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  1. Moesugi

    Question about anti torpedo bulge

    *major damage fixed
  2. /facepalm It's not about the damage, it never was, it's about the effect that come after. A ship on fire = His 2ndary will turn off automatically. A ship that's flooded = His move speed reduced by half. A battleship hit his button and then what? A cruiser/destroyer will lit him up again just as fast. This has been known for a while, it's just that AP were so effective before (Because of the non-existent of armor) so people didn't consider abusing fire control.
  3. If the ship you considered OP still get a buff then maybe, just maybe it's not that OP. Also, there are two kind of buff/nerf. The balance kind, and the design kind. The problem is, people will keep their bias about their favorite class. You'll never achieve anything arguing with people that has never spend time on a class they considered "OP". Which is why dev have mostly reduced to data collect. It's more reliable and easier to do.
  4. Moesugi

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    Exactly. As BB were the capital ship for many navies in WW2 and got all the good thing with them, you can't just nerf them so that they could be sunk by inferior ship class. This result in a BB gameplay that make you feel like you have potential, but you just couldn't afford the risk because you can't reliably control the ship. Meanwhile as a DD sometime you feel helpless as you already did your best, but that BB is still going strong... even after all the nerf to their mechanic. Then there's map design, where they tried to control where you could engage in which map on what class. But imo that design choice also fail terribly, as the only map I considered good are the ocean map where people actually group up and make surviving/shooting a lot more fun and engaging than any other map.
  5. Moesugi

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    Design choice. Dev think it's good to adopt the rock-scissor-paper philosophy in this game, which is why BB have to be nerfed so that DD could sink them reliably. This result in the state of BB and DD you see in this game
  6. Moesugi

    The BB question

    Had "composed" a really long argument on how ridiculous your example is (Like how you were able to deal with the "invisible" torp coming from a "smart" DD that somehow stuck between you and the CV) But anw that's not really important, this is my one true advice I want to give you as a "mod-in-training" Do not give any comment about "pebkac" problem, like this sentence It makes you less professional. This kind of comment is player-exclusive, if you really want to then log onto a peasant account and do it with us. If you're a mod, then ignore the rant and "deal with it". Now if you're a mod and have information from the dev like this "gem of a comment" suggested Then instead of getting salty, learn to give fact for how it should be played. For eg: 2ndary gun will never get manual control, stay salty BB kids. Or, BB will always be at the back, it's DEV's intention. And if it actually was dev's intention (Like the "risk and reward" type of play for BB) while nobody is doing so, do some kind of "tutorial" for us. It would help immensely on how you actually understand the game (Like the manual torp drop for CV tutorial), instead of random argument on the internet. Also Looks, it's "luck" again
  7. Moesugi

    The BB question

    Your comparison is not even fair. You mentioned reload time, but has it ever occurred to you, that torpedo also work as a zoning tool? And torpedo doesn't have "overpen" mechanic unlike BB's AP (Which is what BB use most of the time)? What kongman said was half true. Almost all of BB mechanic rely heavily on RNG, their plane has RNG, their secondary has RNG, even the main gun is also influenced by RNG. The only "real" control BB player have over their ship, is their movement. This is why you'll always see them at the back, because the RNG in their main gun is the only RNG they can "control". Which is why statement like this is ludicrous at best. No one will want to risk themselves with a RNG-filled reward. You drive a ship straight in praying you'll be blessed by RNG? Even the examples is bad, a BB will never be able to spot a DD, unless that DD is a scrub or doing something horribly wrong.
  8. Moesugi

    The BB question

    lmao this is gold If I can dodge a BB shell in my BB at around 12 -> 15km then you can do the same. Just so you know, a DD and a CA is much faster. You might want to check the "nerf TB" thread. I'm kinda lazy, but my tl;dr is: If you're gonna talk about a list of "mechanic that limit skill ceiling" then nearly all BB's mechanic is on that list.
  9. Moesugi

    The BB question

    I know this will be hard because it's your first time, but hey, this is not world of tank, it's not tank warfare either. Here, this guy pretty much sum it up for you
  10. Moesugi

    The BB question

    Because BB sux, simple as that. It doesn't take a genius to realize how awful BB is. And with how the game's doing, it probably will continue being so until OBT, and then you'll see the massive nerf on other class because, once again, BB sux.
  11. Moesugi

    Cv's overpowered?

    CV is OP because all their counter currently is non-existent due to how other class and map was designed. It's somewhat related to that WoWs thread in the Feedback subforum, the game get rid of some mechanic for ship, which end up buffing other class as a result. Like torp (Both from DD and CV), you just couldn't buff them to their *drum rolls* "historical" number if we only have a simple armor and hp system.
  12. Moesugi

    Is there a "Soviet medium tank" ship?

    T-54 Dev edition? Cleveland is the closest being to that one.
  13. What you have failed to remember is that this game do not take history as reference.
  14. Unrelated, but TSFH has his official Youtube account, use it next time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3swwxiALG5c0Tvom83tPGg