .... so I want to know anyone watching this? how you think about it Love it ? Hate it ? Rate it ! Ps. No spoil pls.
  9. WindCruiser

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    So Shima has 3 Torp to choose 8 12 and 20 ? From the range I go for 12 since 20 is too far, my play style not launch torp from long range since it has more change to get spotted from plane, or hot other ally and I not go for 8km since I already has Torp Accel skill so that bring my max range down lower than my detection range and I don't want that ....
  10. WindCruiser

    Personal Offer Discount?

    just got first offer 2day ago with 25%off from 3 Days Premium ... Geez ... they know I don't play a lots per day .... even give me for free I still think it not that worth it cas I will play like ... 3matchs ..
  11. WindCruiser

    We need some better tutorials

    I wonder how much ppls care about tutorial ... I bet most of player just skip it ...
  12. WindCruiser

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    ... yep ... and you just add Radar consumable that force DD to stay away and keep distance to long range ...
  13. WindCruiser

    How to make the battle 'goal' easier to understand

    and in opposite team totally ignore the target ship and go chase after runaway DD