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  1. Researched and bought the Grosser Kurfurst, my first Tier 10 BB.

  2. Win-rate back up to 50% (when rounded), after a long period below 49.5%.

  3. 2,000th kill, in 2,826 battles.  #2,000 was in the Kuma.

  4. GeneralGrant

    Commanders for anniversary tokens choices?

    The non-Dasha Anniversary commanders (Pete Earthling etc) don't have special voices. You get the standard voiceover if you have them as commander.
  5. 154th kill in the Akatsuki, making it my most successful ship in that regard.  Went past the Scharnhorst.

  6. 200th game in the Akatsuki.  My first ship to 200.

  7. 196th game in the Akatsuki, making it my most played ship.  Previous record was held by the Scharnhorst.

  8. 100th victory in the Akatsuki.  2nd ship to 100 wins, after (Tier 6) Cleveland.  In same battle Akatsuki moved into 3rd place among ship kills, behind Scharnhorst and Kuma.

  9. Akatsuki's commander gets to 19 points.  2nd commander to 19, after V-170/T-61/Z-39's (previously Bismarck commander).

  10. 100th kill in the Akatsuki.  6th ship to 100 (after Minekaze, Kuma, Cleveland, Scharnhorst and Konig) and 2nd destroyer.

    Came in a pretty good battle too: 86K damage, 2 kills, 6,100 XP (after modifiers) and a win.  The battle also took the Akstsuki's commander to his 18th point.

  11. Destroyers only!  Bought the V-170 and Clemson and now my primary ships are all destroyers: Akatsuki, Z-39, V-170 and Clemson (plus T-61 to follow in a week).  Sorry Konig, you're dropped...

  12. 141st battle in the Akatsuki, making it my most played destroyer.  Previous record holder was the Minekaze.

  13. 100th kill in the Konig (and got 4 kills in a winning battle into the bargain).  5th ship to 100 after Minekaze, Kuma, Cleveland and Scharnhorst.

  14. 100th battle in the Konig.  9th ship, and 3rd battleship (after Bismarck and Scharnhorst), to 100.  Other 6 consist of 4 cruisers and 2 destroyers.

  15. 10 battle winning streak in the Akatsuki.  12 wins from 15 battles for the day (10/11 for Akatsuki).