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  1. Cyanide7662

    Request for information

    Just as an inclusive (which you may want to add in, Neptune) which im going to put in caps, and in large formatting: Extend The Prime Time Back By 2 Hours, Dont Move It, Extend It. Problem Solved. ~tc1259 That way the "Prime Time" is still open for the Asian community (which is the "majority" that WG is speaking of, lets not beat around the bush there), but also opening it up for us Australasians. Done. All problems fixed. No more complaints. I mean, really, copying WoT clan wars and Global Map is the overall best solution, but if you insist on fixed dates and times, this would be the best option. Hard to read excessive capitalisation, content modified, user warned ~tc1259
  2. Cyanide7662

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Im not going to go into a long winded post about how ridiculous the timeframe is, and im going to try my best to not use "vulgar and profanity" in this (which in and of itself is a challenge for an Australasian). We all already know how badly thought out it is, but im baffled at how WG didnt even think to use the global map idea, that has already LONG been set in stone in World of Tanks for years, and that works out well for everyone involved. I say "think" because clearly, they would have used the idea if it had even crossed their minds. It works. Its fair. All involved get a fiar go, and theres even a semblance of strategy to the concept, forging alliances, waging war against rival clans, so on and so forth. This? this is nothing more than Team Battles 2.0 with "Clan Wars" written on a post-it note and stuck over top of the pre-existing title. Just queue up in a 7 man division and play against another randomly selected 7 man division. This isnt Clan Wars. Even opening it up by another 2 hours at least would be a half decent lay-way until a proper system is introduced, 'something' that will give us Kiwis and Aussies a fair go at this. Just about all of us in 1AN are iffy about even bothering to do CW, and weve been pumped up to do it for months. Hell, a few of us were pumped up about when CW would kick off, a couple of years ago because we saw the potential this game had. Especially in connecting the Global Maps between WoT and WoWS. Not necessarily ships Vs Tanks, but, grabbing an offshore Global Map territory in WoWS, would allow those in WoT to launch Offshore Bombardment powers during a Tanks CWs battle (that came about from the off-map arty support and aircraft attack powers that were tested some time ago). There was massive potential there, and WG is squandering it. I myself am a Kiwi, and i CAN NOT reliably take part in CW in this timeframe of a 1am Kick off, which, being the Commander of 1AN, isnt setting a good example. Let alone all of the Aussies in the clan would have 10 or 11 kick offs, which again, they cant reliably attend to if they have a full time job. This really is just a big "screw you" to all those that arent in the UTC+8 timezone. Theres no other way to put it. Which is quite odd and contradictory when WG then also decides to make an ANZ server in WoT....
  3. Cyanide7662

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    Seconded to all of the above, plus a couple more: Have had instances where i was unable to fire my guns, or press escape to go to menu, yet i was still able to use WASD and the consumable keys. Another was a bit..... weird...... Unfortunately i was unable to gather screenshots as this was slightly hilarious, but in one game where i started getting the delayed Artillery Scope view bug (SERIOUSLY annoying bytheby-theby) my ship would either submerge, or jump into the air. At one point, my division mate sailed into/under me at that moment, i came crashing down on him, and we were getting quite intimate with each others insides. This wasnt an isolated case either, as everyone around me witnessed it, with varied responses.
  4. Cyanide7662

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Could someone tell me how/why i got the hoarder 2017 achievement, even though i have not gotten the feelin' good achievement?..... wut? The inner OCD is fuming at the fact i dont have all of them when i should >.<
  5. Cyanide7662


    That didnt make any sense there, drakon... Im pretty sure that, it is not practical to complete the Santas convoy missions if you go the free path for the Graf Spee. Assuming you get the Graf Spee immediately as you complete that campaign, on the day you are able to, you will only have a week to grind out the convoy campaign. So, once again, Wargaming has shafted those players that dont like to spend obscene amounts of money on a bunch of pixels. Since all ill be able to afford is the $23 one, ill only have a week to complete ALL 9 stages of the Santas convoy, since i dont spend all day on the game to grind out 20k XP before modifiers and 64k after modifiers for the final Graf Spee stage. So no, its not practical.
  6. Cyanide7662

    Best build for German BB?

