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  1. Hi fellow Shipmates, Good day, presently I already have the Puerto Rico in my port. I am grinding the dockyard to get the PR certificate. Once I have completed the dockyard, I will have the chance to get the any of the Tier X ships ( Doubloons, Points or Steel). I would like to ask for your reccommendations which one to get. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. here's my invite: https://wows.asia/hiesenhuer
  3. hiesenhuer

    What is the Best Coal Ship to buy?

    Does Georgia have strong secondary build? Like Masa?
  4. hiesenhuer

    What is the Best Coal Ship to buy?

    I need the best/overall ship. The one that is highly recommended in all and very aspect.
  5. Hi, Would like to ask what is the overall/best ship to unlock using coal. I have enough coal to unlock Tier X ships but confused which one to get. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks. IGN: hiesenhuer Sincerely, Oscar
  6. hiesenhuer

    Cant log in after update

    Stuck in log in screen IGN: hiesenhuer Location: Philippines
  7. hiesenhuer

    Best way to spend $50

    Ill get the Tirpitz and Murmansk
  8. hiesenhuer

    Best way to spend $50

    Need help. Need your advice. Should i Buy a premium T8? Should I buy Gold and convert free XP? Which Store premium package to buy?