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  1. BluuOrange

    Matchmaker does not send in CVs

    Sounds like it might be worth fixing the 'number of CVs displayed' so that I know if I'm alone in my tier.
  2. BluuOrange

    Matchmaker does not send in CVs

    With the number of ships in queue hitting 40 from time to time, and the number of CVs in queue being 2 or more pretty much the whole time, I would have expected to get a match quicker than this. (Ironically, I got a match 7 seconds after taking the screenshot, but it looked very much like I could have been included in a match within 30 seconds. Matchmaking for my non aircraft-carrier ships was consistently less than 30 secs.)
  3. A 'confirm' dialog box (especially when leaving the team makes it cease to exist) would be really nice. I'm happy to have wasted the 300,000 dubloons, but I'd like to be able to try again by spending 300,000 dubloons
  4. So, I decided to try team battles. I created a team. But I didn't know anybody, so I decided to try life as a mercenary. But I was in a team, so I couldn't. So I left my team - big mistake! Not only was the list completely full of mercenaries and no teams, but it now costs me 300 dubloons to recreate my team! I'm pretty sure that's not how it was supposed to work.