    I went secondaries all the way. BFT Expert Marksmen (because why not make something great, better?) Vigilance (rather dodge damage than try and mitigate it) AFT Manual secondary control for their accuracy (382 secondary hits, FTW) Had those from the Konig up (retrained Tirpitz Captain, wasnt wasting doubloons on training him to Nassau or Kaiser either). Even with the lower to mid tier ships, it was still a lol-fest, especially with the Gneisenau. I dont sit at the back of the map like so many pansies out there that believe "i have range, i must use it", you dont know fun until youve charged down two battleships, a cruiser, a destroyer, torp'd the BBs, citadel'd the cruiser into oblivion and secondaried the DD to death like furiously kicking a puppy (horribly analogy, but works well in the context)
  7. Been sitting at and around rank 9 for the last week or so. Win loss win loss win loss loss win win loss win loss win win loss loss, its getting so freaking ridiculous... A lot of those losses have either been because i get balance yup the butt by citadels so cant do my fair share, or team mates that are so inebriated that they cant hit a thing while they get balanced. Far too often ive seen Bensons go around the far sides of the map rather than contest caps or smoke up friendlies, and Battleships go chasing after a lone cruiser. Ive even seen a Full health Benson RUN AWAY from a half health Fubuki because "there might have been something waiting with him" when there was in fact, no one else there, and could tell as such if he just looked at the map ONCE. In the low ranks, one player could practically carry the entire team if they played a Mexico, Warspite or Farragut right (so many Nurns and Mutsukis -.-) but tier 8s? it comes across as extremely one sided when you (I) look at the post results, 1 or no kills to 7. I wasnt much of a fan of the idea to allot 2 man divisions into ranked before, but god damn am i starting to like that idea now. At least then it would give me someone i could actually rely on to not stuff up...
  8. Cyanide7662

    It is almost as if players don't want to win

    Aint just the minimap bud, its general "being able to play". Losing 9 tier 10 games in a row because your team are unable to hit anything or kill anything, mean while you do at least 150k damage, is extraordinarily disheartening, not to mention infuriating. Also, just by being a Yamato, no body, ever, wants to support the push. As if getting all the HE being thrown at you wasnt annoying enough, every body just turns around and runs the other way. This doesnt even happen solely in tier 10s. Ive been the DD that works as the eyes for a team from everywhere up from 5's, but what happens when i end up spotting the enemies DD? i get nuked by at least 4 enemies, meanwhile my team are too busy running away with their tails between their legs, and dont bother shooting their DD, no matter how often i ask for help or covering fire. There is NO team work in this game any more, even from those with twice as many battles as i have, or are simply better players, and it is incredibly, ****ing, infuriating.
  9. Cyanide7662

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    The word Pie is also censored. Yes, pie. I typed in "[ship name] is such a piece of ......" and pie was censored.....
  10. Cyanide7662

    Limit on division tier and MM

    I think that, restricting the Division itself could work, so you could only ready up in the same tier level, no 6s and a 5 for example. While im sure there would be a fair share of people complaining that "I just want to play with friends and get the next tier ship!", thats just too bad, were sick of getting a tier 1 in our matches because someone thought it would be a good idea.
  11. Cyanide7662

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    well, i expect to see many Kirishima's by tomorrow nights end. Also, why no love for Maya? Lets have a Carnival!
  12. Cyanide7662

    One disturbing thing when playing as DD

    Well, that should be any good CV player who has nothing better to do with his fighters. If you have no aircraft to shoot down, why not go find yourself some DD booty? ..............I kinda forgot ..........
  13. Cyanide7662

    Why don't we have German battleships

    Wow im late. Well that pretty much just aligns with what i thought would happen with the Scharnhorst and Graf Spee as premiums, both very famous, both are a battleship ad a Pocket Battleship (Cruiser), so hey, i wouldnt completely write it off Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann. Even the above from Ryzil isnt too far off my prediction, although the Bayern isnt in that list, however, if Scharhorst does end up a premium, Bayern would likely take its place. Theres actually a very good chance that either are the likely outcome.
  14. Cyanide7662

    One disturbing thing when playing as DD

    Talking about the catapult scout/fighter not having an indicator to show how far it is away from you = one post turns it into distance from you to the target ship. +1 from me to add a simple distance indicator to catapult launched aircraft. Not like it will cost a bunch of money to do, would venture to say its literally just a matter of copy and paste a line of code from one file to another.
  15. Cyanide7662

    Nagato blues

    I of course meant island concealment, not distance concealment.