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  1. hiesenhuer

    Referral Link w/ Clan

    Please click link before you create a new account. Will be glad to help you out ingame. add me up: hiesenhuer https://wows.asia/hiesenhuer
  2. Join the clan SEALS New to the game? Will be glad to help you out: Just register using the link below and pay till tier 6. https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/32g3a0G
  3. hiesenhuer

    Cant log in after update

    Stuck in log in screen IGN: hiesenhuer Location: Philippines
  4. hiesenhuer

    Best way to spend $50

    Ill get the Tirpitz and Murmansk
  5. hiesenhuer

    Best way to spend $50

    Need help. Need your advice. Should i Buy a premium T8? Should I buy Gold and convert free XP? Which Store premium package to buy?