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  1. Cyberwaste


    The current meta is horrible. The policy WG has of making ships torture to play if that ship, or its type, is played 'too much' is ridiculous. I get game after game after game of sniping battleships that never press advantage or play objectives, throttle-juking spam cruisers, and submarines that are implemented so poorly you'd think Putin was in charge. Fix the game. Make it fun for people who don't want to sit 23km from their enemy and spam nonsense HE. Even AP focussed battleships just spam HE now because dispersion is horrid. What a waste of potential this game is becoming. Once I'm done with the Puerto Rico grind, I'm out. It's a shame, since I've played since closed beta.
  2. Cyberwaste

    A quick PSA

    Subs are terrible. They force whoever they're near to abandon everything else they're doing to try to counter them. The subs can just troll a battleship from outside detect without pinging and circle them before the guns can even turn. It's terrible implementation. They shouldn't be put in the game in this state. They should be taken out completely until something actually workable is done with them.
  3. Cyberwaste

    Remove Karma system

    I'm tired of being reported for who knows what. All it does is leave a bad taste in players' mouths after they (usually) lose a match. The system is almost exclusively used by people to take out their petty frustration on whoever is closest. As the system doesn't do anything of any value anyway, it should be completely reworked or scrapped entirely. A good idea is to just steal Overwatch's end of match system where people can just leave a vote for who they thought was good. Make it entirely positive and deprive the toxic element of a tool to hate on players unfairly.
  4. Cyberwaste

    Permanent Camouflage

    All ships should come with a basic camo. Since they have no gameplay bonus whatsoever, people will just sail about in rusty steel ships to save money. Also the price of permanent camo at high tiers is ridiculous considering it does nothing but look... less bad.
  5. Cyberwaste

    Warship Strike!

    My Warship Strike also does not work. Sitting at loading game for a while then asks me to reload both in-game and in browser. I'm guessing the server running it is overloaded and the staff are all out celebrating making stacks from overpriced store items.
  6. Cyberwaste

    Too many AFK and bots

    I tested the original closed beta. If people get reported enough, they get turned pink, which in turn attracts more reports and negative treatment/comments from other players. I wouldn't want to in any way punish someone for something that isn't their fault. It can also have a negative impact on the self esteem of some people to see their karma number reduced, especially when they weren't at fault. It is my personal view that they reporting and karma system in the game is poorly devised and implemented and requires a complete overhaul. Thank you for doing your best to explain aspects of the game which people may or may not understand.
  7. Cyberwaste

    Too many AFK and bots

    I had the same thing yesterday. I was the only one moving on my flank and couldn't hold the enemy back. Lost 4 karma.
  8. Cyberwaste

    Too many AFK and bots

    Just had another match with 5 ships inactive. One started moving halfway though, but by then, we were pressed against the back of the map with no caps. When are they going to fix this?
  9. Cyberwaste

    Too many AFK and bots

    I was not aware there were loading issues at the moment. I'll hold off reporting people who are AFK, but I'd really love for there to be a solution soon, since it seems like I'm always on the team with 2+ AFK players. My final game yesterday had a destroyer, two heavy cruisers, and a battleship afk, basically a whole flank dead in the water. We got rolled.
  10. Cyberwaste

    Too many AFK and bots

    I run out of reports every day just reporting the AFK players. What is being done to deal with this problem?
  11. Cyberwaste

    Base camo

    As the economic bonuses of camo have been removed, you should make the base camo for every ship free. Please don't try to nickel and dime players for that small amount of dubloons to make ships not look terrible. Of course there are relatively cheap renewable credit options, but this would be a good, player-friendly thing you could do.
  12. Destroyers are the most effective and pivotal ships in the game. Their presence alone, without even firing, can significantly swing the odds of an engagement. When one team loses 2/3 destroyers, they are at such a huge disadvantage they often cannot recover. They have some of the most devastating weaponry, which has only grown more dangerous with the power creep of torpedo speed and range. There needs to be some way to make destroyers less effective to limit their importance to a team's chances.
  13. Cyberwaste

    Update 0.11.6 Bug Report Thread

    Hi, I disabled the mods one by one until I isolated the one causing the issue. It was Scrooge from the modstation. All other mods enabled were fine.
  14. Cyberwaste

    Update 0.11.6 Bug Report Thread

    Just unlocked Schlieffen but the buy button does not work. When I click that button nothing happens. I have tried purchasing from my P. Ruphrecht UI and from the tech tree UI. Neither works.
  15. Cyberwaste

    Rework Karma

    As it stands, the Karma system is used mainly by people to punish others. This punishment is quite often unwarranted. Although there is no penalty for having 0 karma, it's a number that sits there that you have almost no control over. Watching the number drop because someone had an issue with your ship choice or your bad luck is disheartening. I suggest Karma only be positive, so people are able to compliment good play, but there's no longer the option to reduce it. Keep the report function, but actually for reporting something actually worth reporting. You could have Karma reset at the end of each month and people get community tokens for their Karma levels, or even be able to use it to gain some form of cosmetic. Karma could be turned into a purely positive thing, rather than a kneejerk response people have when they were killed by someone, didn't get to their favourite island before someone else, or because they're generally in a poor mood.